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9 Things Every Marketer Needs to Know About the GDPR

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

One important consequence for marketers will be that the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, will become British law in May 2018 and it will stay even when we leave Europe.

The start of AI marketing and the end of Neanderthal marketing

by Paul Berney | | 0 comments

As marketing changes the mix of art and science to include a lot more science, a greater many marketers are struggling to understand how the science works. Yes, they understand in principle the idea of using big data for better targeting for instance, but lack the knowledge and capability to actually execute on this.

Funnels, tunnels and Elephants in the room

by Richard Robinson | | 0 comments

So that is it. The last bank holiday break before Christmas has come and gone. The exam results are out and we are being bombarded with ‘back to school’ ads. But what does this season mean for B2B marketers?

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Manages Staff

by Jack Lowman | | 0 comments

Dear manager, I'm writing to you and every other person who manages staff to remind you of how lucky you are. Put simply, you have the ability to influence how a human being develops during their time in your team.

A total eclipse of my heart (and mind)

by Richard Robinson | | 0 comments

The total eclipse got me to thinking about the amazing fact that when the moon passed in front of the sun, when seen from the earth, it fitted perfectly to cut out all but the solar flairs. How can this happen? What are the influences at play to make this happen?

Make Time For Proper Planning

by ​David Hearn | | 0 comments

The scope of marketing is evolving rapidly and marketing departments are constantly adapting to take advantage of new tools and technologies. If only that was the end of the story, but there is a flip side. And effective campaign planning can be one of the casualties.

Developing Agile Marketing in a VUCA Environment

by Greta Paa-Kerner | | 0 comments

Technology and innovation have touched all aspects of business and we are operating in a rapidly changing and complex world; a VUCA environment.

The 5 Skills You Need In Marketing!

by Hannah McMartin | | 0 comments

The increasingly fast paced nature of the industry means that you need to be on top of your game more than ever. Many skills can be learnt on the job, but we’ve put our brains together and come up with a list of the 5 essential skills you should polish up on to make sure you’re ready and raring to enter into the world of marketing.

Why "Hacking Yourself" Can Transform Your Career

by Jack Lowman | | 0 comments

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, one thing is for certain; you need more than just first-class technical skills to compete. To excel at the rate you deserve, you need advanced soft skills that set yourself apart.

If You Think Training Is Expensive, Try Ignorance

by Mike Berry | | 0 comments

There is much lively debate about the merits of formal qualifications versus professional short courses and 'on-the-job training' (famously favoured by employers who don't want to fund professional input!). Then there's the old dilemma: external 'public' courses or bespoke 'in-company' training?

The Maths of Driving the Right Marketing Behaviour

by Tim Hamill | | 0 comments

Follow headline after headline in the marketing press and we find ourselves being informed of new approaches, new technology, new platforms, new customer attitudes. Markets are apparently changing almost overnight. Millions of years of human evolution is being eroded by a new marketing concepts changing how humans interact.

IDM Summer School 2017

by Employability | | 0 comments

Last week (26 - 30 June) saw the 2017 IDM Summer School, bringing in yet another talented bunch of students from Universities across the UK studying different disciplines, eager to pursue their ambition of a career in Marketing.

Five Flawed Assumptions Presenters Make and How to Solve Them.

by John Scarrott | | 0 comments

We all make assumptions. Quite often they’re a useful short-hand that makes us efficient. But they can form barriers that can keep us where we are and stop us from growing and reaching our potential.

How Statistics Can Ruin Your Fundraising Appeal Copy

by Paul Chuter | | 0 comments

When you write copy for fundraising letter or appeal it’s often tempting to throw in some arresting or compelling statistics. After all, statistics can add drama, scale, and even shock value to your case for giving. However, when my Not-for-Profit clients say “We’ve got some really good statistics you can use”. I often reply “Thanks for the warning!”

Dear B2Bs – Stop Being Boring on Social Media!

by George Toner | | 0 comments

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” – Brian Solis

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Very thorough run through of the legislation and its application using lots of examples. I've come away with lots of questions and useful information to go back to my organisation with. Could have been a long day but Rosemary brought the subject to life

Jo Fulford,
CRM, DP and FOI Executive, ASA

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