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Introducing: Modular Learning


We are living bite-sized lives: multitasking and quickly changing. Learning needs to happen everywhere and not just in the classroom. Modular Learning – part of the IDM’s Corporate Online Learning offering – is a study approach that considers the demands of learner lifestyles that might hinder longer periods of focussed study.

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Webinar: A Behavioural Economics Series


Behavioural Economics mixes human psychology and neuroscience to scientifically test what people do in decision-making scenarios. To help you discover this rich field of marketing practice we’ve got three, free webinars for you to tune in to and learn from, accessible here.

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Introducing: Virtual Classroom


The IDM Virtual Classroom is face-to-face, peer-to-peer learning – in the digital world. Choose from our portfolio of 50+ marketing courses offered in live Virtual Classroom format. From copywriting to data analytics and UX, our shorter and longer-form study options are tailored to you.

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Introducing: Corporate Online Learning


From bite-sized, quick-learn modules that focus on specific personal and business needs to longer, more forensic studies worthy of a Professional Qualification, Corporate Online Learning offers bespoke learning pathways that help you grow your expertise, upskill your team members, and ensure you retain your key talent.

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Introducing: The Resource Centre


Our Resource Centre is the hub of our intelligent marketing approach. It pulls together a library of information from the finest minds of the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) – and comes together with the IDM’s research and supporting course materials.

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