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Testing in marketing; a culture not a one-off project

by Steve Kemish | | 0 comments

When it comes to your campaigns, testing works, guessing doesn’t. Find out the ways in which you can improve your campaigns, be it email marketing or landing pages, through the power of testing.

5 things that media companies should know about personalisation

by Peter Kirk | | 0 comments

Personalisation and data has become a very big deal in the marketing world. Here are 5 top tips on how you can use data to personalise a customer experience.

Is affiliate marketing keeping up with today’s fickle mobile consumer?

by Greta Paa-Kerner | | 0 comments

In today’s world, consumers with a mobile phone and continuous data are empowered to shop around. But are brands and affiliates doing enough to engage with their consumers on mobile?

Video Marketing - it’s kind of a big deal

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

Video marketing has massively increased in popularity over recent years and has had a huge impact on today’s marketing industry. But how can marketers approach video marketing and make it work for their campaigns?

How to stop your AdWords campaign leaking cash

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

When it comes to proving the worth of your marketing budget, you need to be able to see a genuine ROI. So how can you convince the boss that you need to keep your pay-per-click adverts as part of your marketing strategy?

Bridging marketing’s data and digital skills gap

by Tim Bond | | 0 comments

Press release: FEDMA’s FEAC initiative adds IDM courses to help marketers acquire the skills they need for the future.

5 ways to become a unicorn: the data-driven marketer

by Tomas Salfischberger | | 0 comments

Tomas Salfischberger, Technology Expert, Entrepreneur and CEO of Relay42, discusses what makes tomorrow’s hybrid profession attainable, from tooling to mindset, with a Data Management Platform (DMP).

Marketing Automation – clearly a primitive people (part two)

by Mike O'Brien | | 0 comments

In part one Mike O’Brien (CEO of Jam Partnership, Digital Marketing Expert and IDM Tutor) explored the future of marketing automation and explained the key benefits MA can bring to your business. Marketing automation in its current form can be a huge opportunity, read on the see the final part of Mike’s blog.

Joining the mobile dots to connect your customers, and the teams around you

by Rob Thurner | | 0 comments

Mobile touches so many parts of your business and can help deliver the right message at the right time. However, there are many things to take into consideration when it comes to mobile, from data feeds and tracking tools to complex customer journeys.

Marketing Automation – clearly a primitive people (part one)

by Mike O'Brien | | 1 comments

Could the marketing industry one day be simply automated? Or, dare we say it, taken over by robots? Much of what we do now will eventually have to be automated. However, marketing automation even in its current form, is a definite opportunity.

What you need to know about website & content journeys

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

SEO specialists will design websites based on keyword influence. Graphic designers will place a heavier influence on the images. With multiple marketers assisting in the creation and maintenance of your website it can be easy to lose sight of the website journey. To create a clear buyer journey, you need to create a clear content path.

The rise of the paid advert: why organic just isn't the way to go anymore

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

For many years, organic and paid for adverts have held similar weight on search engines. But, for the first time, this year mobile searches on Google exceeded desktop. As a result, Google made some drastic changes to the format of their paid for advertisements. It's had an impact that is now rippling throughout the marketing world.

The importance of pre-launch testing

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

Creating an effective global creative campaign is by no means easy. More often than not it boils down to a simple filtering down of ideas, but then how do you decide which one to go with?

4 questions every sports marketer needs to answer about new markets

by Andy Vale | | 0 comments

It is expected that in 2017, the global sports market is set to drive over $90 billion of revenue. With figures like these, sports brands should want to capitalise on these global possibilities. Having a strong social presence has never been so important in capturing this revenue.

Partner marketing campaigns – you can lead a horse to water…

by Andy Grant | | 0 comments

Partnering up with vendors or marketing providers can massively enhance your marketing reach. However, many brands simply do not realise the benefits of syncing up with newly created vendor campaigns.

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Always enjoyed the IDM, I have done many courses/workshops. It’s always a pleasure. Good calibre of teachers and great

Hayley Spake,
Marketing Manager, BigTec

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