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Prospective courses

The IDM continually evolves its vast training portfolio by being on the cutting edge of all that’s new, innovative and exciting in the marketing industry. We keep a close eye on emerging trends, we listen to feedback from our customers and advisory council members and we conduct extensive market insight and research to fuel innovation. A taster of some exciting new training in the pipeline is below. We’d love to get your feedback, so please simply register your interest below.

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E-commerce: A Model for Success

Drive greater demand as an online business.
The road to creating a successful online store can be a difficult one if you're unaware of ecommerce principles and what it can do for your online business. This course explores how to drive greater demand by examining your value proposition as an online business, who you’re trying to sell to and some tactics to reach these target customers.

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Engage with your customer & sell smarter

Tap into the female consumer’s mind to create winning marketing campaigns.
Women make or influence more than 80% of purchases yet various studies highlight that women are at best dissatisfied or at worst angry with the advertising that is aimed at them. What a scandalous waste of advertising investment! Discover how to tap into female culture in ways that will help you to create better brand awareness, loyalty and increased sales.

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Open Data in Action

How to find and tell the stories in data.
A one-day course focussing on how to find stories in data. This course will take you through data sources, including open data and Freedom of Information, as well as teaching you how to clean and visualise data, establish trust with customers and innovate with open data. It will also cover information architecture and real time data.

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Understanding financial information for marketers

Talk and understand the language of your financial director
It makes common sense that to improve profitability, you need to understand how the business makes money. Marketing budgets are no longer handed over without a clear plan showing projected returns on marketing investment. And increasingly, senior level marketers and agency professionals report that to influence budget decisions, you need to be able to talk the language of the financial director.
This course explores how businesses succeed and fail, the relationship between cash and profit, and the effect of poor decision-making on business outcomes. Using a unique and highly interactive board-based methodology, you will create a business, take it to market, and compete to win orders. At the same time as seeing the impact of your decisions, you will learn – and remember – business fundamentals

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Building a Strategic Marketing Business Case

Determine where best to spend your budget to gain the most ROI
This 1 day workshop is for Senior Marketing Managers who have responsibility for determining product and marketing strategy, and who have to decide where best to spend their budget and what will give them the best return for their money. The ability to build strong commercial business cases is essential to any role, but in justifying strategy and spend the analysis of the overall market opportunity, likely sales revenue, barriers and routes to market, pricing and product costs may all effect your proposed marketing strategy.
When looking at a new product into an existing market, an existing product into a new market or a new product into a new market, the costs, risks and return are very different. This workshop will help your understanding of this as senior manager and enable you to propose and select the most appropriate marketing strategy for that case, as well as prioritise that spend against other opportunities.
Whether B2B or FMCG, the basics are the same and the course will outline how to build a business case and assess the return on investment. Your ability as a manager to appreciate this and recommend a marketing strategy to support it will mark you out from others.

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How to conduct market research

Make research intrinsic to every marketing campaign
Knowledge is power. Make your campaigns more successful by conducting invaluable research upfront. This course covers everything from Awareness Testing, Cross Country Evaluation, Digital Testing, Customer Profiling, Creative Testing and Incentive Testing. The course explores different research methods and tools as well as how best to present and integrate the results in to your product strategy.

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The future of marketing: multi-devices and emerging technologies

An innovative workshop that looks at what’s next in marketing and how to prepare for it
Many of the marketing principles still remain the same but the technology we use has changed dramatically. Technology influences consumer behaviour and we’re witnessing a total change in the way brands and consumers interact. As we transform from a downloading culture to an uploading one, this workshop explores how you can optimise your brand’s engagement with the consumers by being aware of and using the latest advances in technology. As you’d expect from this course, there will be a lot of interaction, brain storming and predicting the future!


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