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To support our community at a time when employees and organisations are being financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, DMA and IDM Members can now apply for a 50% subsidy on all IDM Home Learning products and services for individuals; benefit from lower-cost access to online education that will provide enhanced skills and development.

Applicants can choose from our full portfolio of IDM Home Learning options, including our Virtual Classroom and IDM Online Learning solutions, which include a wide selection of opportunities, from Short Courses to longer-form Professional Qualifications.

All IDM Home Learning options are served digitally in environments designed to give people total flexibility in how to learn, and the chance to study in connected ways that bridge gaps to friends and colleagues.

Here’s how it works:

First, select your course from the following options:

Virtual Classroom

This is live, digital, face-to-face learning: get the whole classroom experience, led by IDM tutors, online and served via Zoom.

Choose from our portfolio of 50+ Short Courses, or earn a Professional Qualification.

Read more about Virtual Classroom here.

IDM Online Learning

IDM Online Learning is an always-on, always-open portal throughout your study experience, so you learn when you want, how you want.

Login to find course materials, lessons, videos, best practice guides, and DMA Awards-winning case studies – plus course assessment content.

Select from our library of online Professional Qualifications, ranging from Awards and Professional Certificates, through to Professional Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma options.

Read more about Online Learning here.

How to apply

Contact the IDM via with the subject line: ‘Membership Home Learning Subsidy,’ and outline the course or qualification you’ve selected.

Please include your phone number, so an IDM advisor can reach out, confirm the suitability of the course selected, and process your subsidised booking.

You must place your booking before the end of July 2020.

Note: if you're looking to provide learning for a broader community within your organisation, mention this in your email. Your enquiry will then be forwarded to a dedicated Account Manager, who can walk you through our corporate learning offerings.

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Contact with any queries you may have.

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