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The IDM Marketing Leadership Programme is designed for those in marketing, advertising or communications who are on that most challenging of journeys: the leadership path.

You may be just starting out, or you may already be in a Leadership role but find yourself grappling with the issues and impact of change; wherever you are on your leadership journey, it’s critical for you to be able to do three things:

One: take the big picture view of your customers, your organisation and your market
Two: re-imagine the impact you can have if you bring all of yourself to your role 
Three: make a plan you can make real, fast

Our Marketing Leadership Programme gives you the skills, the time and the support to do just that.

Our intensive and accelerated methodologies are designed to maximise your personal and business benefit, yet with a minimum and realistic time investment from you.

Course availability 

Please get in touch for more information. Call us on 020 8614 0277 or email on

Course information

 Why marketing needs leaders– Dave Chaffey
  • The trends for the next wave of digital: Brand purpose, content exhaustion, customer power, mobile, personalised experiences, new metrics
 The future leader – Dave Chaffey
  • The marketing, managerial and technical skills that leaders will need to succeed in the next wave of digital.
 Building a business case – PR Smith
  • The basics of SOSTAC™: Situation Analysis (where are we now?); Objectives (where do we want to go?) Strategy (how do we get there?); Tactics (the details of strategy including the marketing mix and comms mix); Action (the details of tactics – who does what, when & processes and systems); Control (metrics that you need to measure at different times).
  • Building a business case: The three key resources : People (the human resource); Minutes (time scales) & Money (budgets). How SOSTAC™ has developed a very structured approach to digital marketing, from situation analysis to monitoring progress against objectives.
The essentials of financial leadership – Steve Govey
  • Understanding the essentials of financial accounting and management reporting. Balance sheets, costs and expenditure, revenues, profit and loss within the media and marketing sectors.
  • Strategies to control costs and bolster revenues; supplier contracts, dealing with HMRC and working with your CFO to achieve your objectives.
 Leadership through persuasion and presentation – John Scarrott
  • How to get your proposals adopted by colleagues and clients through improving your presentation and communication skills. Structuring an argument; looking beyond powerpoint; winning over doubters.
  • Developing your leadership profile by promoting your ideas via conferences and on digital and publishing platforms. Speaking in public, debating, blogging, vlogging and social media.
The evolution of the marketing leader - Emma Shelton Smith
Develop your personal leadership style and gain practical and relevant tools that will equip you to become an effective and forward thinking leader. Topics covered include:
•           Management vs. Leadership
•           Marketing Leadership of the future
•           Establishing and Communicating your Vision
•           Asking not telling; how to coach your team for performance
•           Working to your strengths: developing your personal leadership style
who should attend?
It is ideally suited for those who are leading or about to apply for positions leading marketing or running a business division on client side or stepping up to partnership and leadership roles in marketing agencies or consultancies. It will also suit those who are considering running their own businesses.

This intensive and highly interactive programme of activity will focus on developing self-knowledge and confidence alongside the skills and competencies required to manage and inspire others and achieve personal and business goals.

Delegates will be expected to have a minimum 5 years business experience in a relevant and related field. Typical roles will include director, account director, head of (for example CRM, digital, accounts), Group Account Director, Senior Partner, Partner, Manager.

Companies may send teams of individuals to encourage cross functional cooperation and development.

IDM Head Office

The IDM have created an inspiring training area with two state-of-the-art training suites. There is a café dining area and relaxation zone to help you network and gain knowledge during your visit.

register your interest
Dates will be confirmed soon, please register your interest for this exciting new programme by contacting customer service 020 8614 0277 or email on
This is one of the best online courses I have ever taken, simply for its practicality – its down to earth and plain English style really helps understanding and I know that I will be able to translate the majority of this understanding into my everyday work...

Louise Delaney Award DDM,
Senior Marketing Executive, (Universities) ICAEW

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