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Beyond Trending Topics: Making Primetime Marketing Strategies For TV & Twitter

by Andy Vale | | 0 comments

In 2015, the word ‘binge-watch’ was announced as the Collins dictionary’s word of the year. This should alert digital marketing teams to the importance of the second screen experience.

Twitter Competitor Analysis To Make Your Campaigns Shine

by Divya Sehgal | | 0 comments

Brands have, no doubt, started applying the strategies they mapped out at the end of last year to make sure that 2016 will be a complete success in their marketing efforts. Budgets have increased, trends have been spotted. But how much of that strategy is being aimed at the competitor landscape. Twitter competitor analysis can be an effective way of mining through your competitors’ data to collect strategic insight.

Twitter Advertising Targeting: How Relevant Are Your Ads?

by Divya Sehgal | | 0 comments

How do you ensure that when advertising on Twitter, your targeting isn’t off the mark, and you aren’t wasting money. Audiense sheds light.

Big Data and Marketing: Small steps to get started

by Simon Daniels | | 2 comments

Everyone’s talking about big data, from vendors and commentators to agencies and marketing practitioners, but what does it really mean for Marketing, how seriously does it need to be taken and what are the first steps to adoption?

6 tips for sales success through social media

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

Social media can be a valuable tool when it comes to reaching out to your preferred audience, but with all the noise and scramble for air time, how can we as marketers stand out from the crowd and make our communications be heard?

Should Digital Marketers be lean? Or agile?

by Rik Pipe | | 0 comments

You can only have so many project proposals signed off that don’t deliver or go over budget or miss deadlines before people start questioning your ability. It’s about good project management, but more than that it’s about the right approach to manage each project.

The future of mobile is today, is affiliate marketing being left behind?

by Greta Paa-Kerner | | 0 comments

As consumer expectations of hyper personalisation and convenience escalate in 2016, there is added pressure on brands to exploit new technologies to serve consumers where they want to be served, in their current environment. Brands need to go where the consumers are, not the other way around.

Segmentation By Psychology: Using Twitter To Unearth Audience’s Personality Insights

by Andy Vale | | 0 comments

An increasing ability to predict human behaviour will be a growing expectation of digital marketers in the near future, as the possibilities for bridging the gap between digital touch points and the store become more commonplace. With an open network, Twitter is a perfect platform to utilise if you want to research and target your audience on a psychological level.

Tell them what they want to hear!

by John Wallace | | 0 comments

How many times have you watched a TV commercial that kicks off with the word “we”? It’s a small word. On its own, it’s entirely inoffensive. Yet it doesn’t belong at the beginning of any advertisement – on TV, on paper, online or on any other medium.

Facebook of the Future

by Aiden Carroll | | 0 comments

I remember back in the day (circa digital 2014) that the privacy debate shifted slightly in the direction of one Mark Zuckerberg. Particularly around montising What’sApp, data retention of our Facebook chats, and just generally not being so transparent - so that we might later be delivered value in the form of advertisement. Turned out at the time, we were all much ado about nothing.

The Power of Influencer Marketing

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

It’s powerful, its social, everybody’s talking about it - Influencer Marketing is a great way to enhance your brand’s exposure and company awareness, however many marketers struggle to harness the power of influencer marketing and execute this effective medium correctly.

The Future of Content

by Joe Edwards | | 0 comments

At this years Drum Content Marketing Breakfast I joined Simon Baker (Head of branded content at ITN Productions) and Kaylee King-Balentine (director at The International New York Times T Brand Studio) to discuss the various ways in which brands are publishing and sharing content, how publishers and clients are starting to work more closely together as well as exploring the innovative and engaging ways in which companies are pushing out their content.

Twitter And The 360-Degree View Of Your Customer

by Divya Sehgal | | 0 comments

Almost every marketer dreams of having a 360-degree view of their customer. It’s part of providing an unparalleled customer experience and building a customer-centric culture. This, of course, requires marketers to bridge the gap between offline and online data of their customers.

Why the final text General Data Protection Regulation is just the beginning

by Rosemary Smith | | 0 comments

The revolution in the data protection world may have passed many consumers by, but the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will change the way that personal data is handled. Rosemary Smith explores details behind the new data protection regulation.

How to place the customer at the heart of your organisation

by Jonathan Earle | | 0 comments

Being customer centric is the competitive advantage that all Businesses are fighting for.

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