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Facebook – “somebody that I used to know”

by Aiden Carroll | | 0 comments

Watching Mark Zuckerberg prostrate himself to the adoring public at the keynote of the Facebook Developers Conference ever year (This year F8) produces one of two emotions, excitement or sheer boredom. This year – it’s excitement.

9 platforms I use to keep ahead in marketing

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

I’ve pulled together nine platforms and resources that I use and thought are worth sharing with you to keep you on point in the evolving marketing world

Are marketers exploring every channel for acquisition?

by ​David Hearn | | 0 comments

As we all know, we live in a digital age. Yet for all the change that digital has bought, many brands surprisingly use a small number of channels when it comes to customer acquisition. David Hearn explores why so many brands fail to integrate them together as well as exploring the benefits acquisition brings.   

Why guess? Data is the key to omnichannel success

by Richard Robinson | | 1 comments

We are living in a world obsessed with technology. We cannot deny that in an ‘always connected’ world there are endless opportunities for brands to spread messages in different ways, across many different devices. But most are missing an opportunity when it comes to providing seamless customer journeys.

Why do brands struggle to join in on the conversation?

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

As we know, marketing over the years has dramatically changed and continues to evolve. It’s odd to think that the phrase social media was one of those terms that was unheard of in marketing 20 years ago, now it’s unthinkable not to consider and use social media as part of your marketing strategy.

{Infographic} Twitter Insights For Other Channels’ Content Strategy

by Divya Sehgal | | 0 comments

Twitter has often been known as the Internet’s focus group. With over 320M monthly active Twitter users, marketers need only delve deep into the social platform.

Turning insight into money

by Professor Merlin Stone | | 0 comments

Gaining insight into our customer’s behaviour can often be a long journey, a process with various steps. Merlin Stone has carried out research on how customer insight is used within the airline industry; the data used at every step is fascinating and insightful.

Where should you put the ‘ask’ in a fundraising letter?

by Paul Chuter | | 0 comments

Think back to the last fundraising letter that dropped through your letterbox. At what point did it occur to you that the organisation sending this letter was going to ask you for money? If you answered “Before I even opened the envelope”, that doesn’t make you a bad person or an ice cold cynic. It makes you normal.

Why email marketing is like asking for charity

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

Are we playing on the wrong emotions when it comes to our email marketing? Ali Chambers explores what we’re doing wrong and what can be learnt by email marketers.

The eyes have it – survey of more than 1.6m shoppers proves the power of digital signage

by Darren Jackson | | 0 comments

Industry figures show that online retail sales are growing, with 27% of retail purchases made online last year – which equates to around £114bn of sales.* As online sales continue to increase, the value of a customer’s experience at the physical retail store has never been more important.

Facebook is here to stay

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

Some say that everyone’s leaving Facebook, no one is using it anymore, Facebook is so last year. Joe Edwards explores the power of Facebook within the social media landscape and how it compares with other brands, making it clear that Facebook is here to stay.

IDM Creative Data Academy 2016

by Guest Blogger | | 0 comments

Just before the Easter break, 30 students were invited to experience The IDM Creative Data Academy. The programme focused on inspiring young talent to pursue a career in data within the marketing industry.

Beyond Trending Topics: Making Primetime Marketing Strategies For TV & Twitter

by Andy Vale | | 0 comments

In 2015, the word ‘binge-watch’ was announced as the Collins dictionary’s word of the year. This should alert digital marketing teams to the importance of the second screen experience.

Twitter Competitor Analysis To Make Your Campaigns Shine

by Divya Sehgal | | 0 comments

Brands have, no doubt, started applying the strategies they mapped out at the end of last year to make sure that 2016 will be a complete success in their marketing efforts. Budgets have increased, trends have been spotted. But how much of that strategy is being aimed at the competitor landscape. Twitter competitor analysis can be an effective way of mining through your competitors’ data to collect strategic insight.

Twitter Advertising Targeting: How Relevant Are Your Ads?

by Divya Sehgal | | 0 comments

How do you ensure that when advertising on Twitter, your targeting isn’t off the mark, and you aren’t wasting money. Audiense sheds light.

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Another fab course completed at the IDM. Would highly recommend both the digital copywriting and copywriting for social media and blogs – you’ll take a lot from it, I know I have.

Rea Gordon,
Retail Communications Manager, Hutchinson 3G UK Ltd

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