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Google – The Next Big Marketing Failure?

Aug 16, 2010 | By Iain Lovatt F IDM | Executive Chairman | BlueSheep

Like Hoover, Sellotape and Coca Cola, Google has become part of our daily vernacular. We Google someone or something online and receive a myriad of responses in a fraction of a second. It is a fantastic business success story and its impact on how we market many goods and services is no less an accomplishment. But enough ego-stroking. My point is more to do with the sustainability of the Google marketing model and how the future might shape up. The clambering for space in cyberspace has reached epidemic proportions. We all want a slice of exposure to a global audience in the vain hope that it will boost business profits. And indeed, for many companies it continues to serve them well. As a result, Google’s profits soar into the billions – next stop world domination. Such is the frantic competition for search engine appeal many businesses may never experience the benefits of Google’s optimisation techniques – more likely the cold reality of who pays the Ferryman!

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Self Service has gone mad…

Aug 10, 2010 | By Andy Grant Dip DM | Marketing Consultant | Bowan Arrow

The more I talk to partners in the IT and telecommunications industry the more I feel their collective frustration at the vendor community. Vendors in this sector are fairly similar they mostly have a US HQ and they more or less divide into 4 regions which are roughly North America, EMEA, CALA and Asia Pacific. These structure and coverage models looks fine as part of the corporate overview but does it really work at ground level. And do global processes such as Self Service really work for their loyal partners?

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Our first Guest Blogger spot goes to Jennifer Morris, graduate from this year’s IDM Summer School, where 20 talented undergraduates, hand-picked from hundreds of applicants, were put through their paces in frankly the best introduction to the business there is. How was it for them? Here’s Jennifer’s diary.

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We all have a fascination with pictures. After all, they tell a thousand words or in the Sun’s case maybe a few less. But has our use of imagery overshadowed the real basis of business communication – namely our customer data? Can we get away with just using high impact visuals or are we becoming numb to the brain-draining dearth of images and messages that assault our limited mental storage capacity?

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