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Training course
Copywriting Masterclass

Understand and apply the advanced techniques and drivers that help you plan, write and review copy that really engages, persuades and sells - whatever the medium

Training course
Copywriting for Digital

Learn the techniques to grab attention, drive traffic, convert sales, inspire loyalty and enhance reputations on this top-selling digital copywriting course

Training course
Copywriting for Social Media and Blogs

Attend this best-selling copywriting course and create compelling social media copy and blogs that engage, encourage shares, drive conversation and prompt action

Training course
Digital Copywriting: Essentials

A dynamic mix of copywriting theory and practical exercises to introduce and apply the basic principles of successful copywriting to webpages, emails and social media.

Training course
Copywriting for Web and Email

Master the skills to produce effective web and email copy that attracts, informs, entertains, retains, interacts with, and drives response from a digital audience

Training course
Copywriting for Not-for-Profit

Get better results from your fundraising copy with a complete set of ideas, approaches, methods and drivers, proven to be effective in the not-for-profit sector

Training course
Copywriting: an Introduction

Get the theory, gain the hands-on practice and leave with the skills and the blueprint to confidently write or brief online and offline copy that persuades and sells

Qualification course
IDM Award in Digital Copywriting

Become a professionally qualified Digital Copywriter and be recognised for copy that gets demonstrable results across all digital platforms, with the highly acclaimed IDM Award in Digital Copywriting

Training course
Copywriting for GDPR

Operational level | 1-day course This course will tell you how to structure your GDPR messaging so that you say the right things, in the right way. What marketers can and cannot do or say when seeking permission to market under the GDPR.

For copywriting, read ‘story-telling’!

We are all children at heart. We love to be entertained, and we love a good story. And that’s what good copy is all about. That’s why it should always start with something that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to stay engaged – like all the best stories.   In so many cases, though, copy starts wi...

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Very well planned and executed course. I appreciated the exercises and scenarios within these as it helped understand the content better. Great case studies!

Michelle King,
Marketing Campaigns Manager, K2

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