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We need the right people, with the right skills

by Tim Bond | | 0 comments

In a fast-evolving industry, it’s important we don’t get distracted by new technologies and lose sight of the need to have the people and skills to utilise it too.

Five Steps to Understanding Programmatic Through the Lens of a Marketer

by Andy Letting | | 0 comments

The way we buy and sell media has changed significantly, from the early days of publishers and advertisers trading directly through a handful of large sites on a flat rate with little targeting and insight.

Why Marketing Needs Great Storytellers

by Paul Chuter | | 0 comments

Do you have a great storyteller in your business? More importantly, do you have one in your sales team or marketing department? If not, it might be time you recruited one. Fortunately there are now quite a lot of them about. Type “Storyteller” into your LinkedIn search box and you’ll be rewarded with 14,386 results. That’s a lot of storytellers.

Why do Companies Need a Strategic Approach to Content?

by Andy Letting | | 0 comments

The digital age has fundamentally changed the way brands and advertisers capture the imagination of their customers and prospects, we have shifted from a product-led world, pre 90’s approach to a consumer-led one post 90’s.

Eight Hacks to Boost Your Social Ads ROI

by Will Francis | | 0 comments

Want to get real results from your social media ads? These tips and tricks will transform your paid media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn overnight.

Get Your Copy Head On: Copy cabana relocates to the capital

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

Copywriting? Isn’t that old hat? Isn’t it all about design and data now? Well those are important, but without concrete, credible copywriting your brand may as well give up.

Business Cards - Are They Covered by the GDPR

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

Your desk is full of business cards. So are the desks of all your colleagues. Will the GDPR mean we should bin the lot of them?

Will the GDPR Crumble Cookies?

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

The ‘cookie directive’ has been in force since 2011, giving you those popups when you land on a new website. But are they up to the GDPR standards?

This Picture of my One Year Old Says it all

by Jack Lowman | | 0 comments

From a young age, humans are curious, fearless and eager for more. Even with a hundred balls at his feet, he wants the one he can’t reach.

The IDM host bitesize training course for Newton Europe in support of Learning at Work Week

by George Toner | | 0 comments

Learning at Work Week (LAWW) is an annual celebration of learning in the workplace, launched 2009 and taking place every May.

Do You Need Consent to Send Ad Mail

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

Is there any need to secure consent from a customer in order to send direct mail, or are Legitimate Interests enough?

"Out of sight, out of mind": Is poor eye contact detracting from your presentations?

by John Scarrott | | 0 comments

When you present there’s a lot you could pay attention to. Have you ever asked yourself when you present, where you choose to look? Perhaps you pay attention to your slides. Maybe it’s your notes. Or perhaps the floor or table, maybe the back wall of the room?

How Will the 'Right to be Forgotten' Work in Practice?

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

Individuals have specific rights under the GDPR, one of which is the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ which is simple in theory, but perhaps more complicated in practice – how will this work?

Does the GDPR recognise differences between B2B and B2C Marketing?

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

Pre-GDPR law has a clear line between B2B and B2C marketing, but will this line be preserved under the GDPR, or will it be eroded?

Do You Need a Data Protection Officer

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

The role of Data Protection Office is mentioned in the GDPR text, but do you actually need to employ one? Does it depend on the size of your business?

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Another fab course completed at the IDM. Would highly recommend both the digital copywriting and copywriting for social media and blogs – you’ll take a lot from it, I know I have.

Rea Gordon,
Retail Communications Manager, Hutchinson 3G UK Ltd

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