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The 10th IDM B2B Marketing Conference
Engage Me. The B2B Customer Journey

The 2013 conference saw leading B2B figures deliver a programme to help create the positive customer experience that makes us different.

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Start date Location Member Non-member Places left Book

Sorry, this event has aleady happened. Make sure you don't miss our next member event.

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Brought to you by the IDM’s B2B Council, which comprises senior B2B marketers from brands including American Express, RBI and British Gas Business, the 2013 agenda was designed to bring you right up-to-date with new structures, models and thinking to keep you relevant now and in the future.

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08:30 // Registration and networking

09:30 // Keynote 1: The Future Generation of Marketers
Kate Robertson, Co-Founder of One Young World and Group Chairman,
Havas Worldwide UK

Kate Robertson launched One Young World with Havas CEO David Jones in 2008. Evolving from David’s belief that companies should do good in order to do well, One Young World is now an internationally-recognised forum that gives future leaders a platform to affect global change.

Kate returned this year due to overwhelming demand following her 2012 keynote. She hosted a no-holds-barred reverse-mentoring session, designed to reveal the true power of the youth market in modern business. She worked alongside One Young World ambassadors, demonstrating how businesses can best enter into a dialogue with young people today to ensure they appeal to the next generation.

This essential keynote got straight to the heart of the issues that matter most to younger audiences and delivered a new level of insight. Because the youth market is savvier today than it’s ever been. It knows what it expects from businesses, and how it wants to interact with them, both as brands and employers. And knowing how to engage this market in an open dialogue – understanding how to work towards its ideals – could prove key to many companies’ success.

10:00 // Keynote 2: Creating the Business Case for Customer Experience Programmes
Peter O'Neill, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Peter O’Neill is Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Inc. Serving the needs of international technology marketers, he has vast knowledge of the general European IT market and profound knowledge of all the relevant industry-specific issues.

As we all know, securing investment to create a successful customer experience programme often means overcoming the hurdle of cynical purse string-holders. As Peter demonstrated - if done well – the right programme can help businesses generate and improve three distinct revenue streams: incremental purchases from current customers, retained revenue as a result of lower churn, and new sales driven by customer advocacy.

Using examples including Forrester client case studies, Peter O’Neill provided the tools you need to build a successful business case for your own programme.

10:30 // Coffee and networking

11:00 // Stream sessions:Choose one of the following 35 minute sessions to attend
Click to view - these sessions are repeated again at 14:00


TNT case study: How to prospect, acquire and grow intelligently
Laurens Liezenberg, Business Development Manager, TNT

At a time when marketing faces greater pressure than ever before to deliver ROI it is vital that you re-evaluate your approach to lead generation. TNT shared how its new approach is driving smarter marketing across territories to deliver insight on companies most likely to purchase.

CREATIVITY:Creativity jpg

Creativity will save the West!
Nick Jefferson, Managing Director UK, Gyro

Nick Jefferson is a man with a belief; a belief that creativity and innovative thinking will not only save Western businesses and economies, but could also be responsible for their total reinvention and renaissance. In his session, Nick explained why he holds this vision, and argued why he feels that Britain in particular has a unique role to play.

LEAD NURTURING:lead nurturing jpg

Sodexo Prestige case study: Track your B2B prospects’ online journey
Andrew Nicholson, Head of Online, Sodexo Prestige
Shane Redding MA Cantab, Hon F IDM Non-Executive Director, Lead Forensics

Your online presence should be one of your biggest assets. But what happens when you know you have problems including low conversion rates? In this case study, the speakers revealed how one of the country’s leading service businesses faced such issues across its sites – and how it’s now using a sales cycle to tackle them, nurturing leads and increasing online ROI as a result.

11:35 // Stream sessions:Choose one of the following 35 minute sessions to attend
Click to view - these sessions are repeated again at 14:35


How CRM can be used to deliver true value to marketing
Tony Reilly, Marketing Leader, Europe, D&B

70% of CRM systems fail to meet business objectives. The chief reason for this being that they’re only as effective and reliable as the information fed into them. However new solutions now exist, which have been specifically designed to improve customer and prospect insight.

CREATIVITY:Creativity jpg

Direct marketing is changing. Welcome to Personal marketing:
it’s time to get creative
Julia Cole, Senior Marketer, HP

Fully personalised direct mail and promotions are proven to deliver response rates that totally outstrip traditional mass-market communications. Whether your audience is in the hundreds, thousands or millions, Julia Cole discussed how digital print now offers the opportunity to use your customer data to create unique pieces tailored to each and every individual.

LEAD NURTURING:lead nurturing jpg

Multi-sector and multi-service case study: Nurturing and delivering
sales-ready leads
Lesley Lunn, Marketing Manager for Major Accounts Acquisition, Office Depot UK
Henry Braithwaite, Operations Director, MarketMakers

When your targets are spread across multiple sectors, establishing the right marketing approach can be challenging. This session discussed how Office Depot developed a combination of pull and push activities tailored to each specific vertical. As a result, they’re nurturing relationships, maximising response rates and delivering quality, sales-ready leads that actually convert.

12:10 // Stream sessions:Choose one of the following 35 minute sessions to attend
Click to view - these sessions are repeated again at 15:10


Unum case study: Using marketing analytics to drive business transformation
Bill Mansfield, Head of Market Insight and Analysis, Unum

Marketing analytics could transform the way your business executes its marketing and sales programme. This case study session showed how Unum has used creative analytic solutions to redefine its whole go-to-market approach from the ground up – and how the entire business has benefited as a result.

CREATIVITY:Creativity jpg

From direct to exact. How the creative use of technology delivers unprecedented insight
Phil Dean, Managing Director and Graham Lee, Director of Insight and Strategy, Communisis

Technology has changed the way we live and communicate: it’s a digital-by-default world. All digital media is direct, and all media is digitising. This session explored the new opportunities that provide greater audience insight than ever before. And how, by applying insight properly within today’s multiple channels to create personal, two-way conversations, brands can excel.

LEAD NURTURING:lead nurturing jpg

KME case study: Measuring the success of your campaigns
Neil Overton, Commercial Director, KME
Nicola Tipp, Client Services Director, Really B2B

Operating in what is typically a very traditional lead generation environment, KME has gone out on something of a limb. It’s using social media and nurture marketing to gain an in-depth understanding of its target audience, transforming its sales and marketing model. Neil Overton discussed how KME has gained an in-depth understanding of its target audience.

12.40 // Lunch and networking

14:00 - 15:10 Each of the above stream sessions are repeated again

16:15 // Hot Topic Briefing 1 – The Continuing Explosion of Tablet and Mobile in B2B
Dean Johnson, Vice President, Brandwidth Innovation Lab

As Vice President at the award-winning Brandwidth Innovation Lab, Dean Johnson’s current remit is to ‘shape the future of mobile content and delivery’. It’s no small task, but it’s one which this accomplished global design leader, writer, and presenter is very much up to.

As the digital world evolves at a breath-taking pace, we find ourselves taking our entire world with us wherever we go. In the same way that digital is now the default communication channel, so mobile connectivity is the default delivery mechanism. The lines between business and personal communications have blurred – even language has adapted. We talk in 140 characters, and our multiple personalities are present across multiple channels as we merge text, email, Twitter and Facebook.

Utilising a few of his own multiple personalities, Dean Johnson illustrated the 140 character journey that could take your business’s conversation from business to personal, to desktop, to mobile, and beyond.

16:30 // Hot Topic Briefing 2 – The Rise of Big Data
Todd Gagne, VP, Marketing, Product Management & Strategy, Concur

Todd is an experienced technological executive who has looked after R&D, Client Development, Account Management and Marketing for Concur over the last 14 years. He is currently on a ‘Big Data Adventure’ with Concur, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated travel and expense management solutions: with over 18 million users in 100 countries.

What is big data, and is it a blessing or a curse for marketers?
We are constantly online, constantly finding information at the tap of a finger, and constantly sharing information about ourselves. And so are our customers. But how do we deal with data? What should we store and use? The sheer volume of information available in the digital ether allows marketers to gather and act on insights in a way that was previously unheard of, but it also creates a serious risk of information overload.

Todd’s wide range of experience, from strategic decision-making to tactical execution, allowed him to paint a picture of what big data is, and what the new realities are. It’s a starting point for marketers to ask the right questions and think critically about how customer insights can inform decision-making and provide the building blocks for future-proof operations, but stop themselves from drowning in information.

16:45 // Hot Topic Briefing 3 – Google’s Project Re: Brief
Derek Scobie, Head of YouTube Brand Propositions, Northern & Central Europe

Previously a B2B marketer, in his current role as Head of YouTube Brand Propositions, Derek Scobie is responsible for ensuring the constant innovation vital to ensuring advertisers get optimum results out of the video platform’s audience, content and technology.

2013 officially marks the 18th year of internet advertising. Yet despite almost two decades of innovation, digital ads are still being used to simply inform rather than to connect, engage and entertain. That’s why Derek and his team decided it was time to re-imagine advertising; to get creative ideas and technology working hand-in-hand to push the boundaries.

Derek shared some of the inspiring improvements the project made to iconic campaigns, and considered how some of the most well-known B2B campaigns could have gone even further if they’d used digital to optimum effect.

17:00 // Google Hangout speaker panel debate
An International panellist joined the debate live from leading global research and intelligence organisation, The Aberdeen Group, Boston, USA.

17:30 // Drinks and networking

1:1 Advice Clinics

Creativity 1:1 advice clinicCreativity 1:1 Clinic

Need to improve the ROI on your communications? Our creativity clinic allowed delegates to connect with HP experts to help:

  • Maximise the power of targeted direct mail in the customer journey
  • Understand the processes required in segmenting data and to manage them
  • Create a step-by-step guide to delivering a complete 1:2:1 campaign

Advisors: Lyle Rainey, European Business Development Manager, HP and Simon Addinall, Brands and Agency Development Manager, HP

Lead nurturing 1:1 advice clinicLead Nurturing 1:1 Clinic

How do you improve your online conversion rates? Lead Forensics consultants enabled delegates to understand how to measure the best channels and track the prospects through their online journey from end to end.

Advisors: Dean St John, Client Success Manager, Lead Forensics and Luke Porter, Client Success Manager, Lead Forensics

Data Insight 1:1 Clinic

How do you improve your data insights to drive more conversions in your lead generation and nurturing programmes. Delegates were asked to provide details about their current challenges and objectives so the consultants were able to tailor the session to their exact needs!

Advisors: Clive Ekins, Sales & Marketing Solutions Consultant, D&B, and Dean Murphy, Sales & Marketing Solutions Consultant, D&B


Debbie Williams F IDM, B2B Marketing Consultant and Chair of the IDM B2B Council
Debbie is an independent Marketing Consultant with over 12 years of international client side experience, primarily in the ICT sector. Her expertise includes strategy, multichannel campaigns, marketing automation, lead management, nurture and conversion, sales alignment, plus ROI measurement. She is passionate about challenging the norm to effect positive change. Her clients include the IDM, Vodafone, Mardevdm2, Aprimo, ITV and Tidalwave. Debbie is Chair of the IDM B2B Council, a seasoned conference speaker, tutor and trainer.


Kate Robertson, Co-Founder of One Young World and UK Group Chairman, Havas Worldwide UK
Kate studied law at the University of Cape Town before getting into selling radio advertisement space for an independent radio station and realising she excelled in communicating ideas to people. She has worked for a number of large agencies including J Walter Thompson, Lintas, Bates and Scholz. In her current role she runs 12 companies within the UK spanning a range of marketing communications disciplines from advertising to financial PR. In 2008 she created One Young World, which brings together young future leaders and gives them a voice to effect change among governments and businesses worldwide. OYW is becoming the world’s premier forum for young leaders, with 114 countries represented in 2010, and supported by noted humanitarians including Kofi Annan, Desmond Tutu and Bob Geldof.

Peter O’Neill, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Peter serves technology marketing professionals and helps field marketing professionals leverage the digital marketing opportunity. He is based in Forrester's Frankfurt office and advises vendors and users around the world. His research covers appropriate product and business model strategies for emerging markets, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud computing, other initiatives enabling incremental purchases and billing, local partner and channel strategy, and sales enablement. His research focuses on international technology industry marketing, with a specific emphasis on field marketing strategy and execution, including the dynamics of interactions between headquarters and field marketing organizations. One particular interest is partnerships, ecosystems, and alliances among vendors.

Laurens Liezenberg, Business Development Manager, TNT Express
Laurens has been with TNT Express for 7 years and is responsible for the development of database marketing at the Amsterdam Head Office. He is in charge of system development and the global implementation of Dun & Bradstreet solutions in 60 TNT operating countries, training and supporting the local marketing and sales teams.

Tony Reilly, European Marketing Director, Dun and Bradstreet
Tony is a seasoned marketing professional, having led marketing teams primarily within the High Technology sector including Fujitsu, Samsung, Dell and Apple. He has extensive experience of demonstrating the value of marketing in highly matrixed global organisations.

Bill Mansfield, Head of Market Insight and Analytics, Unum
Bill holds a PhD from Southampton University, and his career spans banking, credit cards, e-commerce and insurance. He has headed up the Market Insight and Analytics team in Unum since the function was created two years ago. Bill has built a B2B analytics capability which has been used to support sales, business development, marketing segmentation and strategy. The capability has been deployed to deliver significant uplift in sales, to deepen relationships with Unum’s distributors, and to define company strategy going forward.

Nick Jefferson, Managing Director UK, Gyro
After graduating from Oxford University, Nick has worked in a variety of leadership roles in marketing, advertising and strategy. A regular blogger and contributor to The Huffington Post, he is at home in intellectually rigorous environments, and enjoys both the development and implementation of creative solutions to real-life organisational challenges.

Julia Cole, Senior Marketer, HP
Julia has held senior marketing, training and sales roles within the print industry for over 25 years. At HP, she manages the marketing team for HP’s broad portfolio of Indigo and Inkjet Web Press products and also manages the B2B selling cycle, from awareness to lead generation to PR, direct marketing and event management. Julia has driven numerous initiatives aimed at growing her customers’ businesses as well as educating with passion to the wider publishing and marketing industry sectors.

Phil Dean, Managing Director, Communisis
With a particular strength in brand strategy, client management and business development, Phil has focused on growing business through the development of key client relationships and building a reputation for creative excellence as well as appropriate use of footwear.

Graham Lee Director of Insight & Strategy, Communisis
Graham has over 25 years of experience working on financial services and technology accounts. He is an experienced planner with a focus on extracting marketing value from regulatory compliance for leading insurers, banks and building societies.

Andrew Nicholson, Head of Online, Sodexo Prestige
Andrew is a passionate digital advocate working in the B2B and B2C sphere, developing marketing communications strategies for a plethora of customer focused brands. He is a chartered marketer from a traditional marketing background, who has evolved into an online marketing consultant specialising in the development of online strategies and the tools that drive them. Andrew was awarded B2B Marketer of the Year in 2011.

Shane Redding MA Cantab, Hon F IDM, Non-Executive Director, Lead Forensics
Shane is an independent consultant with over 20 years' international B2B and B2C direct marketing experience. She provides strategic direct and digital marketing advice and practical training to both end users and DM suppliers; clients include ITV plc, Sage, the IoD and Royal Mail. Shane also holds a number of non executive directorships and board advisory roles including the IDM, Livingstone Partners, Cyance, and Lead Forensics, and lectures on topics including CRM, lead generation, and B2B analysis; as well as speaking around the world on international marketing.

Henry Braithwaite, Operations Director, MarketMakers
Henry has worked within the call centre industry for over 15 years, both client and agency side. He is passionate about telemarketing within the B2B business and lead generation space, and its increasing importance as we move towards an inbound marketing culture. As Operations Director of award winning agency MarketMakers, Henry is responsible for driving the direction of the business based on client needs, new trends, legislation and technology.

Neil Overton, Commercial Director, KME
An experienced commercial/sales and marketing professional, Neil has worked with major plumbing, refrigeration, builders’ merchant groups and major retail chains across Europe and beyond. Neil understands the need to integrate all elements of the direct marketing mix to generate and nurture leads. KME supply innovative, high quality copper solutions to enable firms to deliver the very best for their clients.

Nicola Tipp, Client Services Director, Really B2B
Nicola is a direct marketing specialist, having worked in marketing agencies for over 12 years. Her career includes working with the BBC, Sony, IBM and Barclaycard. Nicola has a passion for results focused marketing, producing hard working response driven campaigns both on and offline. She is driven by the excitement and opportunity digital and social marketing provides brands to create measurable marketing campaigns that achieve real ROI.

Dean Johnson, Vice president, Brandwidth Innovation Lab (@activrightbrain @BrandwidthHQ)
Dean is an accomplished global design leader, writer and presenter. His current remit is to 'shape the future of mobile content and delivery' – no small task, but in his role at the award-winning Brandwidth Group, forging creative partnerships with Lexus, Disney, BBC, Warner Music, Random House and Apple covers most digital platforms. Under Dean's leadership, Brandwidth's mobile team launched the Guinness World Records iPad app on the day the iPad hit the streets, the first of many #1 Global Apps of the Week. Dean is the former VP of The Chartered Society of Designers and has held lead design roles at Virgin Media and Fijit, his own creative agency.

Todd Gagne, VP, Marketing, Product Management & Strategy: Concur (@Dakotashine)
Todd is an experienced technological executive who has looked after R&D, client development, account management and marketing for Concur, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated travel and expense management solutions with over 18 million users in 100 countries. He is currently on a ‘Big Data Adventure’ with Concur, living in the silicon prairie of South Dakota.

Derek Scobie, Head of Brand Propositions, Northern and Central EuropeDerek Scobie, Head of YouTube Brand Propositions,
Northern & Central Europe

Derek is responsible for the innovation that helps advertisers get more from the audience, content and technology that makes YouTube the world's greatest video platform. He started his career building brands for P&G, during which he ran a B2B marketing team targeting health and beauty professionals.

Lawrence Gaston, Barclays and One Young World ambassadorLawrence Gaston, Barclays and One Young World ambassador
Lawrence joined Barclays Finance in 2011 as part of the Future Leaders Development Programme and has worked with Corporate Market Risk and the Finance Chief of Staff Office, where he has driven forward the discussion on ‘good business’, looking at both the high level understanding of business ‘purpose’, as well as creating projects including Barclays Launchpad which look at how Barclays can support success for Social Enterprise. Lawrence is a One Young World ambassador, and strong advocate of the commercial and social necessity for ethically driven business. He has spoken on several occasions on the importance of business driven by purpose, including alongside Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins at the 2012 One Young World Summit in Pittsburgh.

Catherine Thompson, Unilever and One Young World ambassadorCatherine Thompson, Unilever and One Young World ambassador
Tech enthusiast, keen cyclist, world citizen and self-professed geek, Catherine works at Unilever on Business and Technology Management. Catherine attended the One Young World Summit 2012 in Pittsburgh and is now helping to co-ordinate the efforts of One Young World Ambassadors within Unilever, as well as leading a number of projects to deliver on her personal One Young World pledges.

Ray Farnan, PwC and One Young World ambassadorRay Farnan, PwC and One Young World ambassador
Ray has nearly five years’ experience working in corporate tax practice advising FTSE 100 and large inbound clients. His experience includes reviewing clients' tax processes, systems and controls and project managing large multi-territory projects. He has attended the OYW conferences in Zurich and Pittsburgh having developed a keen interest in working with social entrepreneurs, notably the school for social entrepreneurs in the UK.

Christopher Dwyer, Research Director, Aberdeen GroupChristopher J. Dwyer, Ardent Partners
Christopher J. Dwyer is considered a thought leader in the spend management industry and is a renowned expert in contingent workforce management, travel and expense management, meetings / events management and marketing / print materials spend management. Over the last eight years, Christopher has benchmarked thousands of end-user professionals and executives in regards to their complex spend management operations. He is the preeminent source of thought leadership in this arena and evangelizes the evolution of complex spend management.

Christopher joins Ardent from the Aberdeen Group, where he spent seven years tracking the progression of complex category spend management strategies and solutions, helping to educate the global market. He led Aberdeen’s Global Supply Management practice for nearly four years, and drove the company’s research coverage of procurement, spend management, strategic sourcing, spend analytics, e-payables (accounts payable) and supplier management. At Ardent Partners, Christopher will focus his research on the evolution of complex spend management and how organizations can enhance their strategies, capabilities and competencies within this arena. Follow him on Twitter: @CJD_Ardent.

Tweets from the day

@theidm thanks for a great day gang! My brain is swelling with info. Now for the 53 hour days to make it all happen!! Cheers. #idmb2b

So much info on social media in stream 1 that there's no time to tweet *returns to scribbling frantically* #idmb2b

Wow! Stat from the states says marketing outsourcing has doubled in last 3yrs #idmb2b - Paul McCarthy

Loads of good soundbites coming from #idmb2b keep 'em coming people. Got my own event today so couldn't make it sadly

#idmb2b Not only 'Big Data' but 'Big Analysing'- be smart, become personal with your data - I suggest taking it for dinner first!

Very nice quote from Sharon at British Gas. There's no such thing as change. In marketing, change is business as usual #idmb2b

#idmb2b. Sharon Pickford 'Intuition crucial to succesful change' cf Steve Jobs 'intuition more valuable than intelligence'

#idmb2b fantastically entertaining presentation by Sharon Pickford - Change or die

We don't have a choice on if we do social media we have a choice about how well we do it #idmb2b

#idmb2b very inspirational start by Kate Roberton, UK Group Chairman + co founder of @OneYoungWorld - shows good business really works!

Excellent noodle-scale arching material from Kate robertson especially the warnings about leg-eating social media fish. #idmb2b

Great opening to the #idmb2b conference from kate robertson. Content has been demoted, cause is now King

Refreshing approach by Kate Robertson, 1st up at #idmb2b who isn't using PowerPoint slides and is just talking

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The 2013 B2B Conference counts as 7 hours towards the IDM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award scheme, which is an important means of ongoing recognition and advancement for marketing practitioners. It is available for use by members and graduates of the IDM.


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