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You will learn how to:

  • Write the perfect plan
  • Use analysis to reduce risk and make better decisions
  • Set sensible objectives
  • Develop a crystal clear strategy 
  • Choose the most appropriate tactical tools and leverage them for maximum return
  • Ensure excellent execution with internal marketing
  • Monitor & measure exactly what you need to know and when

Note all delegates receive a complimentary free copy of PR Smith’s best-selling SOSTAC® Guide To Writing Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan. Delegates also receive a SOSTAC® Planning workbook to use during the session plus a list of additional links to tutorials, videos & posts for ongoing, more advanced expertise development.


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PR Smith is one of the world’s most celebrated writers and speakers. His SOSTAC® planning system is recognised as one of the most practical planning frameworks ever conceived. 

The masterclass will cover:

  • SOSTAC ® & The Perfect Plan  
  • Do you think like a marketer?
Situation Analysis
      -     Ask Great Questions (3 key ones)
  • Customer Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Other Analysis
  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • KPI Pyramid
  • KPI Funnels
  • Why tactics often fail
  • Strategy Drive Tactics
  • 9 Components of Strategy
  • Which Tactics Are Best (10 tactics)
  • How to Leverage them
  • Tie-ing them all together
  • Excellence in executions = competitive advantage
  • Why Internal Marketing is so important
  • Checklists (5 ways to boost lifetime conversions)

  • Measure & Improve Performance via Constant Beta Culture
  • ROI of Web Sites, Cost Per Enquiry & Cost Per Order
  • Avoid the Costly Classic Mistakes
Summary & Conclusions
  • Creative Thinking + Analytics
  • Constant Improvement


PR Smith F IDM, Author, Speaker, Consultant & Founder of SOSTAC® Planning

Paul is an international speaker, marketing consultant and author of 6 books (translated into 7 languages) renowned for their ‘edutainment’ style. These include Digital Marketing Excellence; (Integrated) Marketing Communications and the SOSTAC® Guide To Writing Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan.

Paul created the SOSTAC® Planning system, voted in the Top 3 business models worldwide by CIM and now adopted by innovative companies like Linkedin and KPMG.  He has just launched the SOSTAC® Certified Planners online portal where professionals perfect their planning skills and become SOSTAC® Certified Planners.

Paul advises, trains and speaks to organisations across the world. Paul is chairman of Sri Lankan Golf. He is also founder of the Great Sportsmanship Programme an inspirational NFP edutainment programme which combines social media and short stories about sportsmanship to inspire youths to become a new generation of global citizens. 


IDM Head Office

The IDM have created an inspiring training area with two state-of-the-art training suites. There is a café dining area and relaxation zone to help you network and gain knowledge during your visit.

Always enjoyed the IDM, I have done many courses/workshops. It’s always a pleasure. Good calibre of teachers and great

Hayley Spake,
Marketing Manager, BigTec

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