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You will learn to:

  • Understand why content marketing is important and what its key benefits are.
  • Understand the elements of a successful content marketing strategy.
  • Understand the importance of personas in content marketing.
  • Identify what qualifies as valuable content.
  • Learn how to track and measure the success of your content marketing strategy. 

Course availability 

start location member non-member places left
Central London (W1W 8HS) £995.00 £1125.00 full
Central London (W1W 8SS) £995.00 £1125.00 10+
Central London (W1W 8SS) £995.00 £1125.00 10+
Central London (W1W 8SS) £995.00 £1125.00 10+
Central London (W1W 8SS) £995.00 £1125.00 10+
Central London (W1W 8SS) £995.00 £1125.00 10+

NB: Prices above subject to VAT.

Course information


Introducing content marketing

  • Learn why content marketing is important
  • Understand the consumer challenge content marketers face
Creating a content strategy
  • Learn why you need a content strategy
  • Discover what your content strategy should cover and deliver
  •  Advance your content plans into content strategies.
Setting objectives and KPIs
  •  Learn how to set SMART objectives and KPIs to achieve.
Using insights to understand your audience
  •  Understand who a content marketing audience includes
  •  Understand the importance of personas and how to create them
  •   Understand how content marketing fits in the customer journey   
Getting creative
  • Learn how brands create great stories
  • Understand what a content “sweet spot” is
  • Apply the hero, hub, and hygiene model to your content creation
 Identifying the channels best suited to your content            
  • Understand how to use the converged media model
  • Know what to question when content planning
  • Assess the best channels to use for both B2B and B2C content marketing
  • Learn about the importance of using a content calendar
Managing your strategy  
  • Effectively manage the delivery of your content strategy
  •  Learn about the content lifecycle
  • Understand the importance of a Content Management System (CMS)

Curating and optimising your content
  • Learn about content curation
  • Understand the amplification of content  
  • Understand how to measure and test your content marketing activities   
Upgrade to a Professional Certificate 
You can upgrade to a Professional Certificate for just £375 + VAT.

Our Professional Certificate in Content marketing is the equivalent to a QCF level 5 i.e. a Foundation degree.
In order to upgrade, you will need to complete two 1 hour online exams. Both exams will be multiple choice.
If you are interested in upgrading, or would like some more information, please contact IDM Customer Services on 020 8614 0277.
who should attend?

This course is designed for marketers from junior executives to business leaders. The principles of valuable content marketing have resonance and application at all levels, in all industries.

If you want to learn how to harness the opportunities that content marketing offers, then this course is for you.

Once you enrol onto ‘Content Marketing: The Complete Guide’ course you will receive the ‘DMA Copywriting Guide’.
The guide has been devised by numerous marketing industry experts. It will help you understand how to do one-to-one marketing the right way.



Will Francis, Creative Director & Founder, Vandal London

Will is a digital and social media expert, creating swipe-stopping content and innovative digital experiences since his days as Editor at MySpace in the mid-late noughties. He has worked with global brands from Volkswagen to Net-a-Porter, Samsung to Penguin Books to engage their audiences in more memorable, meaningful ways.
His digital innovation agency Vandal leverages emerging technology for brands, cutting through the saturated digital landscape with engaging content and campaigns. Will also writes and appears in the media to share his expertise on technology and media, which he does through training, talks and events.


The course gave real practical examples that showed what we could practically do.

Louise Haythornwaite,
Kingston College

Very useful, I learnt loads in just one day!

Joe Phillip,
Space Promotions

It's been a really useful day and I've got lots of ideas to take back with me. Thank you

Katherine Smith,
Royal College of Music

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