Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing: Marketing, psychology and the rule of seven

From IDM Tutor Martin Chillcott

IDM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Omni-channel marketing is for everyone, so make the most of the multiplier effect.

The multiplier effect refers to the phenomenon where investments snowball producing a larger revenue.

We use it to describe the positive impact of combining the same marketing message across several marketing channels or assets, each reinforcing each other's message.

There is no single answer to how many times your message must appear before someone decides to buy your product/service. Some people follow the rule of seven, which suggests that consumers need to be exposed to a message seven times before purchase.

Typically, a person is exposed to more than 3,000 different marketing messages per day.

To benefit from the multiplier effect, your messaging needs to stand out and be relevant to your target audience.

You also need to find the right mix of channel, message, and frequency to move your customers through these stages.

This is where the multiplier effect comes in.

A customer’s exposure to a brand’s marketing messages over time may look something like this table, down the left hand column you have the stages that the customer may go through, and across you have the mix of channels that they have been exposed to.

Imagine if all these messages at the slightest glance were not interconnected by their purpose and visual identity, they would simply blend into the 2999 other marketing messages they have been exposed to.

By making them all connected and work together, they become recognisable, familiar even, and increase the chances of remaining in the mind of your audience, triggering them to consider your product above others.

Take a look at what happens by simply connecting your emails with your Facebook advertising.

According to research Facebook have found that by combining their ads with email, openers are 22% more likely to make a purchase.

It is therefore important for your branding and messaging to be consistent across different media.

However, consistent isn’t the same as identical; you can’t just take a press ad and shoehorn it into a poster, an email or a Facebook ad. You still need to tailor the content to the channel.

Many big brands are doing this well, look at The British Army’s campaign to recruit new soldiers across mobile app, website, bus stop poster and advert.

You will see they have the same look and feel about them, and all carry a message of belonging.

Are you making the most of the multiplier effect in your marketing or are your channels often acting in isolation?

If you want to implement an integrated approach to you marketing have a look at our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

An online course dedicated to understanding and implementing an omni or integrated approach to your campaign planning.

There are course details here.

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