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How PR must change to keep up with the digital landscape

How PR must change to keep up with the digital landscape

by Nicola Renshaw | Managing Director, Renshaw Communications |
In today’s ‘connected’ world, it’s clear that the role and influence PR traditionally played has definitely changed.  Mainly due to the digital revolution and the explosion of social media, PR has had to play catch up to maximise it’s perceived value – it’s had to align much more with marketing to seize the opportunities presented and continue delivering results.   

Journalists are no longer the powerhouses when it comes to influencing consumers. People ultimately still buy from people. It just so happens that the person who could likely have the most influence on the target audience is a blogger.

This new media influencer has the ears of a huge group of consumers, so the PR and exposure they can give can have a huge impact.  Of course, bloggers must be relevant, but they’re an audience not to be ignored by PR teams.

It’s all about Social Media 

By embracing Social Media, PR can adapt stories to show understanding of what the consumer is saying.  This leads to consumers becoming brand advocates and building an online community which in turn means that PR can really extend its reach and impressionable audience – all of which can be very powerful indeed.  

Social media has also enabled everyone to become journalists.  As news breaks first on Twitter, there is incredible control in the hands of consumers and PR need to recognise this.

Good PR specialists understand the importance of strategically written content

It’s no longer enough to just send a monthly PR report stating the number of press clippings achieved.  PR has to provide qualitative measurement and one benchmark for this is search engine rankings a brand can command.  

Google recognise that the power is now in the hands of the consumer and in turn looks to specifically answer a search with professionally written, highly optimised content that immediately satisfies the demanding searcher.  PR can play a big role in this content creation.

Whilst it’s clear PR must work closer with marketing and the new best practices that are out there, PR should take heart and simply view the digital explosion as an opportunity to tell a better brand story to a larger audience.

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