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You will learn to:

  • Understand the B2B marketing landscape; now and in the future
  • Measurable marketing; learning from the best on and offline business campaigns
  • Understand the B2B journey, what it is and how to map it for successful results
  • Align marketing to the business strategy and get the sales team onside
  • Engage and drive successful results by using Email and Content marketing

Course availability 

start study mode location member non-member exam fee
Intensive DMA House (W1W 8SS) £425.00 £425.00 £225.00
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book until 28 Sep 2017
venue 70 Margaret Street, London
study periods 28 - 29 September 2017
exam dates 6 December 2017
Intensive DMA House (W1W 8SS) £425.00 £425.00 £225.00
more info
book until 22 Mar 2018
venue 70 Margaret Street, London
study periods 22 - 23 March 2018
exam dates 20 June 2018

NB: Prices above subject to VAT.

Course information

The syllabus for your new B2B specialism consists of two extra days of face to face tuition that represents a masterclass in business marketing. Its nine modules will totally immerse you in B2B with a strong emphasis on applying what you’ve learned from your existing Diploma studies to a B2B-specific context.

Module 1: The B2B marketing landscape – now and in the future, are you ready?

  • The B2B landscape: markets, media and buying behaviour
  • The blurred world of work and home and why it matters
  • New competitors and disruptive forces in business
  • Data driven strategic thinking to ensure your tactics work

Module 2: Measurable marketing - learning from the best on and offline business campaigns

Using award winning case studies you will learn what leading companies are doing to increase their success and how you can focus on what will make a difference to your business.

  • Plus: measurable marketing – how to track what matters
  • Briefing for success - marketing’s input into a RFP (Request For Proposal)

Module 3: The B2B journey, what it is and how to map it for successful results

  • The customer journey, what it is, and how to map it for successful results
  • Customer experience: Where do you start?
  • How and what to measure - setting KPIs and using tools
  • Common problems, understanding where it all goes wrong and how to put it right
  • Top tips for spotting compliance risks
  • Mapping your customer journey

Module 4: How to align marketing to the business strategy and get the sales team onside

  • Getting buy in from the board
  • Using sales and marketing tools to help align your organisation
  • Who owns the lead? Setting Service Level Agreements
  • Delivering sales ready leads

Module 5: Customer, marketing and campaign insight in B2B

  • Customer Analytics: and data driven marketing
  • Database profiling and segmentation – what is it and how to do it?
  • Advanced B2B customer value segmentation and behavioural targeting metrics through to campaign results, you will learn how to focus on what matters

Module 6: Content marketing for engagement and driving successful results

  • What is it and why is it so important for B2B?
  • Learn top copy tips for improving your B2B organic search through to writing compelling thought leadership to engage your customers on social media
  • Understand which media works best for which messages, from video to direct mail

Programme Day 2

Module 7: Case study: RBI on marketing automation implementation - learn from one of the UK's leading B2B organisations

  • Marketing automation from lead to sale, understanding marketing through the channel, understanding what works, when; from engagement to nurturing onto conversion using integrated media and marketing automation
  • What it could look like: planning the customer journey and mapping campaign architecture for improving ROI and implementing marketing automation successfully

Exercise: Apply the learning’s to your own customer journey

Module 8: Advanced B2B email marketing

  • Planning the customer journey and using behavioural triggers to maximise response
  • Best practice and innovation from remarketing to increasing your open rates
  • Using conditional content to improve your engagement
  • Joining the dots: ensuring your email marketing works with your other media

Module 9: The B2B customer experience: Understanding online and multichannel behaviour

  • Where do you start? – setting KPIs
  • How and what to measure
  • Common problems, understanding where it all goes wrong and how to put it right
  • Top tips for spotting compliance risks

Exam preparation and revision tips
Briefing on the examination and how to approach self-study and revision

study mode
Intensive – Central London
2 x 1 day face-to-face sessions which take place at the IDM offices in Central London. The exact location of our courses vary, so please make sure you check before attending. 
course info

B2B and B2C marketing are not the same. There are unique complexities to B2B decision-making, buyer behaviour and the B2B customer journey to name but a few. Now, you can add a B2B specialism to your IDM qualification that recognises your strategic competence in the intricacies of B2B as well as the in-depth knowledge and expertise gained from your existing Diploma studies.

With the new specialism, you’ll have instant recognition as a qualified marketer with the expertise and adaptability to achieve marketing objectives and business goals across both B2C and B2B.

  • lead nurturing through the funnel
  • market research
  • B2B customer data
  • the B2B customer journey
  • content marketing in a digital world
  • next generation marketing automation
  • mobile marketing
  • social media

How to enrol on the B2B conversion course

The new B2B specialism can be taken by anyone either studying for, or who has already qualified in the IDM Postgraduate Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing or the IDM Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, giving you the new Postgraduate Dip IDM B2B or Postgraduate Dip DigM B2B honorifics respectively.

If you are currently studying for an IDM Postgraduate Diploma you can add a B2B specialism by attending this two-day conversion course and you will be assessed in your B2B skills as part of your existing exam programme (no extra exams are involved).

If you are already an IDM Postgraduate Diploma graduate you will need to attend the two-day conversion course and will be assessed by one B2B-specific exam.


Shane Redding MA Cantab, F IDM, Managing Director, Think Direct

Shane is an independent consultant and runs her own business ‘Think Direct’. She has over 30 years’ international business to business and consumer direct & digital marketing experience and provides strategic advice and training to both end users and marketing suppliers.  Currently Shane is working with a number of companies who are implementing Marketing Automation to transform their businesses. In addition to her consultancy business, Shane also holds a number of non executive directorships and board advisory roles, and in 2015 was named Educator of the Year by the IDM.

Lawrence Mitchell, Marketing Director, Reed Business Information

Lawrence Mitchell is Marketing Director for Reed Business Information (RBI), a role he has occupied since March 2008. He’s also a non-executive director for the IDM (Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing) and a member of the IDM’s B2B Council.   

Lawrence started his career in book publishing and subscription newsletters for brands such as Mosby, McGraw-Hill and the Financial Times. The majority of his career has been heavily focused on digital marketing and publishing, with an increasing focus on business marketplaces.   

Joe Edwards F IDM, Creative Strategic Planner, Brand Engage

Joe Edwards is a Creative Strategic Planner, who began his career long before the words Digital and Social became the buzz words they now. In 2001 (just after the dot com bubble burst) he founded a Web and Digital Agency and after successes with Universal and Orange decided it was time to move more into the the realms of marketing. Over the years Joe has worked both client side and agency, working with with Startups to Large Enterprise organisations in both B2B and B2C environments.

He has worked with such organisations as Adobe, Citi Bank, RBS, Visa, Toyota, HP, Symantec, TfL, Studio Canal & eOne Entertainment to across Digital, Social and Mobile marketing disciplines. He is also part of The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) Marketing Advisory Council and delivers training on behalf of the IDM.

Joe currently works for MOI a global integrated marketing agency.


The course achieved all its objectives with participants both enjoying and benefitting from the trainer’s skilled delivery and ‘real world’ experience. The post programme survey results were very positive with 86% of participants confirming that the overall...

Jayne Linington,
Learning & Development, UBM

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