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Is programmatic buying the saviour of digital advertising?

by Andy Letting | | 1 comments

Programmatic is showing up everywhere currently, from articles to white papers, yet a proper definition seems elusive. So, what is it and what impact does it have on our business practices?

The 3 key reasons your content fails to get clicks and views

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

Bad content = bad marketing results, whatever channel you're marketing on. While content writing might not be your strong suit as a marketer, there are a few bad practices you can avoid to make sure that your content IS performing.

The only thing you can be sure about Google Adwords is, constant change

by ​Kelvin Newman | | 0 comments

Sometimes it feels like with Adwords Google must feel like they’ve discovered the goose that lays golden eggs. Their pay-per-click advertising networks is where they really make their money, not from the self driving cars or the wifi balloons in space.

The DMA Group Mentoring Scheme

by Employability | | 0 comments

On Friday 6th May, the DMA Group Mentoring Scheme opened its doors to young professionals working in the marketing industry. The event brought future leaders together with experienced marketing practitioners, who were on-hand to share their knowledge and insights of the industry with the next generation of marketers.

How to rebrand without losing your target audiences' attention

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

For celebrities to stay in the public eye they must "rebrand" themselves often enough to stay interesting. The same could also be said for businesses and their target audience. Although, there is that niggling fact that brand loyalty converts more prospects than constant rebranding. Is it possible to find a balance between the two?

The rise of marketing robotics

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi film. Something we can expect 20 years from now. The reality, though, is marketing robotics are already here. Marketing automation can already automate your processes and react according to individual's interactions. The question is, how far do we want it to go?

6 ways to become a more effective digital marketer

by Rik Pipe | | 0 comments

To be a successful Digital Marketer you have to get to grips with how everything works. It really helps to understand everyone’s role and the best place to start is to understand how good Digital Project Management works.

Facebook – “somebody that I used to know”

by Aiden Carroll | | 0 comments

Watching Mark Zuckerberg prostrate himself to the adoring public at the keynote of the Facebook Developers Conference ever year (This year F8) produces one of two emotions, excitement or sheer boredom. This year – it’s excitement.

9 platforms I use to keep ahead in marketing

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

I’ve pulled together nine platforms and resources that I use and thought are worth sharing with you to keep you on point in the evolving marketing world

Are marketers exploring every channel for acquisition?

by ​David Hearn | | 0 comments

As we all know, we live in a digital age. Yet for all the change that digital has bought, many brands surprisingly use a small number of channels when it comes to customer acquisition. David Hearn explores why so many brands fail to integrate them together as well as exploring the benefits acquisition brings.   

Why guess? Data is the key to omnichannel success

by Richard Robinson | | 1 comments

We are living in a world obsessed with technology. We cannot deny that in an ‘always connected’ world there are endless opportunities for brands to spread messages in different ways, across many different devices. But most are missing an opportunity when it comes to providing seamless customer journeys.

Why do brands struggle to join in on the conversation?

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

As we know, marketing over the years has dramatically changed and continues to evolve. It’s odd to think that the phrase social media was one of those terms that was unheard of in marketing 20 years ago, now it’s unthinkable not to consider and use social media as part of your marketing strategy.

{Infographic} Twitter Insights For Other Channels’ Content Strategy

by Divya Sehgal | | 0 comments

Twitter has often been known as the Internet’s focus group. With over 320M monthly active Twitter users, marketers need only delve deep into the social platform.

Turning insight into money

by Professor Merlin Stone | | 0 comments

Gaining insight into our customer’s behaviour can often be a long journey, a process with various steps. Merlin Stone has carried out research on how customer insight is used within the airline industry; the data used at every step is fascinating and insightful.

Where should you put the ‘ask’ in a fundraising letter?

by Paul Chuter | | 0 comments

Think back to the last fundraising letter that dropped through your letterbox. At what point did it occur to you that the organisation sending this letter was going to ask you for money? If you answered “Before I even opened the envelope”, that doesn’t make you a bad person or an ice cold cynic. It makes you normal.

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