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On Friday 1 May we joined with the DM Trust, a charitable organisation that provides funding and support to projects across the data and marketing to launch the DM Trust Home Learning Fund.

The initiative was created to fully fund study for furloughed employees and those made redundant due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Our purpose was to offer support to those most negatively impacted by coronavirus, providing an opportunity for individuals to upskill, invest in their personal development and keep pace with developments within the industry.

It is fair to say that the response to the scheme has been overwhelming.

Due to the high volume of interest, the investment in the fund has been tripled, Matt Housden is the Chair of the DM Trust:

“We are delighted that the DM Trust Home Learning Fund will support the personal and professional development of hundreds of people impacted by the coronavirus.

“Due to a high volume of interest, we expanded the fund to £600k to enable us to help all those who applied.

The DM Trust now look forward to hearing about all the success stories of people who are able to upskill and keep their marketing minds fresh during these challenging times.”

As shown below, the fund has been used by a diverse audience, with over 400 courses booked by people from differing levels within an organisation, covering a broad array of industry sectors.

"The main goal of the DM Trust Home Learning Fund was to help people regardless of their experience, industry or background – the coronavirus has impacted professionals from all walks of life.

“The home learning that our fund facilitates will aid the wellbeing of hundreds of people across multiple sectors,” added Andy Dorling, General Manager at the IDM.

“We believe the impact of coronavirus may well lead to a long-term change in how professionals upskill throughout their careers.

Resulting in a growing interest in a digital learning experience that is both accessible remotely and interactive, which complements the needs of modern workers with demanding lifestyles.”

While the numbers are impressive, each statistic has a human story behind it.

Many of us are facing the most disruptive period in our working lives, we are working almost exclusively from home, often juggling home schooling and work commitments, or possibly living on our own, struggling with enforced physical separation.

The DM Trust Home Learning Fund has struck a chord: in this instance learning provides not only an opportunity for personal development, it is a chance to stay connected, focused on the future, ready to return to work more knowledgeable and productive than ever.

"This opportunity came from the IDM and DM Trust at the perfect time, lifting the feeling of uncertainty. It has filled the rest of my year with the excitement of learning something new and the hope of taking my career to the next level. I couldn't be more grateful."

Jasmin Hedger - Content Creator at Splendid Communications

Find out more about Home Learning options from the IDM, here.

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