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Data Data everywhere but not a drop to drink…

by Tim Hamill | | 0 comments

Ever feel like this? Everyone is talking about it. You know it exists and that your customers are supplying it. It is in your company somewhere. Nevertheless where is it when you need it? Are we doing the right things? In sales and marketing who are we targeting and why? To what impact?

Companies are still under-investing in Email

by Steve Kemish | | 0 comments

Companies are still under-investing in a channel which drove an estimated £29bn

Digital Project Management Uncertainty

by Rik Pipe | | 0 comments

It’s what you hear just before something really does go horribly wrong on TV shows and YouTube clips. But for anyone managing a digital project it’s a very important question, but one too few Digital Project managers ask as a matter routine.

Oh no! Were you looking on Facebook when all your customers moved into dark social?

by Julie Atherton | | 0 comments

There’s a growing force in social media – it kind of sneaked up when most brands were busy on Facebook but it’s impact is huge and growing.

Which type of questions should you ask as an email marketer?

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

Ali Chambers believe that it would be of interest to compare the different types of questions available in a survey or questionnaire. I wanted to consider their uses, when they are most appropriate and what type of responses and results they can offer email marketers.

One word; three letters – all you need to kick off your copy!

by John Wallace | | 0 comments

The Introduction to Copywriting course will ensure that you start your copy in a way that will grab the reader’s attention every time.

AI; It is big, it is clever and it is already affecting your job

by Steve Kemish | | 0 comments

It is fair to say that 2017 has so far been the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). On a near-daily basis more and more articles, reports and releases are appearing, showcasing the potential that this quantum shift will offer us all, whatever walk of life.

How to get your prospect to notice your creative: Ask these two simple questions

by Steve Harrison | | 0 comments

Are you struggling to get people to notice your creative work? If so, it probably isn’t the work that’s wrong. It’s the brief you wrote at the start.

Why is so much content not working? And what to do about it

by Julie Atherton | | 0 comments

Brands have woken up to engagement, you understand that you need to add value to the customer experience. In a world where your competitor, or a more interesting item is a click away, a clever brand knows that it’s not good enough to just grab attention, you need to keep it, nurture it and build the opportunity into commitment.

Damn spam! What it takes to not be one of those email marketers

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

We all know what spam is. Those unsolicited, mass-marketed emails that aren’t relevant. At least a dozen or so land in our inbox every day, unless you are one of those religious email delete-and-unsubscribe types (a rare breed!).

How TV producers are bridging the gap between social data, risk, and creativity (Interview)

by Andy Vale | | 0 comments

No matter the business, bold choices come with a risk. Decision makers will want to minimise this risk by consulting reliable statistics, research, and advice as early in the process as possible. This wariness of risk is amplified in the high cost TV industry, where shows can easily cost millions to produce, and audience reaction can be tough to predict.

7 Twitter Direct Message tactics absolutely anyone can use

by ​Paz Segura | | 0 comments

When customers talk with us about their Twitter Marketing strategies, direct message (DM) campaigns are one of the most appreciated and used features. Considering the results, it’s not surprising: customers have hit a high CTR rate of up to 71%, far outstripping their email efforts. A competent, creative DM strategy that is sensitive to your followers’ needs and desires will become a tremendously effective pillar of your marketing activities.

IDM announces 2016 exam results (Press Release)

by Tim Bond | | 0 comments

Latest results offer snapshot of the UK’s marketing industry, with IDM rewarding over half of students with a Credit or Distinction for their excellence

Spam filters are only getting smarter...sorry folks

by Ali Chambers | | 0 comments

It's 2017 and email marketing is back, alive and well. For now. If we, as marketers, want to make sure that our email marketing does not come close to death's door again, we need to take stock and evaluate from our past mistakes. In particular, we need to look at how we can avoid being seen as spam again.

The Missing Piece of Your SEO Strategy

by ​Scott Colenutt | | 0 comments

Keyword research is an essential part of the SEO process. However, There’s one stage of the keyword research process that can either spark your SEO strategy into life or send you spiralling down into a keyword oblivion. It’s called Barnacle SEO.

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A thorough overview from the ground up - ideal for those wanting an idea of how SES/SEO works or for those with some experience wanting to expand their knowledge

Nikki Burt,
Web Analyst, Future Publishing

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