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The IDM training experience

The IDM training experience

Read on to discover why these delegates chose the IDM for their training needs, how the course has been helpful back in the workplace and who they would recommend the course to. Thank you to everyone who has contributed their candid feedback - if you would like to share your IDM experience please contact

Hear what past students have to say...

I wanted to expand my knowledge of analysis tools

Jaspreet K Bhullar, Marketing Analyst, LaSer UK

"This course was a brilliant insight into marketing and data, and how to use data to improve marketing results. As I have not been in my role for very long, this course allowed me to expand my knowledge of different analysis tools and learn how to apply them to our marketing campaigns to achieve better results. The course lecturers provided a informal learning atmosphere, and provided real-life cases and examples, allowing us to see the application of their teachings. I would definitely recommend this to people who want a better understanding of how data and analysis can improve performance.”

I was looking for new opportunities to think and create differently

Keith Butler, Copywriter and Content Developer, Viking Direct, Office Depot Intl.

The web offers countless opportunities, and Becky Bocchetti 's course has opened up the way I find them. You'll learn far more about how the web obliges you to think and write differently.

Becky has extraordinary experience and expertise, and the rare skill of effortless, indelible presentation. Get ready for a candid, concise insight into the psychology of internet advertising; learn about terms, tactics and key areas. You will improve the way you work.

Personally, I now routinely 'translate' my direct mail copy for to static page, email and social media. I consider tactics, key search terms, presentation and harder-working calls to action. I know what to say; and how, when and where to say it. It's a whole lot of information on a single day, but don't worry. You'll be given a terrific set of course notes which serve as perfect prompts and include some classic checklists. They're still on my desk. An essential course for anyone who writes for the web in any context. Don't miss it.

We were new to digital marketing

Complete Digital Marketing delegate Brona Maher, Advertising Executive (Tourism Ireland)

My role includes both on and offline media / advertising and the roll out of a fully integrated marketing campaign. More recently our teams were re-structured and a fully integrated advertising department was created. As my manager and I were new to digital marketing we chose to do a course with the IDM. Not only do I now understand all the digital phraseology, I have put this into practice on campaigns. As we front load a lot of our advertising activity to the first half of the year, I look forward to putting my learnings further into practice in 2010.

"Not only do I now understand all the digital phraseology, I have put this into practice on campaigns"


We needed to understand how to build an efficient SEO strategy

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation delegateChilderic Gain, Online Marketing Campaign Manager (1&1 Internet)

My role involves online partner recruitment, affiliate management, newsletter production, banner production, link building and brand awareness development.


We needed to understand how to build an efficient SEO strategy, and the workshop offered by IDM seemed to be the appropriate choice and it was. This course gave us a more in-depth understanding of categorising and prioritising SEO actions and best practices. The case studies where incredibly helpful, and I would recommend it to anyone working in the online market – directly and indirectly – implementing SEO, website management and online marketing.We need to get the most from our agencies

Briefing and Evaluating Creative Work delegateMatt Hunter (with Tamsin Jones, Alex Higgs, Gemma Stanbury and Paul Chohan), The Money Team (

We are the Money team at and oversee development of the onsite propositions. We also drive the creation and delivery of marketing campaigns, across email, display, CPC and traditional above the line media.


We had heard recommendations about the IDM from friends in the industry, and a number of our colleagues recently attended some courses and came back raving with enthusiasm. We deal with agencies ever more frequently and ever more closely. Getting the most from our dealings is critical. After the IDM course we are better placed to craft briefs that clarify our needs and to empathise with the creatives we employ.

There was a lot of great material across the course but I think the team raves most about Steve Harrison’s section. Moving through great case studies on relevant abruption has really got us thinking about how we can make all of our communications more personal and meaningful to our customers. We’d recommend this course to anyone involved in commissioning creative work and even to people working in creative agencies who might want to see the world from the client’s point of view. Seasoned hands could still benefit from taking time out to think about the basic concepts at play.

We were preparing to do usability testing

Web Usability delegate Marc Pritchard, Website Officer (

My role involves updating and monitoring website content for and using social media to promote the site and interact with customers.


We were preparing to do some usability testing, with customers, on and the course gave some great pointers on how to approach the testing. It was a great opportunity to meet like-minded organisations and share ideas. Tobias Misera, the course tutor, was engaging and the course content was interesting and informative. The hand-outs that accompanied the course were extremely helpful on return to the office. The Web Usability Booster course is ideal for anybody who runs or works on a website, it helps identify how to make your site available to the masses.

I wanted to know more about DM principles

Complete Direct Marketing delegate Lizzie Groom, Direct Marketing Co-ordinator (The Children's Mutual)

My job role involves providing a supportive role to the Direct Marketing Manager through implementing DM activity and delivering marketing campaigns across a number of The Children’s Mutual partners.

I have recently graduated from university and felt it would be beneficial to choose an IDM course due to the quality of experienced teaching and the course material offered. The course has given me an in-depth understanding of the key DM principles needed to achieve a commercially successful outcome. It has allowed me to look at DM mailings with a different perspective and to analyse their effectiveness.


It was an enjoyable and useful course that gave a great insight into successful direct marketing. The whole course was well presented and interactive. Brian Thomas was brilliant at explaining the areas within DM and using his own experience to draw on key principles that should be followed to achieve a successful DM mailing. The course material covered a broad range of topics helping to give an overall understanding of the subject. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in direct marketing or who needs a better understanding of the key principles which should be used in a DM role.

I wanted to improve email campaigns

Effective Email Marketing delegateNicky Foden, Direct Marketing Co-ordinator (Iceland Foods)

My role involves planning communication strategies and then bringing to life the direct marketing campaigns for Iceland. This covers everything from direct mail, to email and SMS marketing.

The IDM is a highly accredited institution which I have heard lots of good things about. This was my first IDM course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The specific course I chose was the most detailed, in terms of content, out of all the email courses I could find available. The course gave me a fantastic insight into the world of email marketing and helped me to prioritise what I need to do in order to improve our email campaigns. The course covered many different areas of email marketing and helped me to understand how I can aim to achieve better results from a deliverability point of view, open rates, click through rates, renderability etc.


I would recommend the course to anyone who plans or implements email marketing campaigns, whether you are new to email marketing or not. The broad spectrum of areas this course covers plus all the tips that came out of it are very helpful and inspiring. The course leaves you feeling highly motivated.

I wanted more targeted copywriting

Writing Creatively – Write on StrategyCarolina Martin, Marketing Assistant (Bentalls)

My job involves all aspects of marketing, from DM to web. I was keen to attend the course due to this variety of media we use and I wanted to improve my copywriting skills to target different ‘audiences’.


I’ve attended a few IDM courses previously and always found them to be really useful and the speakers are always very succinct and great at passing on their knowledge. The course has helped me to keep my copy simple and hopefully more effective, by following the template that John Wallace provided. The part of the course I found most useful was the delegates’ examples as we were relating what we were learning to real-life examples. I would recommend this course to anyone who has to write any kind of copy – John was great at adapting the general rules of good copywriting to all kinds of media and situations.

For me, it is important to maintain industry links

The Essentials of B2B Marketing delegate Jacqueline Lynch, Principal Lecturer in Marketing and course Leader MSc Marketing Strategy & Communications (University of Westminster)

I chose the IDM course because past experience proves that the presenters/tutors know their game and will answer questions that are relevant to an individual case, not just the theory on how it should work but also share their experiences of how it might work. It gives a fresh perspective. The tutors are all very knowledgeable.


The course has added to my knowledge and updated my perspective. As an academic who once worked in industry it is important to maintain industry links and this is a very good way in addition to the usual networks. Of most use to me were the examples, cases and the chance to discuss with others from a very broad array of experiences

My company and I want to provide further services

Martin Radford, Data Services Manager (CDS Global)

I work with clients to enable them to optimise the use of their data. I work very closely with the internal team of developers to ensure that any enhancements are aligned to client use of data and also the long term strategy of data and the database. The IDM is a very well respected organisation for running training courses, so when I saw the content of this course it ticked all the boxes of where I (and CDS as an organisation) want to move to in terms of further services. I had a basic understanding of the techniques covered in the course but more from a "what it can deliver" rather than how it is pulled together.


This course has given me the knowledge and the confidence to attempt to perform some of the techniques myself and also provided a greater level of detail for me to discuss with clients how these tools can benefit them and their database to generate greater value.

The tutor was particularly good at covering what could have been a very technical topic at a high enough level to understand and relate the topic to my day to day work whilst also getting into the detail to ensure fundamentals of the theory were understandable.

I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to get an understanding of how segmentation and modelling can benefit a client to support the 'sales' process for this as a product/service (understanding the logic behind the methods and the tools used really helps when discussing with knowledgeable clients).

Our strategy for distribution is evolving

Michelle Betley, National Sales Manager (Keycamp Holidays)

I am responsible for the sales and brochure distribution for the product, and for all Travel Trade partners, such as Thomas Cook, implementing their commercial terms, training and promotional campaigns. I chose Writing for Digital Media because the strategy for distribution within Keycamp is evolving and I am now looking to develop partnerships with online travel agents, such as Expedia and This course enabled me to look at advertising and setting up online promotional campaigns. The course has helped me to question the 'language and wording' for certain partners in order to promote Keycamp by using simple but effective straplines.


The most useful part was the case studies used, as these covered a wide range of different companies and not necessarily travel companies, which helped take another perspective on advertising and how their customers perceive them. I would recommend this course to all my industry colleagues who are looking to distribute online in the future.

I wanted to review our email marketing

Andi Bettridge, Marketing Campaign Manager (Parcelforce)

My role entails managing integrated marketing campaign across B2B and B2C channels using multiple tools and media. The course content was relevant to how I wanted to develop on a professional level, and enabled me to review the email marketing we were implementing.


The course has provided me with best practice knowledge that is up to date and which I can use immediately within my organisation. The course tutor was engaging and kept our focus throughout the course. The guest speakers were very interesting and relevant, with the whole group learning how different industries manage their email marketing. I would recommend the course to my peers and anyone interested in integrating email marketing into their existing strategies.

I needed a refresher

Ann Campbell-Kelly, Marketing Executive (Directory of Social Change)

My manager suggested the course as he had been on a couple in the past and said they were very useful. This course has helped because it has reminded me of various marketing tools that I had either forgotten about or not been utilising fully. I have been able to bring some new ideas to the table and keep media in perspective working on new projects.


My favourite part of the course was being able to look at planning of direct and digital integrated retention campaigns with Lesley (the tutor) because she was able to put the ideas into real life scenarios that worked and didn’t. I would recommend this course to any marketer who needs a little refresher to remind them about all the ins and outs that sometimes get overlooked in the everyday grind of the office.

The Teddington experience

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