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You will learn to:

  • Build on six key areas that affect your creativity
  • Find new ways to have ideas
  • Engage the support of others to increase your effectiveness
  • Use 'why' to have more effective ideas
  • Use truth as a weapon - we're all responsible for insight
  • Inspire and influence your colleagues

Course Categories: Copywriting & Creative

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1 day (7 CPD hours)

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Course availability

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25/07/22 Virtual classroom £400.00 £450.00 14 More info
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22 Jul 22
22/02/23 Virtual classroom £400.00 £450.00 14 More info
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8 Feb 23

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Course Information

How to Be a More Effective Creative

  • First-hand experience, academic research and the knowledge of industry colleagues have contributed to the Conditions for Creativity model that will be used as the foundation for these sessions
  • At the outset of the course, attendees will be introduced to the models' three key areas and nine components, covering organisational and personal aspects that materially impact effectiveness


  • What is creativity?
  • Exercise: agreeing on a common definition
  • Exercise: sharing and discussing favourite work and ideas
  • The difference between ideas and execution
  • What is effectiveness?


  • We'll breeze through this section, focussing mainly on Ambition, Belief, and Focus
  • Exercise: reflect and articulate your and your company's ambition.
  • Tip: influencing your client's ambition



  • James Webb Young, The Technique for Producing Ideas
  • Clarity, process, and briefs
  • Discussion: insight - where it comes from and how you can play a part
  • Thinking inside the box


  • Advertising land vs the real world. What do you really want to do?
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Discussion: creative partnerships and diversity
  • Diversity and innovation: 6 behaviours that unlock new thinking
  • Joan Blades, Living Room Conversations


  • Miles Davis, Radical Collaboration and Diverse Teams
  • Teresa Amabile, Progress in Meaningful Work
  • Whole brain thinking - the latest thinking on thinking
  • Practical initiatives to fuel effective creativity
  • Extended exercise: We'll work on a mini brief - time and tech dependant



  • Discussion: exploring fear and how to put it into perspective
  • Pastor Jeffrey Brown, The Boston Miracle
  • Discussion: out of the ordinary
  • Breaking the rules


  • Your greatest resource: the value of creative time
  • Discussion: how is creative time valued in your company?
  • Margaret Heffernan, The Principle of Social Capital
  • Discussion: how does your company culture foster creativity and how can you influence this?


  • Where do you have ideas?
  • Discussion: how is your environment geared towards creativity, and what can you do to influence it?

Action plan: how to be a more effective creative

  • Attendees will spend the last section of the day writing a tangible and practical action plan, which they can take back to their workplace to guide their day-to-day thinking and interactions

Please note: you will need to complete the following work to bring to the first session:

  • I love this
    • Bring a piece of creative work that you love. It could be yours or someone else's
  • Wow that's brave
    • Bring a piece of creative work that demonstrates bravery or that might have scared everyone to death
  • Out of the ordinary
    • Prior to attending the course do something you've never done before
    • Watch a TV series or film that's the total freaking opposite of your normal choice
    • Visit a venue or event you'd never normally go to
    • Engage an individual or group in conversation that you'd normally never meet

Come prepared to share what you've learnt, and obviously do this in a Covid-secure way

Anyone who feels they would benefit from independent external input to challenge and support their creative potential.

Continually striving for fresh perspectives and originality in a commercial framework, often within tight parameters, is hard.

This course puts the creative person front and centre, challenging, supporting and inspiring their effectiveness. This is not a course about becoming better at Photoshop or being a better writer. It's about helping anyone who wants to ignite their creativity so they're more effective at fuelling competitive advantage.

"It is not always easy to find people that can keep diverse groups engaged for hours - but Ian can!" Julia Gibbs, TLT Lawyers

"Thank you once again. I'm finding your methods to be a more effective creative very useful" Former course participant

Ian Bates, Founder & Creative Partner Firehaus Ltd.

Ian has spoken at Cannes, won multiple awards (including the DMA Grand Prix), and a veteran of numerous judging panels - including D&AD and DMAs. He's passionate about helping others to ignite their creative potential whether they work in agencies, brands or other professional services.

'...he cares an awful lot about helping to develop the skills of those around him. I feel extremely lucky to have worked with him' Sam Beament, Dyson

'A passionate and articulate industry leader, Ian strives for excellence ... while also getting the most out of his teams' Michael Hailey, Nike+

'What I love most about him is the endless passion, energy and enthusiasm in all he does - it's truly infectious' Lucy Merigold, Fitness First Dubai

'One of the most inspiring and motivating people I've ever worked with' Mark Benjamin, Pukka Herbs

London (W1W 8SS)

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