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Are discounts available for buying multiple places?

Yes we are able to offer discounts for multiple bookings – please contact +44 (0)20 8614 0273 or email for more information.

Are discounts available for those who have studied a previous IDM qualification?

If you are a Graduate of the IDM then you can receive 20% discount on all our professional short courses and any further IDM Qualification programmes.

Are there any entry requirements?

Entry requirements vary depending on the level of qualification.

Postgraduate Diploma

  • Applicants should be over 18 years and have:
    • Over 3 years marketing work experience and
    • Passed an IDM Professional Diploma, hold a degree or another marketing qualification

Professional Diploma

  • Applicants should be over 18 and have:
    • A minimum of 18 months marketing work experience and
    • Passed an IDM Award/Professional Certificate or have ‘A’ levels or another marketing qualification

Professional Certificate

  • Applicants should be over 18 years and have a professional interest in the specialist subject, and a good command of spoken and written English.


  • Applicants should be those who are new to the profession, subject area or seeking a career change.  The programme is very specialised.

Are your course prices VAT inclusive?

IDM courses are subject to VAT. VAT is charged outside of the UK as follows:

  • Outside the EU – no VAT charged
  • Inside the EU and VAT registered – no VAT charged
  • Inside the EU and not VAT registered – standard VAT charged

Can I bring a bag into the examination room?

You can bring bags, laptops or coats into the examination room. However you will need to leave these items in a designated area of the examination room . Any digital devices must be switched off. The IDM nor the examination centre will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal items. 

Can I just attend the course and not take the exams?

Yes, but we advise you to take the exams. The qualification is a unique professional qualification serving the marketing profession, so it would be a great shame not to qualify. Until all elements are completed you will be unable to attain the qualification and or use the honorifics.

Can I print the modules out?

Module content can't be printed out.

Can I view past exam papers?

Past papers will be made available once your course starts.

Can the IDM assist me with obtaining a visa?

Course applicants from non-EU countries may require a visa to study in the UK.   Please check you are eligible for a visa before applying for a course, the IDM cannot assist with this process.

Visitors may apply for a study visa up to 3 months before their date of travel. For more information, please visit the website  

Can this course be bespoke to my organisation requirements?

Yes, we can deliver courses designed to your specific training needs. Please contact +44 (0)20 8614 0273 or email for more information. 

Can this course be delivered in house?

Yes. Please contact +44 (0)20 8614 0273 or email for more information. 

Can you please provide directions to the IDM?

Directions to the IDM and DMA can be viewed at Contact us

Do I have to pay online or can you send me an invoice?

When prompted during the booking process you can choose to pay online or pay offline. If you choose online you would pay by card and if you choose offline we will send you an invoice. 

Do I have to study the modules in order?

No you don’t have to study them in order but to complete your assignment’s it may be beneficial for you to do so.

Do you offer more than one intake throughout the year?

Yes we have intakes throughout the year on all of our programmes, view the full list of dates at 

Do you recommend any hotels close to the IDM?

We can provide a list of local accommodation for students from outside London. This accommodation has not been inspected by the IDM and we cannot make recommendations, however, we do monitor feedback from other participants. Accommodation details can be found by emailing

Do you run Qualification open evenings?

Yes, the IDM run several Professional Development open evenings every year. The Open Evenings are relaxed, friendly affairs where you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about choosing, studying for and passing an IDM professional qualification. You’ll get an overview of the complete qualifications portfolio, then the evening is yours to get to know the team, ask the questions that are specific to you and hear the first-hand experiences of the marketers who’ve been there, graduated and are now putting their qualification to use. Please visit for dates.

English is not my first language; will I be given more time in the exam?

You will receive 30 minutes extra time in examinations if English is not your first language and you do not work in an English speaking country.

How long does it take to complete an IDM qualification?

Intensive postgraduate and professional diploma programmes take between 6-9 months, depending on the intake start date. Online diploma programmes take at 12 months to complete.

Certificates in Search, Social and Email  x 2 days – 1 assessment and 2 x 1 hour online exams

Online awards take an average of 35-40 hours of study plus a 50 minute online assessment. However you will be given up to 12 months to complete.

How much do your qualification courses cost to study?

Costs vary depending on the chosen course and study method. For up to date prices, please visit 

I am currently between jobs. Are you able to offer a discount?

  • We offer 25% discount off our face to face Qualifications programmes.
  • Call us in confidence on +44 (0)20 8614 0277 so see if you are eligible for discounts. You will be required to sign and return our Terms and Conditions with your booking.
  • This discount can be claimed in conjunction with our payment plan to help you spread the cost.

I do not know which course is right for me, can you help?

Please contact or call +44 (0)20 8614 0277 to arrange a convenient time for an advisor to speak to you.

I want to enrol – what do I do now?

Book online or call us on +44(0)20 8614 0277.

If I am unable to complete the Award in Data Management in the specified time, can I request an extension?

You can purchase an additional 6 month extension at a cost of £60+VAT. Please contact to request this. 

If I do not pass first time, can I retake the exam?

Yes you can resit at the next examination but this will incur a £50 + VAT resit fee.

If I fail the online Award in Data Management assessment, can I retake it?

Yes you have up to 3 attempts to pass the online assessment.  If after 3 attempts and you have not passed you will be directed to contact the qualifications team on how to proceed.

If I have a marketing qualification from another institution, am I eligible to be exempt from any other part of the course or does it have CATS points?

No, all students will have to complete the full course, regardless of their qualifications.

I'm based overseas, do I need to travel to the UK to take my exams?

As an overseas student you would not be expected to travel to the UK for your exams. They can be held within your company/country as long as the relevant processes are put in place and overseen by someone such as your HR/Line manager.

UK students can sit exams at one of the regional centres provided by the IDM, details will follow closer to the time.

I'm based overseas, do I pay VAT?

VAT is charged outside of the UK as follows – 
  • Outside the EU – no VAT charged
  • Inside the EU to someone who is VAT registered – no VAT charged
  • Inside the EU to someone who is not VAT registered – standard VAT charged

I'm interested in getting my employer to pay, can you help?

The IDM qualification course are well established and respected marketing qualifications and your employer may be interested in investing in your course fees. It can be very efficient for your company to pay, since they can offset the costs of VAT, Corporation Tax, National Insurance and Income Tax. We can help you create a business case to present to your employer. Many previous students have found that their employers have been very interested to invest. Please email and we can assist.

I'm paying myself, can I set up a payment plan?

We offer a 10 month interest free payment plans for the majority of our courses. To gain our funding options, please email 

Is accommodation included within the course price?

The IDM is not residential, opening hours are 09.00 to 17.50 Monday to Friday. We can provide a list of local accommodation for students from outside London. This accommodation has not been inspected by the IDM and we cannot make recommendations, however, we do monitor feedback from other participants. For accommodation details please email 

Is any pre reading required before starting the course?

No there is no pre reading required but you may wish to read the Doers's Blog.

Is lunch and refreshments provided within the course price for face to face courses?

Yes, lunch and refreshments are included in the cost for face to face courses.

Is the IDM close to a train station?

Trains run between London Waterloo mainline station (overland rail) and Teddington approximately every quarter of an hour during peak hours and every half an hour at other times. The IDM is a three-minute walk from Teddington station.

Is there parking at the IDM?

We regret that we are unable to offer parking spaces at the IDM offices. There are limited spaces available in nearby residential roads, however some surrounding streets operate under controlled parking between 08.30-10.30am. See

I've lost my certificate, can I request a copy?

We are unable to issue copy certificates however we can issue a letter on headed paper confirming your qualification. Please contact if this is something you require. 

What additional resources will have I have access to?

All students will receive complimentary online IDM membership which will give you 24/7 access to IDM resources. You will also receive access to a Learning Account which will provide further materials and content relating to your course.

What are my assignment and revision dates?

Key dates are available in your Learning Account.

What are the IDM payment terms for booking?

Payment is due 30 days from the invoice date or before the course starts whichever is soonest. 

What are the technical requirements for an online course?

IDM online learning is designed for today’s standard web browsers. 

What are the terms and conditions of booking an IDM qualification?

Full terms & conditions are available at Terms & conditions

What assessments and exams will I have to undertake?

  • Postgraduate Diploma programmes: 2 x assignments (4000 – 5000 words – 7 week submission date) and 3 x 3 hour exams
  • Professional Diploma programmes: 2 x assignments (3000 – 4000 words – 5 week submission date) and 2 x 3 hour exams
  • Professional Certificate programmes: 1 x assignments (1500 – 2000 words – 3 week submission date) and 2 x 1 hour online exams
  • Award in Digital Copywriting x 2 days – 1 assessment (1500 – 2000 words – 3 week submission date)
  • Award in Mobile Marketing x 2 days – 1 x 2 hour exam
  • Award in Data Management – online self assessment
  • Award in Direct and Digital Marketing – online self assessment
  • Written exams take place in June or December each year.
  • Online exams take place in March, June, September, December

What do I need to bring with me to the course?

Our training facilities are air conditioned so we recommend you bring additional layers with you as the temperature can vary.

What do I need to bring with me to the examinations?

Stationery, non programmable calculator, dictionary, snacks and drinks are allowed.

What is the closing date for applications?

For all face to face courses we require your booking the week prior to the course commencing.  It is however worth checking on availability if this time has lapsed.  

Online postgraduate diploma and professional diploma programmes can be joined up to 1 month after the course starts. However it is up to you to catch up on amy materials already covered.

Online award programmes are available to join at any time.

What is the difference between the Professional and Postgraduate Diplomas?

Professional Diplomas are taugh at the operational level and attendees need to already have the knowledge covered on this course before being ready to study the more advanced and strategic learning of the Postgraduate Diploma courses.

What is the format of the online exam?

  • Paper 1 is pure multiple choice with 50 questions (1 hour paper).
  • Paper 2 is includes multiple choice quesions and 2 short scenario based essays (1 hour paper).

What is your pass rate?

The pass rate for IDM qualification students is 87%.

What level are the IDM qualification courses on the National Vocational Qualification's framework?

  • Postgraduate Diploma: equivalent to level 7
  • Professional Diploma: equivalent to level 6 (equivalent to a university Bachelor degree)
  • Awards and Certificates are between levels 4 and 5 depending on the programme studied.

What mark do I need to get a CREDIT or DISTINCTION?

Postgraduate Diploma programmes

  • CREDIT: 60% or more in 2 out of 3 exams with AND and overall minimum grade of 60%
  • DISTINCTION: 70% or more in 2 out of 3 exams with AND and overall minimum grade of 70%

If your course includes a group assignment you must achieve a minimum mark of 45% and this will also count towards your individual grade.

Professional Diploma

  • CREDIT: 60% or more in at least two elements (assignment average or exams) AND a minimum average of 60%
  • DISTINCTION: 70% or more in at least two elements (assignment average or exams) AND a minimum average of 70%

Awards (Face to face)

  • PASS: A pass requires a mark of 60% or more (average of your assignment + exam marks)

Credit and Distinction grades are not applicable on Award programmes.

What time do courses start and finish?

Start times vary depending on study method. You will receive notification of the timings for your course closer to the start date.  Generally courses start at 09:30 and finish at 17:00.

When do I receive my assignment results?

Key dates will be available in your Learning Account.

When do I receive my exam results?

  • June exam candidates receive their results in August
  • December exam candidates receive results in February.

When will I receive my free books and other study materials?

Your books and study materials will be available on the first day of your programme. Students studying online will receive their matericals once the course commences provided payment has been received.

Where are the exam centres?

We have exam centres in:

  • London
  • Bristol
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham
  • Edinburgh

Further details ie address details will follow closer to the time of the exams.

Where do IDM qualifications take place?

This will vary depending on the study option you choose. All intensive programmes take place at the IDM offices in Teddington, SW London. Day-release and part-time programmes take place in central London.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my online course?

Please email describing the problem. It's helpful if you can include your user number, the browser you were using and what you were trying to achieve.

Who is the IDM?

The IDM is the leading independent direct, data and digital marketing trainer. Our priority is your professional development, not shareholder profit. That means we reinvest all the profit we make in developing the best direct, data and digital training into our Education Trust, who bring in the next talented generation of marketers.

Why should I study with the IDM?

We asked leading business why they chose the IDM. They said:

  • The heritage, reassurance of being a professional institute and over 25 years of excellent results made the choice easy
  • IDM training and qualifications equips our staff with the new marketing skills we need today to apply best practice one-to-one marketing
  • Every IDM programme is practical and applied, offering real-world, up to the minute training. Our staff can apply what they learn in the classroom the next day at work, leading to improved ROI and productivity
  • The IDM has a pre-eminent Faculty of Speakers  - all experts in their fields of digital, data, CRM and direct one-to-one marketing
  • Our staff tell us IDM training is inspiring, participative, applied and fun – it means we have motivated staff and they stay longer
  • IDM staff are exceptionally friendly and professional – nice people to do business with

Will I receive confirmation of booking?

If you book online you will receive immediate confirmation and if you book offline, you will receive confirmation the same working day.

Will I receive feedback on my assignments?

You will receive detailed feedback on each assignment you submit.

Will I receive feedback on my exams?


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