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For copywriting, read ‘story-telling’!

by John Wallace | | 0 comments

We are all children at heart. We love to be entertained, and we love a good story. And that’s what good copy is all about. That’s why it should always start with something that grabs the reader’s atte

Catching up with last year’s DMA Breakthrough Award winners

by James Dredge | | 0 comments

With the closing date for applications to this year’s DMA Breakthrough Award looming, you may be wondering what has become of last year’s winners, Alis Hâf Rees and Amy Armstrong-Jeffery….and so did we! That’s why we got in contact with them earlier this week to get the low down on what they’ve been up to over the past year.

Creative Data Academy applications are open

by James Dredge | | 0 comments

The Creative Data programme will introduce you to the opportunities available in the fascinating and rapidly evolving data industry within the marketing sector. Skills in maths, social sciences, human behaviour, insight, technology and analysis are high in demand and if you have great analytical skills, the data industry is perfect for you.

GDPR Yoga: Forget doom and gloom, the power of stress free compliance is within you

by Aris Tsontzos | | 0 comments

GDPR can be an incredibly empowering thing. It's an opportunity to put everything on the table – to think about all of your data flows and processes, including the necessity and reasoning behind doing what you do, and above all else it's an opportunity to put your customers and supporters at the very heart of your data processing operations.

3 ways to prove your potential in the workplace

by Jack Lowman | | 0 comments

To mark the launch of our new one-day leadership course, Jack Lowman, course leader and founder of Hack Yourself, shares a free excerpt from his book, Hack Yourself.

5 essentials of an effective digital transformation programme

by Dr Dave Chaffey | | 0 comments

In recent years, many medium to large businesses have initiated digital transformation programmes. The Smart Insights Managing Digital Marketing in 2017 research report found that many businesses are actively pursuing Digital Transformation with over one quarter (30%) of businesses already having a transformation programme in place.

How to be a more spontaneous presenter

by John Scarrott | | 0 comments

Something people often want is to be is ‘more spontaneous’ during meetings and presentations. They want to be able to contribute and to notice opportunities to contribute.

“Having your collar felt” – The protection the IDM GDPR Certificate can offer you

by Simon Hinks | | 0 comments

The two most common questions I’m asked relating to the GDPR are: “Will the ICO be coming after me after the 25 May 2018?”, and: “Can I expect the ICO to make an example of a company or companies after the 25 May 2018?”. Coming in third are queries to gauge the need to become compliant and whether staff training should be part of this compliance.

Looking for a fast track into the creative industry? Big Book Crit is back for the third round

by Hannah McMartin | | 0 comments

You’ve got the great ideas and you even have some of those on paper, but how, you ask yourself, do you use those to make your way into the creative industry?

How much time do you spend writing four seconds of copy?

by Paul Chuter | | 0 comments

Research tells us that the average person reads offline copy at the speed of 200-250 wpm. So, if your typical sales letter contains around 350 words per page, how much time do you think your target customer will spend reading what you may have taken hours to write?

Top 10: Presentation Tips

by John Scarrott | | 0 comments

So you’ve got an important presentation coming up. What are the key things you need to think about in order to make it a success? These are my top 10 tips for a successful presentation:

Mighty Social deliver fascinating talk at TFM event 2017

by Maya Potishman | | 0 comments

As founding members of the DMA Social Media Council, Mighty Social was delighted to be invited to give a social media marketing talk at TFM 2017 for the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) academy. We put our AI hats on and researched this fascinating topic to deliver a truly informative talk.

STOP! Don’t start with Social Media until you have applied a SWOT analysis

by George Toner | | 0 comments

One common mistake many businesses and social media marketers make (myself once included) is that they go in to social media all guns blazing with no specific strategy or plan. There is a misconception that social media is easy; we do it in our personal life so how hard can it be to apply for our business?

4 Reasons Subscribers Aren’t Engaging With Your Emails And What To Do About It

by Kate Barrett | | 0 comments

Email marketing can be a complex beast, especially when it comes to getting your email delivered, into the inbox and engaged with.

For Great Presentations, Find Your Pause Button

by John Scarrott | | 0 comments

Getting comfortable with pausing will make you a better presenter. Pausing allows you to present with impact, confidence and to pick up on the audience’s response to your material.

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