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Vol 17. No. 1 (Oct 2015)

Editorials and opinions

Data: Infinity in a grain of sand

If you have been to the beach on your summer holidays this year, chances are you may have returned with a few grains of sand still clinging somewhere. One of the remarkable aspects of sand is just how much attention a single grain can demand...

When digital becomes human

Successful customer relationships need to balance both digital perfection and the human touch. Consumers are becoming more accustomed to using technology to interact with companies. Digital transformation is important to the success of those...

Data and creativity: Blessing or curse?

This article advocates the benefits to data-driven marketing of encouraging innovative personalities within the sector, and considers the practices and processes that need to be introduced within the sector for it to become a career where people...

Adding value to customer engagement through effective data compliance

Permission to market is a vital resource for companies and one they need to nurture. This article considers some of the methods that marketers must use as a result of legislation and others that they should use in order to optimize their...

What does mobile really mean for research?

Mobile is creating both new approaches and new insights for researchers. This paper explores the impact of the growing importance of the mobile channel and the proliferation of mobile devices, identifying the benefits and opportunities it brings...

Competitive marketing intelligence in a digital, data-based world

This article explores the applicability of some ideas from the world of competitive information and strategy to direct and digital marketing. It is based on the writer’s experience of working in both areas, particularly in customer insight. It...

Business Intelligence

Data privacy: What the consumer really thinks

The Direct Marketing Association has researched consumer attitudes towards privacy, data protection and data exchange in 2012 and 2015. This article presents findings from the most recent research wave, together with trend analysis comparing the...

Abacus Annual Trends Report 2015

By pooling transactional data from home shopping businesses in the United Kingdom, Epsilon Abacus is able to gain an insight into underlying trends across the sector. For the fifth year in a row, the report shows overall year-on-year growth in the...


Measuring the impact of security, trust and privacy in information sharing: A study on social networking sites

In the internet era, social networking websites have thrived. Computermediated communication has changed the rules of social interaction and communication. Most social networking sites, for example Orkut, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, facilitate...

Return on web site visit duration: Applying web analytics data

Much research on internet marketing and e-commerce shares a great interest in a key performance metric for e-tailer success online: the shopper’s time spent on the web site, commonly known as ‘web site visit duration’. Visit duration has been used...

Book Reviews

DMA data protection day 2015 — In praise of transparency

Now a firmly established annual event in the data protection conference season, the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Data Protection Day took place on 27 February. The conference agenda was understandably dominated by the shadow of the new...

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Taking time out to reflect on one's daily habits is a useful exercise for anyone to take, with the "Hack" team, the advantage is the facilitators are nurturing and gentle in their approach, wanting each participant to get the best from the day in a non...

Joanne Cumper,

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