You will learn to:

  • Understand Big Data and its effect on your business
  • Formulate a framework to measure, analyse and implement Big Data within marketing
  • Create meaningful insights from your data
  • Use Big Data to evaluate and improve marketing communications
  • Drive the Big Data agenda for your organisation

This course is only available through in-company training.


1 day (7 CPD hours)

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Course Information


Understanding and tackling the issues surrounding Big Data

  • Defining what is Big Data with respect to your business
  • The availability and types of data that can be used to enhance your own transactional information
  • The strength and weaknesses of new data generated by online, mobile and social information
  • Ways of developing a customer data structure to support analytics
  • Understanding the balance between behavioural and consumer generated data content
  • Moving from a social listening position to socially informed through analysis

Handling the 3 Vs of Big Data (Velocity, Variety, Volume)

  • Defining what metrics need to be put in place to measure the impact of new data on existing information
  • Using of sampling techniques to reduce the need for all data to be stored and analysed
  • Identifying ways of filtering out noise and outliers from data to identify key customer buying signals

Defining a 4th V of Big Data (Value to the business)

  • Defining value for your business from precise metrics to consumer driven engagement
  • Extracting value out of unstructured text from social media
  • Assessing the true value of customer generated data compared to behavioural transactional data

Best practice on turning information into actionable insights

  • Rules and recommendations on how best to create impactful insights from raw data
  • Making sure that the right insight is produced in a timely fashion
  • How to use knowledge discovery in data (KDD) methodology to develop reports and analysis
  • How to monitor the effectiveness of the insights being developed by your analytical resource

Ways of using Big Data to evaluate and improve marketing communications

  • What analytical techniques can be used to improve on and offline communications
  • Understanding how analytics can be used to alter digital content
  • Assessing success of campaigns and how to use multivariate testing to create an evaluation framework
  • Explanation on how to optimise the selling content of ecommerce sites
  • Provide an understanding of how attribute modelling works across both on and offline channels

Be able to brief Data Scientists on insight requirements

  • An outline of a briefing document that should be used for each project
  • When to use an analyst for a specific project and what output should be expected from them
  • Making sure what you expect is what you will get

Understand the concepts of analytics and information delivery in Big Data

  • Knowing what statistical techniques are available to the analyst
  • The strength and weaknesses of each statistical technique will be explained
  • What software is available to help speed up the analytic and insight delivery
  • What is new in the area of statistical techniques that is helping to harness the value out of Big Data

Who Should Attend

The course is aimed at marketers and agencies personnel who need to get to grips with the concept of Big Data and how it can improve their customer knowledge and access to information. Aimed at the marketer not the data scientist.


Huw Davis Hon F IDM , Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Nanomarketing UK and Singapore

Huw is a recognised leader in global data delivery and founder of Nanomarketing, an independent data strategy and analytical consultancy, launched in March 2007 and now with locations in London and Singapore.

In the past 30 years Huw’s career has taken him from the actuarial department of BUPA Health Insurance to a range of agencies and consultancies, especially following the buyout of his first company, Data by Design to Experian, in 1998. Huw has served as General Manager for Data and Consulting at OgilvyOne Worldwide, and then as Chairman of EHS Brann Discovery and Global Director of Data and Discovery for Euro RSCG 4D (now known as Havas Worldwide) for 6 years.

Huw is also a regular global conference speaker for both the IDM and DMA. Along with his Honorary Life Fellowship, Huw was named the IDM’s Educator of the Year in 2004 and was awarded Data Professional of the Year by his peers at the Data Strategy Awards in 2007.


If you want to meet great people from the widest range of industries while learning from industry greats in amazing facilities, the IDM is for you.

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