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What’s in a name?

May 23, 2011 | By Juliet Hilditch M IDM | Head of Communications | Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

Quite a lot, we feel. Which is why last week we were pleased, and not a little proud, to reveal our new livery, new brand identity – and yes, new name: the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing. The profession’s reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive. You love the colours, you think the fresher, more contemporary look is exactly what’s needed to take us forward. But we’re being asked by many: what’s the story?

Quite simply, we decided it was time for our name to more accurately reflect what we currently teach and for our brand identity to reflect the fresh, forward thinking approach we’ve always had. For 25 years now, the IDM (as the Institute of Direct Marketing) has been equipping marketers with the knowledge and skills they need to further their marketing, their businesses and their careers. We’ve built our reputation by delivering quality, up-to-the-minute training that’s as good as it is because of the expert practitioners who work with us, keeping us alert to latest best practice developments, helping us to anticipate them, embrace them and to expertly teach them.

That philosophy and our mission to deliver the best possible training and qualifications has, and will never change. What we teach, however, evolves with every twist and turn the marketplace, and our customer needs, take. But although we’ve been teaching digital techniques for several years and we launched the first professional digital marketing qualifications way back in 2005, to some, our name didn’t spell that out. Today, some 70% of our training is in digital techniques and now, with government approval, we’re the only UK Institute able to award professional qualifications in digital marketing. Hence the name change.

So why not IDDM? A mixture of brand heritage and the fact that today there is fusion between direct and digital marketing techniques. What was digital marketing, if not direct, after all?

We hope you like the changes we’ve made. And, while thanking wholeheartedly all of you who’ve ever attended an IDM training course or event, undertaken an IDM qualification, sat on our advisory councils, tutored or spoken for us, taken up membership, sponsorship, patronage – or recommended us to your colleagues and contacts, we’d really like it if you’d help us tell the world!

So have a browse of our new site, watch a few videos, try a few course demos, meet the team and read the reviews. Then do share what you think of the #newidm!

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