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IDM Insights

Contributors to IDM Insights include some of the UK’s leading practitioners, and most respected academics in direct, digital and data marketing. Articles are available to all, so please feel free to share with your networks.

What I discovered on Data Discovery 2014
[27 Oct 2014] The IDM Data Discovery in Marketing programme is a short but intensive residential that introduces and immerses bright, numerically-savvy students into the world of data and insight marketing. Here’s the first hand experience of Katie Spencer, a psychology student at Surrey University, who won a place on Data Discovery 2014.

Can becoming data-literate give marketing “magic wheels”?
[06 Mar 2014] How data-literate do marketers need to be? With the rise of marketing technology and forecasts about the crossover between the CMO and the CIO, it is clear that data-generating and data-consuming processes are moving ever closer to the heart of the marketing function. IDM Journal editor, David Reed summarises the thoughts of the IDM Data Council at a recent round table discussion.

What Vine versus Instagram videos means for brands?
[05 Jul 2013] Things are hotting up in the video arena between Vine and Instagram, as giants, Twitter and Facebook up the anti in their battle to own the best video app out there. But what does this mean for brands and how can they best capitalise on these new mobile video trends? Debra Sobel, IDM tutor and co-MD of Vanilla Films, explores.

One Young World and the change from within
[06 Jun 2013] One Young World is a movement aimed at getting future leaders into positions of influence early in their careers. Many leading brands have been using their youth ambassadors to help direct their social and digital marketing strategy as well as bigger business decisions. Three of them spoke at the IDM B2B Marketing Conference last month – David Reed examines what they had to say.

Owlstone manufactures a new approach to B2B marketing
[02 May 2013] Somewhere in Cornwall there is a manufacturing business which produces one billion syringes each year. Even more remarkably, it does so with just three employees. IDM Journal editor, David Reed explores how SMEs can achieve big-company results with the right marketing strategy.

Inside the Open Data Institute
[28 Feb 2013] Open Data Day on 23rd February 2013 was a trans-global event aimed at encouraging the publication and use of open data. As part of the day, the Open Data Institute (ODI) announced a new scheme to provide £850,000 in pre-seed investment and support for ideas based on open data sources.

Why it’s crucial to talk the language of your CFO
[14 Feb 2013] Increasingly, the demands of today’s business mean coming out of the silos and working more closely with other business functions. Nick Eades and Adrian Colman explain why, for marketers under budgetary pressure and the need to prove ROI, learning the language of finance is now absolutely essential.

Book review by Brian Thomas F IDM
[02 Jul 2012] "I have just read the most compelling book that I have encountered for many years." writes Brian Thomas Hon F IDM on reviewing Steve Harrison’s book, “Changing the world is the only fit work for a grown man”.

Practitioner Book Review: Spending Advertising Money in the Digital Age - How to navigate the media flow
[27 Apr 2012] Read Mike Berry’s review of Hamish Pringle’s book, “Spending Advertising Money in the Digital Age”.

Specialist briefing: Online video, by Debra Sobel, Vanilla Films
[27 Apr 2012] This five-minute briefing from seasoned producer, director and tutor, Debra Sobel, summarises specific business opportunities, strategic questions and practical solutions that we should all consider for online video.

Danny Bermant on the core principles of social media
[07 Feb 2012] Danny Bermant reveals why social media plays to many current marketing skills set; reminding us of the core principles of social media and showcasing two related case histories.

New Video: Making Sense of Metrics
[26 Sep 2012] Measurement is key to improving marketing effectiveness and justifying marketing spend. But what exactly should you be measuring, and what would you be wiser to ignore?

Latest Video: Aligning with Sales – An Impossible Challenge?
[14 Jun 2012] Aligning sales and marketing activity is one of the oldest challenges in the book – and it’s still one of the hardest to get right.

The IDM/Lisa Arthur interview - social media
[20 Apr 2012] The 2012 IBM Global CMO study revealed, amongst other things, an underpreparedness amongst CMOs for the impact that social media has had – and will yet have on marketing. IDM B2B Council Chair, Debbie Williams F IDM recently had the opportunity to interview Aprimo CMO Lisa Arthur, named one of “20 women to watch”, for her take on the social phenomenon and to ask what advice she would give to other CMOs and marketers.

Dilemmas, Dilemmas - Book review by Professor Bryan Foss
[10 Apr 2012] IDM Business to Business Marketing Council member, Professor Bryan Foss, reviews Julie Garland McLellan's book "Dilemmas, Dilemmas: Practical case studies for company directors".

Writing charity fundraising copy - what’s the appeal?
[23 Feb 2012] IDM tutor Paul Chuter F IDM gives three examples of how the effectiveness of charity appeal letters can be improved.

New Video: The Do's and Don’ts of Social Media
[21 Feb 2012] Social media is constantly creating new B2B marketing opportunities – but which channels most deserve your attention and resources?

Latest Technology Marketing In Mind Video: Rethinking the Art of Lead Generation
[12 Jan 2012] With exciting new tools and practices emerging for generating, scoring, profiling and nurturing leads, how can you stay on top of your game and deliver high-quality leads that turn into closed business?

New Technology Marketing In Mind Video: Building a Technology Brand In 2012
[01 Dec 2011] Discover expert advice and personal insight from a host of senior technology marketers from vendors including IBM, Microsoft and Psion, as they discuss the values and tactics needed to build a strong tech brand in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

New video series: Connecting with today’s B2B technology buyer
[11 Nov 2011] With today’s technology buyer enjoying greater choice - and power - than ever before, marketers must empower customers to stay loyal and become brand advocates.

The IDM B2B Customer 2.0 Playbook
[25 Oct 2011] Inspired by the hugely successful IDM B2B Conference 2011, and with the support of the IDM B2B Council, the Customer 2.0 Playbook has been generated to provide insights and opinion on and around new customer trends in the B2B environment.

What do the UK Government's "mydata" proposals mean for organisations?
[11 May 2011] This briefing paper by Ctrl-Shift, summarises the Government's position; documents the proposed Government timetable for Spring 2011-2012; suggests how businesses should respond around data issues; lists key actions that organisations need to discuss and concludes with a call to action to take part now, in order to learn about and anticipate, data strategy requirements for the future.

B2B Marketing in 2011: the year Augmented Reality gets its big break?
[01 Mar 2011] Thoughts from IDM B2B Council members Earnest

Buyer Personas - under-used, but over-abused?
[01 Mar 2011] IDM B2B Council members, Earnest take a look at personas from a B2B perspective

Vital Statistics for every B2B marketer
[01 Mar 2011] Too many stats to take in? IDM B2B Council members, Earnest pull together those you really need

From social media to Social CRM – what customers want
[01 Feb 2011] The first in a two-part series from the IBM Institute for Business Value

Marketing Week - Training 2010
[25 Nov 2010] In a supplement to the November 24 issue, Marketing Week looks at the training issues facing today's marketers. Includes a roundtable discussion featuring senior client marketers that sit on the IDM Advisory Councils.

The web makes me feel? - Exploring youth emotional responses to the web
[18 Nov 2010] This paper, by Dr Kelly Page of Cardiff University, won the recent IDM-sponsored Interactive Marketing Best Paper Award at the Academy of Marketing conference. It explores the emotional responses of over 400 digital natives (13-19 year olds) across the UK, as to how the web makes them feel and their reasons why.

The new marketing vision of customer engagement
[14 Oct 2010] Customer engagement is being hailed as the new methodology for today’s modern marketers. But how new a concept is it? IDM Managing Director, Derek Holder attests that modern marketing, on or offline, is all about one-to-one. As the most effective marketing always has been

Search Toolkit for the B2B Marketers
[27 Aug 2010] This Toolkit developed by the IAB B2B Council, is aimed to help UK B2B marketers to better understand the UK search market and how to use search effectively.

B2B Council White Paper: Sales & Marketing Alignment: the disconnect continues!
[13 Jul 2010] B2B Council Chair, Debbie Williams F IDM, explores the relationship between sales and marketing and how different approaches can create positive connections between these two functions.

Book Review - The Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Sales and Marketing
[13 Jul 2010] B2B Council Member, Simon Knight, Channel Marketing Leader for Dun & Bradstreet (UK & Ireland) reviews John Coe’s new book which aims to tie together the best of the old and the new as well as introducing a new sales coverage model that meets the needs of today's fast-paced, Web-based environment.

Book review - Raising Venture Capital Finance in Europe
[04 May 2010] IDM B2B Council member, Bryan Foss F IDM reviews this book by Keith Arundale, described as a Practical Guide for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Building Trust in Data - A Must for Marketers
[08 Apr 2010] IDM Data Council Chair, Adrian Gregory on the Information Commissioner's "Privacy Dividend: The Business Case for investing in Proactive Privacy Protection".

YouTube: Best Practices for the B2B Marketer
[08 Apr 2010] The rise of online video is revolutionising media consumption. This paper from Google, in association with the IDM B2B Marketing Council offers 7 best practice tips to help B2B marketers make the most of YouTube.

Top 10 tips for improving the usability of your website
[11 Mar 2010] B2B Council member, Lawrence Mitchell asks how well your website is working for you?

A 10-year retrospective by Dr Dave Chaffey F IDM (2000-2010)
[08 Dec 2009] The transition from direct to interactive marketing has presented many challenges and many contributors have helped the IDM by suggesting how marketing practices should change. Dave Chaffey's review is a personal perspective on the significant changes in marketing concepts and practice over the last 10 years as reflected by contributions to the IDM Journal.

B2B Council member Pitney Bowes’ Report into SME marketing
[02 Dec 2009] What can small and independent operators do to get the most out of their marketing in the crunch and where should they be investing?

Data governance - minimising people risks
[30 Nov 2009] A DQM Group Report by, David Reed, Editor Data Strategy Magazine and Adrian Gregory, Chairman of the IDM Data Council and DMA Data Governance Working Party. Chief Executive DQM Group.

Marketing without Money – How 20 Top Australian Entrepreneurs Crack Markets with their Minds
[13 Nov 2009] A book review by IDM B2B Council Member, Andy Grant, Regional Marketing Leader, Northern Europe, Nortel

The IDM Business-to-Business Council Best Practice Guide
[19 Oct 2009] Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) - find the key metrics to influence the Board & Justify your budget. By Deborah Robertson, Marketing and Sales Director, Easynet Connect.

The IDM Business-to-Business Marketing Council Book Review
[08 Oct 2009] Professor Bryan Foss, CEO and Founder of Foss Initiatives reviews the book 'Business-to-Business-Marketing, Advanced Marketing Series (AMS)' by Ross Brennan, Louise Canning & Raymond McDowell.

10 ways to optimise your marketing consent policy
[01 Sep 2009] Practical tips from Mike West, Royal Mail and Patrick Young, DVL Smith on how to develop a marketing consent policy and manage customer opt-out.

Marketing consent: opportunities for marketers
[01 Sep 2009] Patrick Young of DVL Smith on best practice research and guidelines for marketing consent. Includes the psychology behind persuading customers to opt in and expert advice on optimising your consent strategy.

What makes customers opt in to marketing communications?
[01 Sep 2009] A look at the effects on direct marketing take-up levels of the varying approaches to customer consent policy MMC article by Mike West, Royal Mail and Patrick Young, DVL Smith.

Data Strategy IDM Data Council Comment
[24 Aug 2009] Adrian Gregory, Chairman of the IDM Data Council, Chief Executive, DQM Group

Building Brands in Turbulent Times, Steve Sowerby M IDM - CEO XPotential
[24 Jun 2009] In the daily chaos of the urgent, the hot issue or in the detail of departmental or personal objectives, there is an important fact often overlooked in business. Steve emphasises the importance of the brand as a company asset.

Delivering quality in e-communications, Nick Evans F IDM - Partner, Survey Digital
[24 Jun 2009] Do you keep noticing that your competitors frequently get it wrong? Are you quick to spot the errors in direct marketing from other companies, or inconsistencies on their landing pages? On the other hand, do you ever worry that you just don’t seem to be spotting many errors on your own e-media? There’s a reason for that: the creator cannot also be the evaluator. Nick Evans F IDM, partner in SurveyDigital, gives us his tips on making sure that e-communications and websites are corporate, on time, reliable, relevant, error-free, compliant and tested.

10 things I wish I'd known by Steve Kemish F IDM
[10 Jun 2009] In April 2009, we saw the inauguration of a new Chair for the IDM Digital Council: Steve Kemish F IDM, Strategy and Services Director at leading email marketing agency, Adestra. With over ten years of digital marketing experience, Steve is committed to helping the IDM promote digital marketing excellence right across the profession. Read the ten things he wishes he'd known when he started out...

10 things I wish I'd known
[11 May 2009] Read the wise words of seasoned marketer and one of the IDM's best-loved and much-respected practitioner-tutors, Brian Thomas Hon F IDM. (11 May 2009. Log In required)

10 actions to achieve your goals in 2009
[27 Apr 2009] Margaret Whiteford M IDM created her own consultancy 10 years ago to provide strategic business development consulting solutions. While her consultancy was founded on the development of sales and marketing solutions, its biggest 'learn' has been the difficulty organisations face implanting the changes recommended.

She now works with business partner, Richard Masters, to deliver in-house training and development solutions which address team development. Together they help teams not only to create exciting business plans - but also to successfully implement them. (27 April 2009. Log In required)

The IDM Email Marketing Buyers’ Guide, Internet World 2009
[22 Apr 2009] Internet World is a great place to start to find a partner for your email marketing, to catch up with your current provider, or to review what you are currently doing. Steve Kemish, Chair of the IDM Digital Council, and Strategy Director at Adestra, shares his thoughts on email marketing and keys areas to consider when selecting or reviewing providers.

Free Unica White Paper; from Web Analytics to Customer Analytics: Making Web Data Personal
[25 Mar 2009] Akin Arikan, author of Multichannel Marketing: Metrics and Methods for On and Offline Success. If you’re like most marketers, you’re facing an enormous headwind. You need to increase marketing returns, but conventional marketing techniques are rapidly becoming ineffective.

The 3rd Annual IDM Data Summit, 5 March 2009
[23 Mar 2009] The third Data Summit was held at Jury’s Hotel in central London on March 5. A capacity audience of 100 delegates heard eleven speakers address the theme of this year’s conference ‘Data Management Strategy: Evolution or revolution?’ from different perspectives. For those who missed it or who simply want an aide-memoire, here’s a summary of the day by the IDM’s own Peter Mouncey F IDM.

Getting personal: Introducing 1on1DM
[20 Mar 2009] Everyone says 'get closer to that audience'. We'd rather say 'get closer to that person'. Tim Davies, from IDM Corporate Members, elliotyoung, introduces the concept of 1on1DM.

Q&A: Don Tapscott
[12 Mar 2009] Guest speaker at this year's Annual IDM Lunch is world leading business and technology strategist, Don Tapscott. Ranked in the top thirty of Accenture's seminal list of the world's Top Business Gurus, Don is a regular advisor to both governments and international corporations on the value and impact of technology in business. He is also the acclaimed author of the best-selling Growing Up Digital and Wikinomics.

15 ways to beat the recession
[02 Feb 2009] Yes we all know 2009 is going to be difficult – but with the right planning it needn’t mean long-term disaster. The IDM asked three seasoned marketers from each area of our profession, what, having experienced tough economic times before, are their top 5 tips for tackling recession.

Time to Deliver - Why marketing investment is a must during an economic downturn
[13 Jan 2009] A Pitney Bowes White Paper: During tough economic times the temptation for many businesses is to sit tight, cut back and wait for the winds of change to blow favourably. In particular, marketing strategies come under intense scrutiny when the pressure to slash costs intensifies. (Free download)

The year ahead - An IDM view
[22 Dec 2008] Companies and marketers should armour themselves against these tough times by investing in skills and technology to make direct marketing better targeted, timely, effective and measurable than ever before. (Free download)

A Christmas fable
[09 Dec 2008] If your customers are bored of you, your brand, or your marketing approach, you have a clear mandate for change (hmm, sounds familiar). But if they like the way things are, and you’re the one itching to tinker with things, it’s time to stop for a mince pie and a latte and reflect on your good fortune.
(9 December 2008. Log In required)

Mapping the future
[01 Dec 2008] Professor Melanie Howard Hon F IDM is a leading authority on trend and business strategies. In this interview with IDM Insights, she discusses some of the major trends affecting consumers, and looks at what they could mean for direct marketers. (Log in required)

Inclusion of a wider definition of 'stakeholders'
[14 Nov 2008] Bryan Foss M IDM, Non-Executive Director, UK Department for Work and Pensions provides insights into the wider definition and beneficial inclusion of stakeholders by the boards and marketing leaders of major organisations in the commercial and public sectors. (Log in required)

Shake out a few new ideas
[14 Nov 2008] This month our copywriting guru delivers a quick analysis of five loose inserts collected from the October issue of Top Gear magazine. (14 November 2008. Log In required)

Improving email deliverability to drive conversions
[04 Sep 2008] Hollie Williams, client strategy consultant at leading Email Services Provider Adestra, provides some tips on how to get the most out of your email marketing. (Log in required)

Mobile -- the perfect direct medium?
[04 Sep 2008] Robert Thurner M IDM, Commercial Director of mobile agency Incentivated, explores how mobiles could revolutionise direct marketing. The first mobile phones were nicknamed ‘bricks’ because they were huge and unwieldy, with big handsets attached to briefcase-sized battery packs.

But now, the latest mobiles are barely bigger than a credit card, and the mobile has become the one item that the majority of us say we cannot do without – and the first item we would grab if our houses were on fire. (Log in required)

Web copywriting realities: what your reader wants
[28 Aug 2008] If you attend any “training courses” on web copywriting, then there are certain ‘truths’ you will hear repeated a lot. This month, copywriting guru Andy Maslen looks at three of the most commonly-used statements, and examines what they actually mean for us as copywriters. (Insights: Tip, 11 September 2008)

Case study: Cushman & Wakefield 'Knowledge Center' campaign
[16 Jul 2008] International commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefiled commissioned email marketing experts Concep to develop an email marketing campaign and linked microsite to promote its newly-launched 'Knowledge Center.' The promotion was hugely successful, and won the award for Digital Acquisition at this year's IDM Business Performance Awards. (Log in required)

DM spend up 9.8 per cent to £18bn in 2007
[16 Jul 2008] Direct marketing expenditure increased by 9.8 per cent to £18 billion in 2007, according to the Economic Impact of the Direct Marketing Industry 2008 study, which is published today.(Log in required)

What's my data worth?
[16 Jul 2008] Data is an issue of fundamental importance to direct marketers.
On the one hand, technology has provided them with the ability to communicate with their audiences and collect, collate and analyse information from them on a scale they have never had before.(Log in required)

Stealth selling
[06 Jul 2008] What do you do when you are selling to people with ultra-powerful hype detectors? Use stealth technology. (Insights: Tip, 16 Jul 2008. Log in required)

BPA 2008 B2B Data winner: Blue Sheep's Pathway to Success for Rapid Racking
[11 Jun 2008] Business-to-business marketing services provider Blue Sheep helped Rapid Racking, the UK’s leading supplier of shelving and other storage solutions for business use, increase sales by 11 per cent and grow profits by 30 per cent. (Log in required)

Cleaning up your copy
[11 Jun 2008] Ideally, your reader shouldn’t notice your copy at all. Within seconds they should be absorbed by the promises you are making. They are imagining how much better their life will be with your product or service to help them. (Insights: Tip, 11 June 2008. Log in required)

Transactional marketing is dead – long live relationship marketing?
[11 Jun 2008] If the 20th century was the age of mass marketing and of transactional marketing, the 21st century is going to be the age of relationship marketing. (Log in required)

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
[15 May 2008] Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds was a book written in 1841 by a journalist called Charles Mackay. It analysed something which should be very close to our hearts at the moment, which is various economic bubbles and collapses. (Contributed by Drayton Bird Hon F IDM, Drayton Bird Associates)(Log in required)

New customer acquisition: five ways to make it work again
[15 May 2008] Customer acquisition is recognised by most clients as the biggest hurdle they face over the next 12 months. John Watson Hon F IDM puts forward five different ways to tackle the problem. (Log in required)

Why I hate teams
[15 May 2008] Do you remember your fifth birthday? You, know, the one when your parents bought you that really great toy you’d wanted all year. And there was a card with it. Who signed it? Did it say, “Happy Birthday Darling. Lots of Love, The Parenting Team”? (Insights: Tip, 15 May 2008. Log in required)

Case study: mobile rings up response rates for Pedigree Petfoods
[10 Apr 2008] Using mobile marketing as part of a money-off mailer, Mars Petcare achieved response and coupon redemption rates five times higher than direct mail alone. (Log in required)

It came from outer space
[10 Apr 2008] It came from outer space, or, why do so many otherwise rational marketing people forgo massive boosts to profits because they don’t think envelope messages work. (Insights: Tip, 10 Apr 2008. Log in required)

Mobile marketing is booming
[10 Apr 2008] With over 2.6 billion mobile devices world-wide, mobile is poised to overtake television, PCs and cinema to become the “first screen,” according to industry body the Mobile Marketing Association. Not too many years ago, it was the fourth screen. (Log in required)

Online ads hit £2.8bn - overtakingTV by 2009?
[10 Apr 2008] Online advertising spend in the UK hit £2.8 billion in 2007, an increase of 38 per cent over 2006. By comparison, direct mail spend was £2.16 billion. Online advertising is now the third biggest medium in the UK, after television on £4 billion and press display advertising on £3.7 billion. (Log in required)

A glass half-full – and rising!
[12 Mar 2008] Marketers – and direct marketers in particular – should have little to fear from the current economic downturn, according to leading financial commentator Anthony Hilton. If anything, a recession should mean even greater opportunities, he added. (Log in required)

B2B marketing to hit £17.5 billion by 2012
[12 Mar 2008] Business-to-Business marketing is growing in importance – and in budgets, too. The latest estimates show that UK companies spent £11.3 billion on Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing in 2007: and over the next five years, that amount will increase by more than 50% to hit £17.5 billion by 2012. (Log in required)

Seven ways Web 2.0 changes your copy
[12 Mar 2008] Unless you’ve been holidaying on Mars for the last year, you’ll know about Web 2.0 – sites that host user-generated content, online social networks, new ways of hooking up with people, and, inevitably, new ways of making money. (Insights: Tip, 12 Mar 2008. Log in required)

Smart mailing for SMEs
[12 Mar 2008] Carol Wright M IDM, direct marketing manager for Pitney Bowes and a member of the Institute of Direct Marketing B2B Council, highlights how SME marketers can capitalise on the brand-influencing powers of direct mail. (Log in required)

Case study:
[13 Feb 2008] is part of the Totaljobs Group, and is the leading specialist recruitment website in the UK retail market. In order to overcome that lack of awareness,’s marketing team and Clockwork IMC came up with the idea of offering recruiters a free trial to the site so they could see for themselves that can offer a wide and relevant selection of retail professionals for their vacancies. (Log in required)

Don Peppers: in his own words
[13 Feb 2008] Don Peppers is one of the world’s leading authorities on one-to-one relationship marketing. He will be appearing as the keynote speaker at the IDM’s Fifth Annual B2B Marketing Conference on 8 April 2008. (Free download)

How to write B2B copy that sells
[13 Feb 2008] I’ve spent the last 20 years writing B2B copy. And I have to admit, my experience is limited to one area: selling. Virtually every piece of copy I’ve written has had the same goal: to part an executive from some money. (Insights: Tip, 13 Feb 2008. Log in required)

The state of B2B marketing training
[13 Feb 2008] At least £10 billion is spent on business-to-business marketing in the UK every year, and nearly half a million people have B2B marketing responsibilities – yet the majority of them were never formally trained as marketers, nor do their companies provide any budget for training. (Log in required)

Case Study: LV=
[16 Jan 2008] CACI was brought in to help provide LV= (formerly known as Liverpool Victoria) with the capability to generate optimised annual marketing plans through the analysis of its customer and prospect database. These plans would allow sales targets to be met in the most efficient manner possible, maximising the value gained whilst minimising costs and meeting any real world constraints that may exist. (Log in required)

Interview: Phil Jones, head of the ICO’s data protection practice
[16 Jan 2008] Phil Jones, assistant commissioner in the Information Commissioner’s Office and head of the ICO’s data protection practice, would like to congratulate the marketing profession. (Log in required)

Ten copywriting secrets
[16 Jan 2008] Our copywriting expert shares some secrets with you – including the fact that people don’t care about you or your company; they just want to know what’s in it for them. (IDM Insights: Tip, 16 Jan 2008. Log in required)

What's the matter with data?
[16 Jan 2008] Jeremy Clarkson didn't think the loss of personal data was important: and to prove it, he happily disclosed his bank account details in a recent column in The Sun newspaper. (Log in required)

Allan Leighton, plural man
[06 Dec 2007] Allan Leighton, who is to speak at the IDM’s Annual Lunch in February, has, as chairman of Royal Mail Group for the past six years, orchestrated the turn-around of what are arguably two of the UK’s most famous brands – Royal Mail itself, and the Post Office. (Log in required)

Is there a best time to send emails?
[06 Dec 2007] We’re all aware that segmentation, list hygiene, the creative and offer are all important to the success of any DM campaign, but Email Service Providers are constantly being asked whether a ‘best time’ to send e-mail marketing messages actually exists. (Log in required)

Opt-In – will anyone make the effort?
[06 Dec 2007] Iain Lovatt M IDM, executive chairman, Blue Sheep and chair of the IDM’s Data Council, questions the thinking behind proposed moves towards making all direct marketing opt-in. (Log in required)

Some suitable cases for treatment?
[06 Dec 2007] Copywriting ought to be a reasonably healthy job. No heavy machinery – unless you count lugging your old 486 down to the storeroom. No noxious chemicals (unless you count sniffing your old fountain pen now and again just to remind yourself where it all began). And no occupational illnesses to speak of... or are there? (IDM Insights: Tip, 6 Dec 2007. Log in required)

Case study: Monarch Airlines - natural search campaign
[08 Nov 2007] Monarch Airlines is one of the UK’s major providers of low-cost scheduled flights. Online search marketing has become an increasingly powerful tool for marketers operating in the travel sector, and Monarch had invested significant sums in its Pay Per Click paid search advertising. However, it found that it was getting no visibility at all for any of its routes on natural search listings, mainly because it was competing in a fiercely competitive sector against other travel operators, aggregators and affiliates, all of whom were vying for the top few positions on the first page of natural search results. (Log in required)

Fight for the right to market
[08 Nov 2007] A new campaign group, headed by the Advertising Association (AA), has been formed to defend direct marketing, as part of a larger program aimed at resisting the threat of further restrictions on advertising and marketing freedoms. (Log in required)

Power of direct marketing
[08 Nov 2007] The US Direct Marketing Association’s latest annual Power of Direct Marketing report predicts that while US marketers will spend $167.2 billion on non-direct advertising channels in 2007, they will spend $173.2 billion on direct advertising and marketing. (Log in required)

Tense, nervous adjectives?
[08 Nov 2007] Over the years, I have compiled a set of detailed case files on the various medical conditions suffered by writers I have been asked to help (or, occasionally, replace). So I thought I'd share with you my notes on some of the more common, not to say virulent, ailments that afflict marketers and copywriters from time to time. (IDM Insights: Tip, 8 Nov 2007. Log in required)

Humour me
[04 Oct 2007] What makes you laugh? Slapstick? Wordplay? Cartoons? All of those tickle my funny bone – and a lot more besides. But I bet you've had the experience I've had. You're at a party, in a bar, or making a speech - you crack a joke - and nobody laughs. In fact, someone in the group actually looks quite offended. (IDM Insights: Tip, 4 Oct 2007. Log in required)

Logitech ‘Working Late’ viral video
[04 Oct 2007] Computer peripherals company Logitech asked Kitcatt Nohr to develop a campaign to promote its webcam product. Kitcatt Nohr’s solution was to create a viral film which demonstrated what the product could do in a fun way. (Log in required)

Online ad spend overtakes direct mail
[04 Oct 2007] UK marketers spent £1.3 billion on online advertising in the first six months of 2007, an increase of 41.3% on the £917.2 million for the same period in 2006. The figures mean online advertising now accounts for just under 15% of all UK advertising spend – taking it well past direct mail, which took 11.8% of total media spend. (Log in required)

The accountability gap
[04 Oct 2007] Accountability is becoming an increasingly important issue in the marketing profession. In recent years, large numbers of companies have begun to introduce formal marketing accountability programs and to extend the procurement process to cover marketing services. (Log in required)

Campaign case study: the launch of the Innocent Village Fete programme
[13 Sep 2007] This month’s case study looks at Innocent Drinks’ Innocent Village Fete programme. The inaugural event, held in London’s Hyde Park in August, attracted a capacity crowd of 60,000 and raised £150,000 for charity – not to mention getting the innocent message across to the company’s core target market, families who are concerned about what their children eat and drink and who have an interest in environmental and countryside issues. (Log in required)

Geniuses just try harder
[13 Sep 2007] In our regular series where leaders in the connected marketing field share some hard-won insights, Drayton Bird explores the secret of genius, and discovers that the answer is not so much ‘education, education, education’ as ‘persistence, persistence, persistence’ – as epitomised by the legendary David Ogilvy. (IDM Insights: Tip, 13 Sept 2007. Log in required)

Grabbing attention in the new marketing environment
[13 Sep 2007] The internet offers the possibility of almost instant dialogue with customers, and has fundamentally changed how business functions. Newspapers, TV and radio broadcasters and the marketers who work for the companies the media services must adapt – and rapidly -- or die, says social media expert Antony Mayfield, head of content and media at digital agency Spannerworks. (Log in required)

Integrating experiential and direct marketing
[13 Sep 2007] Experiential marketing faces a major hurdle: convincing marketers that it is more than just a new, fancy name for field marketing. The best way to do that is to make sure that any experiential activity is fully integrated with other marketing disciplines, in particular direct marketing, in order to build proof of its effectiveness. (Log in required)

Making friends and influencing people
[13 Sep 2007] Social networking sites offer marketers enormous potential. Recent media coverage, however, has demonstrated that marketers must be careful about what social networks they appear on and what content they are allowing their brands to be associated with. Events have shown how easy it is for branded advertising to appear alongside potentially damaging content. (Log in required)

Campaign case study: repositioning of Which?
[08 Aug 2007] An exclusive in-depth case study of the award-winning Which? campaign. Watson Phillips Norman and Mike Colling & Co helped Which? radically reposition itself and shake off the baggage of its decades-long prize draw promotion. The campaign improved return on investment by 250% in 12 months and helped Which? add new subscribers for the first time in 10 years. (Log in required)

If a picture says a thousand words
[08 Aug 2007] In our regular series where leaders in the connected marketing field share some hard-won insights, Drayton Bird explores the old adage that ‘A picture tells a thousand words’ – and discovers that while that might be true, what pictures say may not actually be what marketers want their audience to hear (IDM Insights: Tip, 08 Aug 2007. Log in required)

Integrated Marketing Communications Metrics
[08 Aug 2007] Marketers are realising that their communications must be integrated. They increasingly understand that all the different parts of an organisation must pool all the data they collect about customers from all the different contact points that exist – marketing, sales, accounts, service etc. (Log in required)

Prize Problems
[08 Aug 2007] Direct marketers who hoped the new Gambling Act, which becomes law next month, would make running prize draws easier are going to be disappointed -- at least, until a couple of significant areas of confusion are cleared up. (Log in required)

2007 BPA Diamond Award Winner
[19 Jul 2007] An exclusive in-depth case study of the award-winning BBC Licensing campaign. Proximity London's integrated campaign changed behaviour among a notoriously fickle and changing audience - the UK’s student population. The campaign achieved a staggering 24% increase in sales and created a new mindset among students where buying a TV licence suddenly became the norm! (Log in required)

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
[19 Jul 2007] IMC is fundamental to creating dialogue with consumers - but 80% of client marketers and their agencies admit they must learn more about how to put IMC into practice. Plus an exclusive interview with the acknowledged father of the discipline, Professor Don Schultz. (Log in required)

Marketers' biggest opportunities
[19 Jul 2007] Delegates at this May’s IDM Symposium - sponsored by Oracle - were challenged to identify the issues they saw as offering the biggest threats and the biggest opportunities to them as marketers. Amongst the top three trends identified was the optimisation of data. But, as we report, exactly what people mean by data optimisation varies enormously from organisation to organisation and even individual to individual. (Log in required)

Which ad did better? A lesson from the Victorians
[04 Jul 2007] How good is your judgment? Below are two ads, both over 100 years old. Can you guess which did better? You’ll find the answer near the end. (IDM Insights: Tip, 04 Jul 2007. Log in required)

Web 2.0: What's the big attraction?
[21 Jun 2007] Just what is all the fuss about Web 2.0? The latest in a long line of new technologies, soon to be outdated? Or does it have farther-reaching implications? With visits to Web 2.0 sites increasing by 668% in two years and 68% of marketers of the opinion that it’s the single biggest factor changing the ways their company interacts with customers, Martin Croft investigates. (Log in required)

Online ad spend will overtake direct mail in 2007
[20 Apr 2007] The latest IAB/PwC online advertising study reveals the detailed figures behind the medium's continued phenomenal growth throughout 2006. Via our privileged access, we put the essential elements in context. (Log in required)

How Good is your Google Marketing Strategy?
[06 Mar 2007] This briefing on Search Engine Marketing takes you through the key steps in developing a strategy to market your business effectively in Google. (Log in required)

Implications of Mail market Liberalisation for Direct Marketers
[13 Nov 2006] This is a brief paper considering the initial and potential implications of the early stages of mail market liberalisation. It is not intended to be a definitive analysis but serves to highlight key aspects of this important market development from the view point of marketers specifically involved in direct mail. (Log in required)

Using brain triggers to get attention
[20 Sep 2006] Will enough potential customers notice your ad? Will enough sit enthralled through to the end? Will there be enough response? Does it matter? It’s only an ad. (Log in required)


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