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During your Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing Upgrade, you will learn to:

  • Assess the relevance of digital marketing to an organisation and its market
  • Review different types of objectives, strategies and tactics related to digital marketing planning
  • Enhance customer insights to improve digital marketing effectiveness
  • Assess opportunities for digital marketing to redefine brand value
  • Understanding approaches to manage change in people, process and technology resources needed for integration of digital marketing within an organisation
  • Evaluate and improve the relevance of customer communications through CRM systems

You will also have access to:
  • Monthly expert webinars
  • A Resources Library with industry case studies 
  • IDM Membership

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Course availability 

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Qualify, and you'll be able to make strategic decisions, recruit digital teams and meet business objectives with confidence. You have your chance to upgrade your current IDM Diploma on the next 3-day conversion course.

Day One

The opportunities of digital marketing & the future landscape

To assess the relevance of digital marketing to an organisation and its markets.

  • Leveraging the differences and similarities between digital marketing and traditional marketing communications
  • The importance of developing a strategic approach to digital channels
  • Assessing the relevance of new technologies and marketing approaches
  • Structural and technology forecasts
  • Looking at near technology forecasts

Digital marketing strategy development

To review different types of objectives, strategies and tactics related to digital marketing planning

  • Introduction to objectives and digital marketing planning activities
  • Reviewing the capability maturity of digital channels
  • Goal-setting for digital marketing plans
  • Adopting ebusiness practices for marketing
  • Reviewing and prioritising the relevance of innovations in digital marketing
  • Strategy formulation for customer acquisition, conversion and development
  • Applying segmentation, targeting and positioning in an online context
  • Implementation, monitoring and control
  • Business and revenue models for digital channels

Day Two

Gaining customer knowledge and insight

To enhance customer insights to improve digital marketing effectiveness.

  • Using information sources/tools to understand the digital customer
  • Using web analytics to improve customer knowledge
  • Managing customer research through surveys and focus groups
  • Online profiling and segmentation options in consumer and business marketing
  • Using Big Data to discover repeatable business patterns
  • Devising a customer data strategy for digital marketing
  • Options for integrating different data sources
  • Understanding the effect of customer behaviour and interactivity on digital marketing
  • Principles of customer value management and maximising customer equity

Using digital channels to add value to brands

Assess opportunities for digital marketing to redefine brand value.

  • Measuring and improving online customer engagement
  • Voice of customer and Net Promoter Score evaluation
  • Engaging customers using social networks and communities
  • Options for refining the marketing mix via digital channels
  • Developing a powerful online value proposition
  • Extended product options and online pricing strategies
  • Reviewing options using mobile marketing for brand engagement
  • Delivering customer service online
  • Evaluating and improving online customer experiences
  • Developing immersive brand experiences and branded utilities

Managing Digital Marketing Teams

Understanding approaches to manage change in people, process and technology resources needed for integration of digital marketing within an organisation

  • Challenges of integrating digital marketing into an organisation
  • Structuring for digital marketing within an organisation
  • Managing your digital agencies
  • Supplier selection and outsourcing for digital marketing
  • Managing change associated with digital marketing

Day Three

Developing relevant customer communications using CRM

To evaluate and improve the relevance of customer communications through CRM systems.

  • Assessing current outbound customer communications approaches
  • Making the business case for improved contact and personalisation strategies
  • Conducting a CRM technology and customer data audit
  • Creating an integrated contact strategy for customer development
  • Analysing RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) of customer interaction
  • Evaluating the attribution of multi-touchpoint journeys in acquisition and retention
  • Reviewing targeting options for web and e-mail based personalisation

Key Digital Channels and Exam Revision

Overview of key digital channels and revision session

  • Evaluating digital channels
  • Developing a mobile strategy
  • Online reputation management
  • Revision
  • Exam preparation

Questions and Close

study mode
Intensive – Central London
Part 1: 1 x 3 face-to-face sessions which take place in Central London. The exact location of our courses vary, so please make sure you check before attending.
course info
IDM graduates who hold the following are eligible to fast-track via the 3-day programme:

IDM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (Dip DigM)
IDM Professional Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing (Dip IDM)
IDM Postgraduate Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing (PG Dip IDM)

"Don’t miss your opportunity to take the conversion course -  you’ll gain the highest IDM digital qualification in the most time-efficient way. The class size is capped to maximise interactivity, learning from peers and discussion time. You’ll be ready to take your exams with confidence, and achieving an IDM Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing really is proof that you’re well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities digital presents."

Mike O'Brien F IDM, course tutor

What's involved?

3 study days (instead of 9) with IDM tutor and the online course
1 assignment (instead of 2)
1 online exam
£1,800 + Exam Fee (£275) + VAT

Help with your study
You will receive complimentary IDM membership (worth £170) for the duration of the course. This means you'll have access to the full suite of member benefits, including free events, networking and 24/7 access to a wealth of digital and direct marketing resources. Existing members will benefit from an extended period of membership, free of charge.

To Book: Call us on +44 (0)20 8614 0255

Mike O’Brien F IDM, Jam Partnership

Mike O’Brien is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Jam Partnership, a channel agnostic digital consultancy specialising in digital transformation, marketing automation and human integration training. He is an IDM Tutor, an established keynote speaker, a contributor to best-selling marketing and digital strategy books, a passionate digital blogger, an award-winning copywriter and creative director, and a channel-agnostic, customer-centric futurologist. He is a founding partner in a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship start-up and one of a small number of marketers with extensive experience in brand, direct and digital marketing. As an IDM tutor, he has won Educator of the Year and has helped thousands of direct and digital marketers to gain professional qualifications. He is passionate about raising professional standards and using technology to enhance personal productivity. His client portfolio includes over 200 of the world’s top brands, including: HSBC, Barclays, Volvo, Jaguar, Sky Sports, VW, Amex, Barclaycard, Cancer Research, British Airways, Old Spice, Sony, Panasonic, Thomas Cook, NatWest, Legal & General, Unison, Royal Mail and the FT. Mike is also a member of the DMA Social Media and Customer Engagement Councils, and proud to be a Fellow of the IDM.

Very well planned and executed course. I appreciated the exercises and scenarios within these as it helped understand the content better. Great case studies!

Michelle King,
Marketing Campaigns Manager, K2

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