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During your Direct and Digital Qualification, you will learn to:

  • Understand the roles and benefits of each direct and digital marketing channel and how they combine to deliver a successful integrated campaign
  • Research, plan, implement, test and measure direct and digital campaigns
  • Confidently plan an integrated marketing strategy for both B2C and B2B marketing 
  • Brief and evaluate the work of external suppliers
  • Identify and analyse critical success factors for both online and offline marketing 

Course availability 

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Online Online £595.00 £595.00 £0.00
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book until 17 Jun 2018
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book until 18 Jun 2018
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book until 2 Jul 2018
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Course information


This qualification is made up of 10 modules. You will also be required to complete one exam.

Module 1: Overview of direct and digital marketing

  • The origins of direct and digital marketing, and how they have evolved in response to economic, commercial and technological change
  • The principal direct channels available to marketers, and how they are used today
  • Online space: the world within which digital marketing (mostly) operates
  • The key forms of digital marketing that are currently in use
  • Key tasks demanded of current marketing - and how a direct and digital marketing approach is well-fitted to these

Module 2: Digital marketing channels

  • The role of digital marketing and the online value proposition
  • How to optimise website performance
  • An understanding of the key digital channels: search marketing, display advertising, email, social media marketing, mobile and affiliate marketing
  • How to develop a content strategy

Module 3: Direct marketing channels

  • How to use direct mail, door-to-door, inserts, printed media, direct response TV (DRTV), direct response radio, and telemarketing for best practice.

Module 4: Database marketing

  • Creating a clear data strategy
  • Identifying what data you need to deliver your marketing goals
  • Develop the practical skills to collect, manage and use data
  • An understanding of the latest developments in data e.g. the cloud and big data

Module 5: Data analysis

  • Using profiling to extract simple insight from your data
  • Improving your targeting through the use of segmentation and personas
  • Optimising campaigns through analysis of web analytics
  • Adding to your customer understanding through market research

Module 6: Marketing planning

  • Performing a situation analysis
  • Understanding the key issues that your strategy needs to address
  • SMART objectives setting
  • Understanding the key stages of developing a direct & digital marketing strategy
  • The ability to convert marketing strategy to tactics
  • Setting marketing budgets and forecasting
  • Campaign management and evaluation
  • Key success indicators

Module 7: Campaign Planning

  • The ability to use the key planning tools
  • Understanding the different techniques to deliver acquisition and retention campaigns
  • The key differences between B2B and B2C marketing
  • Approaches to finding, choosing and briefing external suppliers

Module 8: Testing

  • An awareness of what can be tested and in what order
  • Understanding the basic statistics of testing: making sure your test results can be relied upon
  • Knowing the key steps in developing a test programme
  • Understanding the challenges of measuring tests in multimedia campaigns – and being aware of broad approaches to resolving them

Module 9: Creative

  • Understanding the importance of a good creative brief, and within that, the key role played by the single-minded proposition
  • Knowing how to prepare and deliver a good creative brief
  • Gaining insight into how to improve on the basic brief through engagement with the creative team
  • Understanding how to evaluate creative work

Module 10: Data protection, permission and regulation

  • Understanding the reliance that marketers have on the correct and legal use of personal data
  • Building knowledge of legal and regulatory constraints around use of personal data
  • Permission marketing and CRM best practices: obtaining and maintaining consent
study mode

Enjoy the flexibility of devising your own personalised study routine with your programme deadlines via a stream of online content run over 12 months. You will receive email support and 24/7 access to course materials. For more information call 020 8614 0277.

course info

In order to attain the Award in Direct and Digital Marketing and use the honorifics Award DDM you must pass an online exam.

Online study

The IDM Direct and Digital Marketing course is delivered through online learning. Online marketing courses provide a convenient and easy way to study wherever you are.

Students will be required to undertake all ten modules in order to achieve the qualification. In all, this will require approximately 35 hours of study (you will be allowed up to one year to complete). As a basic marketing course, the focus of the award is on breadth, giving you a comprehensive overview of both direct and digital marketing.

At the end of the programme there will be one online examination to be completed which, if successful, will qualify you to receive the IDM Award in Direct and Digital Marketing (Award DDM).

This is one of the best online courses I have ever taken, simply for its practicality – its down to earth and plain English style really helps understanding and I know that I will be able to translate the majority of this understanding into my everyday work as a senior marketing executive.

Louise Delaney Award DDM,
Senior Marketing Executive, (Universities) ICAEW

Excellent course, exceeded my expectations. As a newcomer to the vast area of digital marketing I now feel confident at speaking about the range of areas which were covered in this course

Brona Maher,
Marketing Communications Executive, Tourism Ireland

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