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Marketing EDGE helps students to learn about career opportunities within social, mobile, data-driven, direct and interactive marketing.

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Recently LinkedIn has released the ability for anyone on its network to check their Social Selling Index (SSI) score. The Social Selling Index score used to only be available to those who subscribed to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool.

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Connecting Sales and Marketing through Social Selling

Jul 21, 2015 | By Zoe Sands Dip DigM | Principal Consultant | Zoe Sands & Co

According to SiriusDecisions, 67% of the buying process is now made digitally. Buyers have never been more informed than they are today. So, why aren’t sales teams using search and social networking to attract, interact and engage with prospects and customers to influence the buying process?

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H2Only – RNLI’s watertight fundraising campaign: 10 days, 100% water

Jun 24, 2015 | By Emma Moreton Dip IDM, Award EM, Award DC, M IDM | Head of Programme Content | The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

2 -12 June 2015 was a challenging time. I, along with 6,000 others, faced with the daily trials and tribulations of work and family life with just plain water to see us through – no coffee, tea, wine, beer, gin, fizzy drinks, squash, <insert favourite drink here>.

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The next issue of the IDM Journal of Direct and Digital Marketing Practice is a very special one. It not only puts the spotlight on B2B marketing, but its articles, papers, opinion pieces and case studies are provided and written by the IDM B2B Council. As a preview to its publication at the end of the month, here are 16 quotes, stats and tips for you to use and enjoy.

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Digital Doughnut’s production of Popcorn – Award Winning Marketing held at Vue Cinema in Leicester Square reveals just how creative marketing and advertising can be when brands push the boundaries with their campaigns. In this digital world, it seems that the creative boundaries are constantly evolving, with ideas becoming bigger and better all the time.

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It’s always a sell out, but the IDM Annual Lecture 2015 was one of the best I’ve ever attended. Why? It combined that ever-compelling look into marketing’s future with some solid, real-world, present-day advice. And audience participation reached an all time high. Our outstanding speaker was HSBC’s Amanda Rendle; the venue was Google’s stunning Town Hall and the post-Lecture networking was long and lively. Read on for my seven essential takeaways.

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Today’s mobile device – whether a tablet, smartphone, hybrid or watch – empowers us to control so many parts of our lives, day and night. Our expectations of the customer experiences we should get from all brands are set sky high. But in reality, the vast majority of brands still fall far short of delivering flawless experiences across the customer journey.

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Creating a Customer Insight Strategy

Feb 13, 2015 | By Paul Laughlin M IDM | Managing Director | Laughlin Consultancy

Too few companies have a Customer Strategy, let alone a CustomerInsight (CI) Strategy. At least, that’s my experience.

In fact many business strategies that I’ve seen, which seek to pepper their presentation with customer language, if you look closer are really channel strategies or product strategies – reflecting the current silos in that business.

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Digital Marketing in 2015

Feb 05, 2015 | By Dave Chaffey F IDM | CEO | Smart Insights

January was a quiet month for changes on the main digital platforms. The main development to be aware of from January is that Facebook changed its newsfeed to filter out ‘promotional posts’. The following post reviews trends in marketing technology and techniques across 5 key areas of managing digital marketing.

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“Customer insight” is one of those terms in the marketing lexicon which is particularly vulnerable to multiple interpretations or mis-interpretation. Akin to “proposition” (or marketing mix) which some marketers treat as if it means product, whilst others use as another word for promotion, customer insight is in danger of meaning all things to all men. In this extract from Holistic customer insight as an engine of growth in the current issue of the IDM Journal, I look at the four essential elements required for true customer insight.

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Five digital marketing and technology predictions for 2015

Jan 13, 2015 | By Vicki Cole M IDM | Marketing Manager | Crafted

A new year calls for a new set of digital marketing predictions. Here are five of mine for 2015 in which I try to give a detailed view not only of the what, but also the why and the what-this-means.

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I’ve just finished reading an article in Marketing Magazine entitled “Is the talent shortage in the marketing industry a myth?” It presents views from three senior professionals who believe that yes, it is a myth and three who think it isn’t. I came away confused – and frankly, irritated by the way the argument sits on the fence.

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10 Digital, Social and Technology Trends for 2015

Jan 06, 2015 | By Zoe Sands Dip DigM | Principal Consultant | Zoe Sands & Co

Yes it’s that time of year again. Time for my annual review of what’s happened in the past 12 months and a look ahead at the trends I can see starting to emerge for the coming year. So here are my top ten trends that I think will shape digital marketing in 2015. Happy new year!

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There were three major digital marketing platform developments to be aware of in November – these are the changes to the Facebook newsfeed and Twitter tools covered below in our social media section and Google introduced mobile SEO-friendly site labels as featured in the SEO and content marketing section.

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