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Top tools for the modern marketer

Top tools for the modern marketer

by Shane Redding F IDM | , |
Us busy marketers, how do we keep up? As we know, the digital world is constantly changing and keeping up to date as well as maintaining a good work-life balance, can be difficult. 

But do not fear! There are some great and effective tools, apps and platforms out there to give you a helping hand. 

I recently asked my fellow IDM B2B Marketing Council members to share some of their top digital tools that help them keep on top of their busy work schedules, as well as keep up to date in all things marketing. I’d like to share them with you to help you make your work (and life) much easier!



Be it with clients or agencies, collaborating and sharing ideas is key when creating valuable and long-lasting partnerships. It’s the way marketing dreams come about, develop and flourish. Here are a few tools to help you get sharing and collaborating:



Yes, I know, an obvious one, but communication is vital when it comes to our industry. It not only helps to develop your employees but keeps you on track with clients and a busy work schedule. 

  • Buffer for managing all those social feeds
  • WhatsApp and Snapchat are just some of the apps b2b council members are using to make their working time more efficient
  • Skype for business is a great tool for sharing meetings on a wider scale.
  • Finally, video conferencing, “when remote working or working with global colleagues, to have a VC you can use from your laptop is very useful” (David Edwards) 

These types of apps and platforms offer marketers an alternative way of communicating with others, be it clients, family, friends or colleagues.



Heavy workloads can often lead to a lack of productivity and, dare I say it, procrastination! These tools will help you avoid the dreaded burnout and keep you on top of things: 
  • Evernote, “my fave feature is that it can scan business cards, automatically add to your contacts list and pull in additional info from LinkedIn!” (Pete Jakob), “for capturing interesting articles and thoughts and for managing those 'lists' across different devices” (David Edwards) 
  • Office 365 
  • Productivity Ninja, “A read I’d recommend if that’s not straying too far off topic is Productivity Ninja email book full of useful tips and changed how I process email.” (Helen Brougham)
  • Remember The Milk, a great list management tool recommended by Lawrence Mitchell
  • Mindmapping, “just awesome” (Pete Jakob) 
  • Note taking - Notability (can synchronise note taking with audio recording) 

Project management


The amount of project management tools out there is endless. Depending on the size of your organisation, each platform will vary in what it offers for your company.  
Trello, Asana and Slack are just some of the platforms Joe Edwards, Lawrence Mitchell and Adam Sharp suggested. Others included: 
  • Todoist
  • Clarizen 
  • SmartSheet 
  • Jira, “Not the 'prettiest' but it's agile and friendly and if I didn't use that I'd go for Trello.” 
  • Instant messaging , “a useful tool to stop the inbox get too cluttered” (David Edwards) 



A busy work schedule can often affect our creative juices. Take a step back and check out some of these creative tools: 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 
  • Lynda 
  • For something a bit different why not try Stop, Breathe & Think. I used this app recently as a different sort of icebreaker, in a group of 16 of people from 16 different countries, where communication was breaking down between marketing and sales. 10 minutes later - the result was amazing it turned into one of the most productive meetings I have ever facilitated!



Is the Wifi good? What’s the quickest way to get around? Good reviews? There are a lot of different factors that goes into a business trip. Some of these may be obvious, but nevertheless great platforms to use in helping plan your next business journey.

Marketing Knowledge 

How do I keep my knowledge up to date? Simple, consume and learn continually. Some of these tools suggested by the IDM B2B Council include: 


Last of all, but by no means least, how to keep a healthy life-work balance. Recent reports from MedExpress found that 75% of professionals regularly miss doctor’s appointments and those working in the marketing industry make up a huge part of this group. 

Take a break and check out some of these tools to keep you calm, fit and healthy:
It is also important to say that not every one of these platforms will work for you. Depending on the size of your organisation and location of your business, even the device you use, you may find you’re some of these are not suitable. Nonetheless, certain elements of these tools can be implemented within your everyday working life. 

I would like to thank the IDM B2B Council members for contributing to this blog; I hope there are lots you can take away from it! 

We would love to know what your favourite apps are too so start sharing now!

Learn to manage your digital marketing more effectively and check out our Digital Project Management course. Successfully plan and control your digital projects. 
Natalie Waterman
Very useful article!
25/09/2016 01:15:20

Dylan Lees-Jones
Shane, a great article. Regarding the sharing of information and the use of tools like WeTransfer, DropBox etc. compliance regulation does not allow you to use a lot of the free tools available. When it comes to transfering customer data, SFTP seems to be the only platform most organisations allow you to use. No exceptions including you're own compliance regs.
25/08/2016 08:48:28

Very interesting course, giving me some good insight into the theory of data analysis and how it can be applied with some good case studies

Grant Baillie,
Multi-channel CRM Manager, Argos

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