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You will learn to:

  • Understand the differences and similarities between one-to-one and one-to-one-to-millions marketing so you can use each or blend both;
  • Use behaviour change techniques (BCTs) in your approach to writing
  • Write copy that sells
  • Write brand stories that engage emotionally and have the potential to amplify socially
  • Understand the difference between copy, content and brand arts and entertainment
  • Experiment with writing for brand arts and entertainment


5 days (12 CPD hours)

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Course availability

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Course Information

Debi is the course leader and writer in residence at the DMA. She boasts 120 awards for creativity and innovation and has judged the DMA Awards and Cannes Lions, among other shows.

She brings an unorthodox, fun and fast approach to learning. Be warned, this is no lecture hall. Every class is an experiment in writing with, for and around the customer. You'll be writing, reading and appraising the work of your fellow scholars in a safe, inspirational space - it's the best way to grow your own craft.

To help you get the most out of your Future Writers' Labs course, Debi is joined by special guest tutors.

Past students have heard from the head of design at Google, creative directors from Ogilvy and The Hub, head of copy from WDMP, leading behavioural scientists and some of the finest copywriters in the industry.

There are 5 sessions:

  • 1 to 1 vs. 1 to 1 to Millions Communication
  • Art vs. Science of Copywriting
  • Storytelling vs. Selling
  • Copy vs. Content vs. Art
  • You vs. Greatness

A bit like playing golf, participants are competing with themselves. So the class attracts a diverse mix. You should attend this course if you are:

  • A new writer in an agency or in-house creative department who wants to build your confidence and try new approaches, techniques and briefs;
  • A mid-weight writer in an agency or in-house creative department who wants to push your learning and get over the hurdles towards mastery;
  • A senior writer in an agency or in-house creative department who wants to reinvent storytelling, explore how to innovate with media and rediscover what made them become a writer in the first place;
  • A designer or art director who wants to expand their storytelling skills and add to their creative toolkit;
  • A strategist in an agency or a mid to senior client who wants to learn how to use storytelling to better understand your customers and more effectively brief your creatives
  • A client who manages and directs writing and wants to learn how to collaborate to get more effective customer-focused work;
  • A client who finds their workload includes more and more writing and wants to learn how to tackle it with confidence;
  • A client who does a lot of writing already but would love to take that next step towards mastery; or
  • A senior client or agency executive who finally makes time to immerse themselves in writing as a passion they’ve never been able to prioritise.

Debi Bester, Founder & Creativity and Innovation Partner, Department of Change

Debi’s expertise is in leading global businesses across diverse sectors to innovate with, for and around their customers. An evangelist for social creativity, she inspires her clients’ and their customers to collapse the walls, walk in each others’ shoes and co-innovate to deliver transformative change. After a career in global agencies, from McCann to Grey, Ogilvy to Leo's, Debi became the first Innovation Director appointed to the board of a direct and digital agency in London. Today she is Innovation & Creativity Partner of Department of Change, which specialises in brand, experience, product and business innovation for clients like EDF, Fujitsu, EY, the Labour Party and the Conservatives.

Over the years, Debi has won 120 international awards for innovation, creativity, strategy and research, including 9 Golds and the Grand Prix at the DMAs one year. Contact Magazine said of her work “signals how brands must revolutionise the way they communicate with their audiences”. She also shares those revolutionary ideas leading the DMA's Future Writers' Labs, chairing the DMA’s Creative Committee; speaking at Conferences across Europe; judging awards shows from the DMAs to Cannes Lions; lecturing post-grads in business transformation at Cranfield University; unleashing creativity among clients through the School of Change; and championing creativity in the community as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

London (W1W 8SS)

...This course was so much more than your usual work-centric course. It was more playful & interactive; show rather than tell. It enabled me to learn by discovering insights for myself rather than just remembering information or recalling methodology & best practice.

My only regret is that we couldn't go to Selfridges in person! In fact, I would even consider doing the course again next year if it was in person as I'm sure it's never the same the second time around. That and I have really just enjoyed writing to a strict deadline. I would take the tasks to a different place if done again, and I'm sure they would open more doors to never learnings. ..

Paula Stanbridge

I took this course as I wanted to be more confident in my writing abilities and push myself out of my comfort zone. Looking back over the work I've produced, I think I've definitely achieved this - five weeks ago I'd have been surprised that I chose to produce a poem as my final piece - especially a poem that I'm very proud of.

The course has encouraged me to write more openly and honestly, take more risks with words, and go into my writing with a positive mindset. I think anyone who'd like to grow as a writer and learn how to write from a place of authenticity would benefit from taking the course, and truly don't think there's anything I'd change about it.

Katie Shaw
Creative Copywriter

I had no idea that I could write, and I'm still not 100% convinced that I can, but I found a love of writing, especially poetry, that I didn't know was there. It's made me want to pursue that and stay on the writing journey. Without this course I would never have thought I was capable of that.

The only thing I would change is that I know it would be so much more fun face to face, but Debi was amazing it's just so hard on a Zoom call!

Blanche Leeding

What did you get out of the course?

I got the chance to push my creativity in a host of unexpected and surprising directions in a supportive coaching environment. Plus I got to enjoy everyone else’s incredible creativity and see the infinite variety and joy of creating from so many different appraches. I learnt about connecting customers with brands through creative work and how to tether the creativity to a purpose.

Is there anything you would change about the course?

I would have preferred to do in person and meet everyone properly

Thank-you Debi!

Natasha Lee
Senior Communications Specialist, South West| TV Licensing

Thanks for funding such an amazing course. Five weeks ago I struggled to have the confidence to even write anything – let alone believe it was good enough to read aloud. I truly appreciate the guidance, support and fun of these workshops and how even in a testing time of doing everything online, Debi has still managed to make it fun and engaging. The thought of five weeks of three hour workshop was daunting – but they’ve flown by, and I’ve loved every minute of writing, learning and getting helpful feedback.

The only thing I would change would be the time? Three hours is a long time to be in front of a screen after a day at work. Maybe six 2.5 hour workshops instead.

Other than that (and obviously it would be better in person, but we can’t help that) it was fabulous.


I am the sole creative copywriter at my company and so I work alone in a lot of what I do. As I result I don't get that many opportunities to receive feedback from someone with expertise in my field or to bounce creative ideas off others. This course has been a great source of inspiration, community and teaching that I wouldn't otherwise have accessed. I have definitely learnt new skills and challenged myself, and it has also helped my confidence.

I wouldn't really change anything about the course - certainly not the teacher, as Debi is brilliant - but I do think it is best delivered in person. Considering it was on Zoom, it still worked really well and I found it extremely valuable and enjoyable.

Emily McMullin
Journalist and copywriter

This course has been such a positive experience, at times I’ve felt out of my depth because it seems like everyone is either copy writers or journalists - everyone has been so creative and witty and I admired the creative way their minds work. My experience in writing has been very limited so far as I’m a Campaign Manager I don’t often get the opportunity to be creative when I work alongside a creative agency. The course has pushed me out of my comfort zone but I feel more confident at the end of this experience.

I think I should’ve maybe started with a ‘how to’ course for the basics then come to this.

I’ve come away feeling inspired and encouraged to write more.

Kathryn Hill
Campaign Manager

What I got out of the course -

A rich, stimulating and satisfying course, which demands your full attention but takes your writing to new places. Great to discover new perspectives on writing from the group.

What I would change about the course –

Nothing springs to mind.

Suzanne Mucci

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