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The UK’s most exciting platform for the tools, solutions and ground-breaking insights currently transforming the marketing world is coming to the ExCeL on March 21 & 22.

With some of the biggest names in the marketing world Keynote speaking in a huge auditorium which will sit at the heart of the show, this event stands alone in the depth of information, education and guidance it provides its visitors. An unparalleled line-up of 200 diverse and cutting-edge supplier exhibitors, 35 interactive masterclasses and 95 expert-led educational seminars - The Marketing Expo 2018 will attract 7,500 highly targeted visitors and transform London into the hub of the industry over two unmissable days.

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Wednesday 21st March

Duncan Smith - Five GDPR Steps You Still Have to Complete... and a Few Don't!

Whether you've decided on legimate interests or consent, there's still time to protect your "position". Privacy Notices can be checked and changed, critical suppliers assessed, and balancing tests and impact assessments filed. 

Andy Grant - B2B Marketing Update: 20 Essentials in 20 Minutes

B2B Marketing Essentials; from GDPR and understanding your markets to customers, planning, and building campaigns that deliver results. A quickfire overview of the essential steps that you need to take to help you plan and ensure the success of your B2B marketing activities. 

Mike O'Brien - Marketing Automation and Human Productivity

This session will explore ways in which digital marketers can meet the disruptive challenge of automated and machine learning systems, by finding new ways to increase personal productivity. Along the way, this session will also explore the nature of mix and match roles in streamlined workflows and systems designed to cope with the demand for instant gratification among consumers, the impact of zero-based budgeting, mutating client agency relationships, and the rise of real0time micro marketing machines. 

Andy letting - Understanding Programmatic Media Buying

This session will provide a beginner's guide to programmatic media buying; looking at how the channel has evolved and why advertisers are moving 80% of thier budget into programmatic.

Thursday 22nd March

Mike Rogers - Using Google Analytics to Improve the Cost Effectiveness of SEO and PPC

Google Analytics is a powerful product, but many businesses do not know how to use its functionality to optimise their digital marketing campaigns. This seminar will show you how to configure Google Analytics and drill into the details of reports so that you can maximise the returns from your SEO and PPC marketing efforts.

Martin Chillcott - The Who? Why? and How? Of Retaining Customers

Having made all that effort to attract new customers, you need to hang on to them, help them spend more, and "win back" the best "lost" customers. Martin gives us 35 years' experience in doing all that, in just 45 minutes. Martin presents a pragmatic approach to targeting your efforts, making an impact, and understanding the differences between B2C and B2B. Or is it all just H2H?

Matt Banks - Optimisation Within the B2B Sales Cycle

Typical B2C optimisation techniques are not always applicable within a B2B sales cycle. The length of the cycle, the internal and external business factors impacting purchasing decisions, and the average cost of typical B2B product or service vs B2C are just a few examples of crucial difference. The presentation will focus on these difference, and discuss how to achieve effective optimisation within your B2B sales cycle. 

Tim Tucker - How to Write B2B Copy Without Being Boring

You might think your industry is boring, but your costomers don't. That's why you can improve your copy by understanding what it is that gets your readers tuning in. In this session, you'll learn how to enrich your content with copywriting techniques that truly engage your audience, no matter how "dry" the subject matter. Use elements of storytelling, rich metaphors, personalisation and more to bring your copy to life. 


For event and exhibiting enquiries, contact Eddy Lawrance (Event Director) via 01872 218007 or

For Marketing enquiries, contact Lauren Williams via 0117 929 6088 or
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