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During this course you will learn to:

  • What the GDPR means to marketers and how to navigate and accommodate its Articles and Recitals within your communications
  • How to write GDPR permission campaigns that capture your audience's attention and motivate them to respond in the way you want
  • How to plan and structure your messaging so that you say the right things, in the right way, at the right time
  • How to apply proven creative writing approaches and techniques to achieve better outcomes for your GDPR permission programmes and all future customer communications

Course availability 

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Course information

Understanding GDPR from a marketer’s or copywriter’s perspective

•             The GDPR communication objectives and challenges 
•             “Specific. Informed. Unambiguous.” The copywriter’s straightjacket?
•             Legitimate Interests: how to explain what this means to your audience
•             PECR and GDPR: how to ask in one medium for permission for another medium
•             Right time, right place: securing specific customer consent
•             Creating an effective GDPR response device or online consent form
Getting your GDPR message across to your target audience

•             How to make sure your GDPR messaging engages and persuades
•             Defining and articulating your consent proposition
•             The importance of reader-centricity in GDPR communications and how to apply it
•             Organising your messaging and getting your structure exactly right
•             Moving beyond raising customer awareness to building customer trust
Applied and proven copywriting expert techniques and practices that get results

•             Understanding the reasoning techniques that get results in all direct marketing
•             Long copy or short copy: what will work best for your GDPR campaign?
•             What type of GDPR headlines or subject lines will get noticed, opened and read? 
•             How to create a personal connection with little or no customer insight
•             The importance of adopting the right tone and language
•             Practical copywriting techniques that improve outcomes and avoid costly mistakes
•             How to adapt your GDPR messaging for offline, email, mobile and social media
•             Consent copy checklist: template for reviewing GDPR marketing copy
who should attend?
The new General Data Protection Regulation requires every organisation that holds and processes data on any identifiable person to make sure they have exactly the right permission expressed in exactly the right way. And they need to do this by 25 May 2018.

Organisations relying on consent will now need to contact every single person on their database to tell them about the changes and ask them to update their consent to be contacted and marketed to in the future in the way that suits them best. Those relying on legitimate interests will also need to tell their customers about the changes in the law. Failure to do so could result in massive fines, lost customers, wasted business opportunity and damaged reputation. 

This specially designed one-day course will explore and explain exactly what marketers can and cannot do or say when seeking permission to market under the GDPR.

You will leave this course with a clear understanding of how to ask for and obtain updated consent when you need it in a way that is highly engaging, persuasive and productive.  And along the way you’ll learn highly effective copywriting techniques, methodologies and expert practices that you can apply immediately to improve your GDPR campaigns, and future customer communications.

Paul Chuter F IDM, Managing Director, Lindum Associates

Paul Chuter F IDM is one of the UK’s leading sales and marketing communications practitioners.

Since 1990, Paul has provided consultancy, copywriting and training services to major international business enterprises, leading not-for-profit organisations, government agencies, professional bodies and academic institutions.

Paul has trained staff from more than 350 commercial enterprises and 250 charity sector organisations in effective copywriting skills. His training combines attitudinal approaches, practical techniques and best-practice methodologies that can be applied immediately in the workplace to achieve impressive results. 

The course was accessible, informative and well taught. I would recommend IDM courses to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of marketing and associated processes.

Chris Mann,
Prozone Sports

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