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Vol 16. No. 4 (Jun 2015) / Editorials and opinions

Editorial: Navigating business-to-business marketing

Welcome to this special business-to-business (B2B) edition of the IDM Journal. The IDM manages a series of leadership and practice councils. These advisory boards provide a professional and experienced perspective of marketing in practice.

Opinion Piece: Content (adj.)

Content is highly appealing to marketers, but does not always have the same impact on prospects as is hoped for. This article argues that marketers need to consider adopting the opposite of business as usual in order to achieve the desired standout.

Best practice in business-to-business email

Most business-to-business marketers rely on email as a core channel in their campaigns. With a high degree of clutter, ensuring your message gets delivered, opened and acted on is critical. This article offers some practical advice on techniques...

Marketing automation: Lessons learnt so far

Marketing departments have been faced with an explosion in the number of technology solutions on offer to support their activities. This article offers practical lessons on what to consider before and during the adoption of marketing automation...

Content or Technology? Technology every time

Marketers have been focusing on outputs that deliver an immediate impact, such as content and creative. But if marketing wants to take its rightful place at the boardroom table, it needs to look seriously at the impact it can have on the...

Can marketing automation be the glue that helps align sales and marketing

Marketing is constantly challenged by sales to generate high-quality leads. This can turn into a focus on internal needs and processes, such as new marketing automation solutions, rather than understanding what prospects need and how this can be...

The great oxymoron: B2B UX

Studies over the years have shown that business-to-business (B2B) software (and to some extent websites) does not deliver the same experience as its business-to-consumer (B2C) counterparts. This piece addresses the need to consider UX more in the...

Unlocking the power of data under the new EU General Data Protection Regulation

Progress is being made on the proposed European General Data Protection Regulation, which is now expected to come into force in 2017/18. This article considers the issues that remain to be resolved and offers ten top tips for marketers to prepare...

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Sue Harris,
Director, Knowledgebase

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