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This is copywriting Jim, but not as we know it. A Club for copywriters, for creatives, for lovers of the word, all gathered under one roof to put the creative world to rights.

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There’s a few things you should know about Copywriting Club.

It’s not a tutorial.

It’s not an A-Z guide to copywriting.

It’s not a cult.

Nope. No sir.

It’s an evening that gathers kindred spirits for a session built around a different theme every time we get together.

So we’ll explore the finest writing at the DMA Awards; debate what it means to be a digital writer; seek the beating heart of storytelling; or put some of our favourite work up on the big screen for us all to coo over.

Sometimes we’ll run a panel of copywriters and creatives and get a talking heads discussion flowing, or we’ll just circle the wagons and work around the floor.

Either way we’ve got food, we’ve got drinks, and great people to meet and mingle with and for you to fight the good copy fight with.
Rik is a great speaker who has inspired me to change and adapt to new methodologies.

James Murtha,
Panel Manager, Lightspeed Research

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