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GDPR: The Consent Paradox

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

The GDPR will help drive up consumer trust in marketing but there remain potential pitfalls for those that don’t put enough thought into their processing. Much of the myth and misinformation about the GDPR stems from the obsession with consent as the be-all and end-all for marketing.

Social Media Trends for 2018

by Will Francis | | 0 comments

Social Media expert and IDM tutor Will Francis discusses the social media trends to look out for in 2018.

Creative Data: What's it all about?

by Hannah McMartin | | 0 comments

You may have heard of our Creative Data programme, but do you know what it’s actually all about?

Presentation Skills: Start Right

by John Scarrott | | 0 comments

How do you start your meetings or presentations? If you’ve never asked yourself this question, it’s possible that you’re missing out on opportunities to begin on the right foot, and make a positive impression with your audience.

“My 16-year-old son syndrome”

by Steve Kemish | | 0 comments

It’s an easy trap to fall into isn’t it? To assume that your behaviours, patterns and preferences are like everybody else’s? Time and time again this easily-made mistake negatively influences what we do (or don’t do) when it comes to our approach to B2B marketing and communications.

Twitter’s 280 character limit: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it?

by George Toner | | 0 comments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, it’s safe to assume you are well aware of Twitter’s latest controversial decision to introduce 280 characters per tweet. After initially testing the idea, Twitter has now rolled out the change to every user. This change is no doubt a game changer for marketers, but how necessary is it?

The GDPR and business-to-business email communications

by Rosemary Smith | | 0 comments

I have come across a number of articles claiming that B2B communications do not fall under the scope of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and it will simply be business as usual come 25 May 2018. I believe this is a mistaken view and B2B marketers need to adapt and change to be compliant in the rapidly changing privacy landscape we face.

The fourth round of the Big Book Crit has come to an end and it's been the best yet!

by James Dredge | | 0 comments

The fourth round of the Big Book Crit in partnership with the Graeme Robertson Trust, the IDM & DMA has unfortunately come to an end with over 100 aspiring creatives having had their portfolios critiqued by some of the very best Creative Directors in the trade.

LUSHious Content, Beyond Marketing

by Julie Atherton | | 0 comments

LUSH’s content works because it is intimate, honest and has real purpose, says Julie Atherton, whose devotion to the scented soaps verges on the religious

Are you giving enough attention through every stage of customer acquisition?

by ​David Hearn | | 0 comments

Acquisition continues to take up the budgets and the focus of many a marketer. And with the support of marketing technology we can understand so much more about customer behaviour and how they go about deciding what to buy.

For copywriting, read ‘story-telling’!

by John Wallace | | 0 comments

We are all children at heart. We love to be entertained, and we love a good story. And that’s what good copy is all about. That’s why it should always start with something that grabs the reader’s atte

Catching up with last year’s DMA Breakthrough Award winners

by James Dredge | | 0 comments

With the closing date for applications to this year’s DMA Breakthrough Award looming, you may be wondering what has become of last year’s winners, Alis Hâf Rees and Amy Armstrong-Jeffery….and so did we! That’s why we got in contact with them earlier this week to get the low down on what they’ve been up to over the past year.

Creative Data Academy applications are open

by James Dredge | | 0 comments

The Creative Data programme will introduce you to the opportunities available in the fascinating and rapidly evolving data industry within the marketing sector. Skills in maths, social sciences, human behaviour, insight, technology and analysis are high in demand and if you have great analytical skills, the data industry is perfect for you.

GDPR Yoga: Forget doom and gloom, the power of stress free compliance is within you

by Aris Tsontzos | | 0 comments

GDPR can be an incredibly empowering thing. It's an opportunity to put everything on the table – to think about all of your data flows and processes, including the necessity and reasoning behind doing what you do, and above all else it's an opportunity to put your customers and supporters at the very heart of your data processing operations.

3 ways to prove your potential in the workplace

by Jack Lowman | | 0 comments

To mark the launch of our new one-day leadership course, Jack Lowman, course leader and founder of Hack Yourself, shares a free excerpt from his book, Hack Yourself.

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