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Individual Learning


Covid-19 has brought unprecedented personal and business challenges. With a 50% subsidy IDM Members off all Learning, we are committed to helping you get the skills you need to boost your career and improve your performance.

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IDM Learning Blog: 7 Reasons Marketers Should Learn AI


AI will enable machines to automate processes, so people are able to work on higher value activities. Check out further business benefits of learning more about artificial intelligence, plus the IDM’s new course alongside SDSA: AI and Machine Learning for Marketers.

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IDM Learning Blog: Creating a Single Customer View


A single customer view (SCV) holds all the data about each customer as one single, easy to access record. Companies who use a single customer view well, develop an advantage over their competitors. Read on to find out more about creating a single customer view.

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IDM Learning Blog: 12 Uses of Data for Marketers

Gone are the days of mass, untargeted broadcasting. Today, marketers turn to the most reliable source of information: customer data. Unfortunately, some marketers still struggle with the data-driven approach. To help you tackle your data blues here are 12 tips to help you access, analyse and compare marketing data.

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IDM Learning Blog: Do You Dare to Set SMART Objectives?


2020 was a tough year: a worldwide pandemic, Brexit, all of which caused a lot of pain and problems. One of these problems is falling profit margins for businesses. So, how can you do your bit for your organisation and your job security? I challenge you to dare to measure and be measured. Write real SMART objectives.

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Membership Home Learning Subsidy


To support our membership community at a time when employees and organisations continue to experience the negative impacts from the coronavirus and another lockdown, DMA and IDM Members can apply for a 50% subsidy on all IDM Home Learning products and services for individuals.

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IDM Virtual Graduation 2020


Celebrate with industry leaders, tutors, and fellow delegates at your virtual IDM Graduation 2020. Our 2020 IDM Graduates celebrated (virtually) with industry leaders, tutors, and fellow delegates. We toasted to their success and applauded their hard work and achievements.

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IDM Tutor Blog: How to Lead in a Crisis


Many of the good old leadership approaches will always be prevalent; global crisis or not. It is, however, useful to be reminded that traditional approaches alone, may not be enough. To be a modern leader in a crisis-hit world, you need to tune in to the more nuanced themes of leadership so you can be of best use to those around you.

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Introducing: DM Trust Home Learning Fund


Since 1st May the DM Trust and the IDM have together invested £600,000 into the data & marketing industry, offering over 450 free courses & qualifications to people who have been furloughed or made redundant as a result of Covid-19. Due an overwhelming response we are unable to take any further applications at this point in time.

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Introducing: IDM Home Learning


IDM Home Learning provides multiple online study options to keep your skillsets fresh and your marketing mind sharp – all from the comfort of your desktop. You have options to link up live online with tutors, or take advantage of self-study options, allowing you to set your own schedule to fit in with your own busy work-life commitments.

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What's in a Name? (Digital) Marketing


Many of us still perceive digital marketing and marketing as separate entities. The IDM challenges this notion, tackling important questions, including should ‘marketing’ encapsulate all channels and mediums – plus how to use challenges as an opportunity to readdress our beliefs around marketing.

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