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This Masterclass will explore how to:

  • How to create a long-term digital marketing roadmap for transformation aimed at finding new opportunities for increasing leads and sales online
  • Improving your lifecycle communications to build a content marketing machine to drive performance
  • A data driven approach to improving media and customer experiences
  • A 90 day planning process for optimizing results across campaign

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DMA House (W1W 8SS) £350.00 £350.00

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Digital marketing is now vital to all businesses, but many have still not developed the multichannel marketing capabilities and team competencies that are essential to compete. 

Without a roadmap for achieving multi-channel marketing excellence you’ll lack direction, your communications won’t take full advantage of the power of digital media and martech and you will fall behind more digitally savvy competitors.

This Masterclass from Dr. Dave Chaffey, author of Digital Marketing Excellence and CEO of, one of the UK’s leading experts on Digital Marketing Strategy and Optimization, will help you identify the practical steps you need to take to improve your personal digital knowledge of the latest digital marketing techniques and the digital marketing capabilities of your business.

Dr Dave Chaffey F IDM, Author, Consultant and CEO of publisher,

Dave has been actively involved in shaping learning and best practices in online marketing since the mid 1990s when he started consulting and training. You may know his books Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice and EMarketing Excellence which have been used on IDM qualifications for many years. 

He helped design and deliver the IDM qualifications in digital marketing when they were first launched and is looking forward to catching up with past alumni and new alike. Dave continues to learn through being at the cutting edge of digital marketing through consulting work with international brands and through optimization of marketing at Smart which has a monthly audience of 500,000 unique visitors and 150,000 active subscribers around the world.

He has been recognised as one of 50 marketing ‘gurus’ worldwide who have shaped the future of Marketing and in 2015 was rated as the top UK influencer on social media for Marketing and Advertising in a top 50 compilation by (a portal of publisher Haymarket brands Campaign, Marketing and Media Week).


IDM Head Office

The IDM have created an inspiring training area with two state-of-the-art training suites. There is a café dining area and relaxation zone to help you network and gain knowledge during your visit.

masterclass outline

The programme covers these topics.
The programme is structured around the tried-and-trusted RACE Planning framework which covers all aspects of digital marketing needed to grow a business. It is used by Smart Insights members from the largest businesses like Barclays, BT E-commerce, IKEA and GSK through mid-size businesses across all sectors to one person businesses.
Introduction - What’s Hot and What’s Next in Digital? Who are the digital marketing leaders and what can we learn from them? Applying 3 planning frameworks to drive growth, including PR Smith’s SOSTAC® and Smart Insights RACE planning.

1. Plan – Creating a digital marketing strategy

  • 1.1 Gap analysis – where do you need to improve? Review your performance by customising Google Analytics to your business
  • 1.2 Set objectives – selecting the KPIs for 90-day planning with RACE
  • 1.3 Define Strategy – which activities, team skills and marketing technology will drive growth - prioritizing your activities in a roadmap
  • 1.4 Create a lifecycle plan of layered targeting for better audience engagement
  • 1.5 Defining your brand’s online value proposition and experience

2. Reach – Boosting website visits and social network growth

  • 2.1 Reviewing your current media effectiveness and setting long-term targets
  • 2.2. Search marketing – making it work better
  • 2.3. How to manage inbound owned and earned media marketing including influencer outreach
  • 2.4 Paid media – what is worth investing in?
  • 2.5. Creating your acquisition and campaign plan

3. Act – Encouraging interactions and leads online?

  • 3.1. Customer journey analysis – understanding today’s multichannel customer
  • 3.2 Visitor profiling
  • 3.3. Devloping a Content Marketing Strategy and optimizing content
  • 3.4. Optimise Landing Pages
  • 3.5 Content - Campaign planning

4. Convert – Generating online and offline sales using from existing contacts

  • 4.1 Lead nurturing / Remarketing
  • 4.2 Web personalisation
  • 4.3 Assisted selling
  • 4.4 Multichannel selling
  • 4.5 Conversion rate optimisation

5. Engage – Developing customer loyalty and growth using online marketing

  • 5.1 Driving customer loyalty, retention and growth
  • 5.2 Customer Service and Success
  • 5.3 Customer Web Experiences
  • 5.4 Customer Email marketing
  • 5.5 Social media
After attending the IDM summer school in 2004 I got my first job at TEQUILA\ London as a Junior Account Executive working on Intel. Attending the IDM summer school cemented my passion for working in Marketing. I learnt more about the Direct Marketing...

Samantha Peters,
Account Director, Dare

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