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22 Aug 2014
Facebook launches new tool to help marketers
Facebook has launched a new tool to help advertisers better track consumers across a number of devices. (Posted by Caroline Robertson )

21 Aug 2014
Enthusiasm for mobile stalling for marketers
A new study has suggested that the enthusiasm for mobile technology has slowed among marketing professionals. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

20 Aug 2014
BIMA appeals to agencies to help bridge digital skills gap
The British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) is looking for agencies to star in its Digital Day and help close the growing skills gap. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

19 Aug 2014
Continuing shift to mobile
A new report shows that consumers are continuing to favour mobile devices over more traditional ways of connecting. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

19 Aug 2014
Just 38% of top UK brands mobile-optimise paid search
A new audit from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has found that many of the UK's top tech brands are neglecting mobile optimisation. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

18 Aug 2014
Branded content trusted marginally less than editorial
A new study has found that consumers trust branded content around as much as they do editorial. (Posted by Caroline Robertson )

15 Aug 2014
Banner ads represent just 4% of entertainment mobile spend
A new report has found that digital banner ads account for just four per cent of entertainment mobile advertising. (Posted by Caroline Robertson )

15 Aug 2014
TV still best for live content
A new report has found that TV is still the preferred choice for watching live content, over smartphones and tablets. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

14 Aug 2014
Third of retailers see SEO as “expensive”
New research has found that nearly a third of retailers in the UK see SEO agencies as expensive. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

13 Aug 2014
TV ads soaring with engagement
A new study has found that just five per cent of consumers engage with mobile ads, making TV the most successful channel. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

13 Aug 2014
Twitter releases 'Promoted Video' beta
Twitter has released the beta version of a brand new feature, which aims to help boost brand video content. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

12 Aug 2014
Third of consumers shop online at work
New research reveals that a third of consumers shop online while they are at work. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

11 Aug 2014
Royal Mail to support SMEs with click and collect network
Royal Mail could help thousands of small businesses with the launch of its Local Collect 'click and collect' service. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

11 Aug 2014
Superfast broadband boosts online sales
A new survey indicates that superfast broadband is having a positive impact on e-commerce shopping spend. (Posted by Caroline Robertson )

08 Aug 2014
Twitter reveals 46% rise in info requests
Twitter has recorded a 46 per cent increase in information requests. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

07 Aug 2014
DMA: Mail suppliers facing VAT uncertainty
Mail suppliers are facing uncertainty over VAT rules, the DMA has found. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

06 Aug 2014
Barcelona agrees exclusivity deal with Dailymotion
Barcelona have signed a new deal with Dailymotion to provide more content online. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

05 Aug 2014
New DMA code calls for responsible data use
A responsible attitude to data is a key part of a new code from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). (Posted by Caroline Robertson)

01 Aug 2014
UK retailers restricting ecommerce growth
A new report suggests that UK retailers aren't being as successful as their US counterparts in terms of omnichannel retail. (Posted by Caroline Robertson )

31 Jul 2014
Demand for marketers on the rise
A new report has signified that demand for marketers is increasing, with job ads rising by eight per cent. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

30 Jul 2014
EC urges education ministers to close skills gap
Two senior members of the European Commission (EC) have urged education ministers to address the gap in digital skills. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

29 Jul 2014
Britain faces growing digital skills gap
A new report has highlighted that the digital skills gap in the UK is growing and could have a detrimental impact on the economy. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

28 Jul 2014
Retailers could net '£1.5bn this Christmas'
A new study has suggested that online retailers missed out on £1.5 billion by not adopting personalised marketing strategies. (Posted by Caroline Robertson )

25 Jul 2014
LinkedIn set to purchase Bizo
LinkedIn has purchased the B2B marketing tool, Bizo. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

25 Jul 2014
Social media users feel ‘inadequate’
People often feel inadequate due to social media, research shows. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

23 Jul 2014
Facebook launches Save feature
Facebook’s Save feature allows users to bookmark content for a later time. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

22 Jul 2014
Gartner: IT leaders should create flexible work environments
Flexible work environments can improve businesses, Gartner has suggested. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

21 Jul 2014
GMC highlights power of social media
The ease at which complaints can be made through social media means that grievances have escalated significantly, the General Medical Council has claimed. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

18 Jul 2014
More than 70% of mobile consumers shop online
New research has found that the majority of mobile consumers are now using their devices to shop online. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

17 Jul 2014
IPA Bellwether: Fifth of companies increase marketing budgets
The latest report from IPA Bellwether suggests that 20 per cent of all companies saw a rise in their marketing budgets from 2013 to 2014. (Posted by Caroline Robertson )

16 Jul 2014
Gartner: 2015 will be the year of the tablet
Global tablet sales are set to overtake PC sales for the first time in 2015, according to the latest research from Gartner. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

15 Jul 2014
'Councils need to invest in digital skills'
A new report has suggested that local authorities must invest in digital skills to make the most of new technologies. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

14 Jul 2014
House of Lords Committee on Digital Skills launched
The House of Lords has launched a new committee to investigate the lack of digital skills in the UK. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

11 Jul 2014
Digital skills crucial for European jobseekers
Digital skills could be crucial for getting European jobseekers work across the continent, according to an expert. (Posted by Caroline Robertson )

10 Jul 2014
Companies should 'hire for attitude, train for skill' to close digital skills gap
A leading digital expert has said the advertising industry should hire candidates with the right attitude and then train them with the right skills. (Posted by Simon Fereday)

09 Jul 2014
Brits are ethical shoppers
A new report has cited Brits as some of the most ethical shoppers in the world, except when it comes to finding a bargain. (Posted by Lisa Turner)

08 Jul 2014
World Cup causes rise in adspend forecast
The World Cup, along with increased confidence in the advertising sector, have caused an increase in adspend forecasts. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

07 Jul 2014
Generation X as tech savvy as millenials
A new study has found that consumers are becoming more enamoured with mobile devices, across demographics. (Posted by Jo Saunders)

07 Jul 2014
Negative PR loses British firms £46,815 every year
A new study has indicated that bad reviews and misjudged social media posts are having a financial impact on businesses. (Posted by Caroline Robertson )

04 Jul 2014
Experiment has 'jeopardised advertisers’ trust'
The week-long psychological experiment on Facebook's newsfeed could have jeopardised advertiser trust. (Posted by Juliet Hilditch)

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