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18 Apr 2014
Research shows majority of UK consumers reluctant to use Bitcoin online
New research has revealed that the majority (71 per cent) of UK consumers will not use Bitcoin when shopping online. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

17 Apr 2014
TV based brands moving towards digital marketing, says Google
?A shift in marketing is seeing more brands, originally built through TV, move towards digital. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

16 Apr 2014
Brits spent over £23 billion online in Q1 2014
Brits spend more than £23 billion online in the first quarter of this year. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

15 Apr 2014
Londoners spend more time and money online
Online shopping behaviour is different in the capital to the rest of Britain, according to new research. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

14 Apr 2014
Half of Twitter accounts are ‘lurkers’
Engagement levels on Twitter may not be as high as they appear, according to new research. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

11 Apr 2014
A third of online sales made via mobile devices
The latest figures indicate that a third of online sales are now being made from mobile devices. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

10 Apr 2014
Digital ad spend on tablet devices boosts 400%
Digital ad spend on campaigns tailored for tablets have increased by 400 per cent as uptake of mobile devices continues. (Posted by Caroline Robertson)

09 Apr 2014
Twitter sharing increases by 43%
Consumer sharing habits are changing, according to a new report, as Twitter increases and email falls. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

08 Apr 2014
Global ad spend to return to pre-crash rates
A new report suggests that global ad spend will return to pre-financial crash growth rates. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

07 Apr 2014
Digital skills becoming crucial for civil servants
The Department of Health will include a digital skills assessment in its formal performance reviews. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

04 Apr 2014
Female bloggers more likely to engage in affiliate marketing
New research has found that female bloggers and website owners are more likely to engage in affiliate marketing. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

04 Apr 2014
Third of 'Generation C' find online advertising frustrating
New research has found that nearly a third of Generation C consumers find many forms of online advertising frustrating. (Posted by Caroline Robertson)

03 Apr 2014
TV campaigns should utilise Twitter
A new study suggests that the most successful TV marketing campaigns will also take advantage of Twitter. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

02 Apr 2014
US smartphone usage catching up on UK
New research shows that smartphone usage in the US is beginning to catch up with the UK's figures. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

01 Apr 2014
82% of top brands use Facebook
New research from Forrester indicates that more companies are turning towards social media platforms to raise brand awareness. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

31 Mar 2014
Consumers don't want ‘anticipatory shipping’
A new survey has indicated that a high number of British consumers don't want retailers to ship items without their consent. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

28 Mar 2014
Third of consumers prefer to share data
A new survey has found that more than a third of US consumers prefer to share data with advertisers to get a personalised experience. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

27 Mar 2014
Mobile paid search clicks doubled in 2013
The share of clicks coming from mobile search ads nearly doubled in the UK, according to a new report. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

26 Mar 2014
Two-thirds of marketers expect role to change
A new study from Adobe shows that many marketers feel more will be asked of them in the next year. (Posted by Caroline Robertson)

25 Mar 2014
Desktop search to decline $1.4 billion
A new report has indicated that consumers will switch to mobile devices for their search queries. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

24 Mar 2014
AtTask reveals top inefficiencies facing marketers
New research has indicated the top ineffeciences that could be holding marketers back in the workplace. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

24 Mar 2014
Facebook research sheds insight
A new poll conducted by Facebook has revealed how consumers use the social network at home. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

21 Mar 2014
Half of ad spend from mobile and desktop by 2016
A new forecast has predicted that by 2016, half of the UK's ad spend will come from mobile and desktop. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

20 Mar 2014
Brands find social media challenging
New research has indicated that many brands find social media a challenging platform to navigate. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

19 Mar 2014
UK consumers increasing digital media time
Research shows that UK consumers spend more time with digital media than watching TV. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

19 Mar 2014
UK retailers expected to generate £45bn in online sales
A new study predicts that UK retailers will produce £45 billion in online revenue throughout 2014. (Posted by Caroline Robertson)

18 Mar 2014
Young consumers "more forgiving towards brands"
A new report suggests that younger consumers are more likely to forgive brands after misdemeanors. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

17 Mar 2014
Brits value fast digital searches
Research indicates that consumers value the fast-paced nature of the internet above all other benefits. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

17 Mar 2014
Marketers should increase efforts to targets new mums
A new report shows that new mums are among the most digitally-engaged consumers. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

14 Mar 2014
66% of consumers more likely to shop with mobile brands
Two-thirds of consumers are more likely to purchase items from a store that has a mobile app than one without. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

13 Mar 2014
Best campaigns blend TV with digital
A new report suggests that the strongest marketing campaigns will be able to use both TV and digital channels. (Posted by Caroline Robertson)

12 Mar 2014
Mobile advertising to overtake newspaper ad revenue
New forecasts predict that revenue generated from mobile ads will surpass the finances that come from newspapers. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

11 Mar 2014
Businesses lack digital skills
A new report from Forrester has shown that, although many businesses are now implementing digital strategies, many are sceptical about their success. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

10 Mar 2014
25% of finance brands have no mobile presence
According to a new report, a quarter of the top 50 finance brands in the UK have no mobile presence. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

07 Mar 2014
60% of adults use 2 or more devices daily
Nearly two-thirds of UK adults use two or more devices throughout the day, while more than a fifth use three. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

07 Mar 2014
STV reports 77% of page views from mobile
Broadcaster STV has released its end of year figures, which reveal that mobile has helped push its increase in revenue. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

06 Mar 2014
UK needs to invest £875m in digital skills
A new report has suggested that the UK needs to invest millions more in digital skills in order to boost the area. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

05 Mar 2014
Twitter engages consumers with newsbrands
A new study has suggested that people connect with newsbrands online that they wouldn't read in print. (Posted by Caroline Robertson)

04 Mar 2014
Businesses need to engage Twitter followers
Brands on Twitter need to engage with their followers within three weeks or they risk losing them. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

03 Mar 2014
Consumers not engaged on social networks
New research suggests that consumers don't trust social media platforms when it comes to purchasing items. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

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