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In August the two most significant developments for me were the updates to the Facebook and Google algorithm – check these alerts out in the sections on search and social media marketing below. There’s also a new analytics tool available from Twitter. Here’s a summary of the latest developments in digital marketing.

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Email marketing is not dying, but we are killing it

Jul 31, 2014 | By Steve Kemish F IDM | Founder & Managing Director | Blue Lateral

So my last blog in June was all about the myth that email marketing is dead. It’s a myth I’ll never stop trying to explode. Email is NOT dying. It’s very much alive and getting great results for businesses who use it well. But if we’re not careful, we’re in severe danger of killing it.

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The B2B Barometer explores economic confidence and spending patterns amongst B2B marketers.  Launched 5 years ago in 2009 and now representing the view of B2B marketers with a collective spend of £95 million, it is the industry’s state-of-the-nation study.  I’d like to share a few of the study’s key findings here.

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5 Tips to becoming a Social Enterprise

Jul 24, 2014 | By Zoe Sands Dip DigM | Head of Digital EMEA | Juniper Networks

I truly believe that any organisation can become a social enterprise; it is very much down to organisational culture and the attitude of employees. Firstly, the organisation must be open to change and adopting new practices, processes and tools and secondly employees must be willing to embrace change and these new ways of doing business.

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Marketing Automation – debunking the hype

Jun 13, 2014 | By Shane Redding Hon F IDM | Director | Cyance

If you are considering investing in marketing automation, how do you ensure that it will benefit your company?

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For as long as I can remember (2001, when I launched my first email marketing campaign) naysayers have been giving email marketing a hard time, for two reasons.

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The recent ‘Tackling the Digital Skills Gap’ event hosted by the IAB and IDM highlighted the issues facing employers and employees when looking to develop skills in the marketing profession. Here are just some of the issues discussed by our panel of senior marketers.

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Whenever a sports team becomes particularly dominant, it triggers a guessing game as to how it achieved its results. Team GB’s extraordinary success in the 2012 London Olympics is a good example – theories about how it came to win seven golds, one silver and one bronze in track cycling ranged from the unusual (heated shorts – true) to the ridiculous (magic wheels that were somehow more round – untrue).

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Nearly 9 out of 10 marketers say there are barriers to professional development in their organisations, according to the brand new Marketing Week/IDM training survey 2014. This is shocking.

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Jelly and I Scream!!

Jan 15, 2014 | By Joe Edwards F IDM | Digital & Social Director | MOI

So Jelly has arrived. Thanks for that Biz Stone!

I’ve been reading a little around Jelly (only a week old) and it being a Q & A platform I thought I’d better ask what others thought of it. Below are some of their thoughts, and below that are my slightly more formalised ones.

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10 Digital and IT Trends for 2014

Jan 07, 2014 | By Zoe Sands Dip DigM | Head of Digital EMEA | Juniper Networks

It’s that time of year where we review our achievements for the past year – how did we perform during 2013? What results were achieved? Was this a good or bad year for us? Most of us look forward to a new year with much gusto and positivity. So, here are ten trends, which I think will shape digital marketing and IT in the coming 12 months.

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In our final monthly round-up of 2013, the most significant platform developments we share are in the SEO (mobile) and Email (Gmail) sections. Looking forward to 2014 we have advice on trends to consider for your marketing in 2014 – thanks to our different contributors who I have “name-checked”.

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At Christmas, the retail goose gets fat. With many UK shops adopting “Black Friday” and offering discounts on the last Friday in November, swiftly followed by the expected busiest day of the year for e-tailers, there is hope that consumers have rediscovered their appetite for shopping. While festive and gift purchases always provide a boost, there has been talk of an overall uplift of some 3.5 per cent or £2 billion in spending.

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We learn so much from our experiences. And so that others can learn from them too, here’s another from our occasional “10 Things” series. When Charlotte Cornish M IDM joined our senior management team as COO, we asked her, out of everything she’s learned throughout her career, what 10 things would have been really useful to know right at the start. Here’s what she said.

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From initiation to graduation. My digital marketing journey

Nov 27, 2013 | By Zoe Sands Dip DigM | Head of Digital EMEA | Juniper Networks

After 16 years as a digital marketing practitioner, I’ve now acquired my IDM postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing. And just in case you wondering, it didn’t take me 16 years to pass my exams, I passed first time round :-) Back in January 2012 I embarked on an 18 month learning programme, which included two dissertations and three final written exams in June this year. Yes, I can’t believe I had to write for 3 hours non-stop for 3 examinations! I must apologise to the examiners who had to read my appalling writing!

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