The IDM and DMA Group, together with the Graeme Robertson Trust, are working to help aspiring creatives join the direct and digital marketing industry.

About GRT

Graeme Robertson was one of direct marketing's creative pioneers.

He was Brann's Creative Director in the '70′s - a time when most marketing agencies weren't particularly known for creativity, or brand communications. But with Graeme's visionary talent, Brann became one of the leading practitioners in marketing.

His leadership went on to influence the industry. He was one of the key people who increased the importance of the creative department within direct agencies.

Graeme was also famous for employing people who weren't trained in advertising, believing that direct marketing needed new thinkers (his own career started in textile design!).

As Graeme's reputation became international, he even helped new creatives get work experience in agencies across the globe. This kind of generosity mixed with his innovative spirit and enthusiastic nature made him a much loved personality in the industry.

It's in his name that the GRT acts as a launch pad for creative careers.

Who is the GRT?

The GRT is made up of senior creatives and marketers who all share a passion to help young creatives break into the industry. Take a look at the Trustees.

Key GRT programmes include:

DMA Breakthrough Award
Big Book Crit

Why do it with the IDM?

Marketers who choose the IDM as their training partner make a real difference to their business, their customers’ lives and their own career.

The IDM is leading the ‘do revolution’

What counts today more than ever is not what you think, or even what you say, but what you can do. IDM qualifications and short marketing courses are designed for marketers who want to do more, faster, better.

Over the last 30 years we’ve trained over 100,000 delegates across 28 countries, from Microsoft to the BBC, John Lewis to Lego.

What will you do next in your digital, direct or data-driven career? Find out about IDM qualifications and training courses or IDM membership.

"The information was pitched at the right level for someone with limited stats knowledge so that I could understand the theory as well as the application"

Martin Radford,
Data Services Manager, CDS Global

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