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Marketing courses in direct, data and digital

Designed and delivered for marketers by marketers, every IDM training course gives you real-world, up-to-the-minute knowledge for the ever-changing needs of your role. Whether you’re new to marketing, or a seasoned professional, there’s a course to suit both your specialism and your level of expertise.

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Date Training course Location
14/10/2015 Campaign Planning Teddington
14/10/2015 Copywriting for Digital (1 place left) Teddington
14/10/2015 Copywriting for Web and Email (1 place left) Teddington
15/10/2015 Copywriting for Social Media and Blogs (last few places) Teddington
15/10/2015 Search Engine Marketing: SEO & PPC Teddington
15/10/2015 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (last few places) Teddington
16/10/2015 Integrated Marketing Strategy London
16/10/2015 Pay per Click (1 place left) Teddington
19/10/2015 eCommerce Strategy Teddington
22/10/2015 Copywriting for not-for-profit Teddington
23/10/2015 Customer Insight Teddington
02/11/2015 Data Driven Marketing Teddington
04/11/2015 Copywriting for Digital (FULL) Teddington
04/11/2015 Copywriting for Web and Email (FULL) Teddington
04/11/2015 Database Marketing: Essentials Central London
05/11/2015 Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Teddington
05/11/2015 Copywriting for Social Media and Blogs (FULL) Teddington
06/11/2015 Copywriting: An Introduction Teddington
09/11/2015 Content Marketing Teddington
10/11/2015 Data Analytics for Marketers Teddington
10/11/2015 Direct & Digital Marketing: the Complete Guide Teddington
11/11/2015 Digital Marketing: Essentials London
13/11/2015 Digital Project Management Teddington
16/11/2015 Social Selling Central London
18/11/2015 Data Protection for Marketers (last few places) Central London
18/11/2015 Marketing Automation Teddington
19/11/2015 Email Marketing: Strategy Teddington
19/11/2015 Email Marketing: Strategy and Tactics Teddington
19/11/2015 Google Analytics: an Introduction (last few places) Teddington
19/11/2015 Google Analytics: the Complete Guide Teddington
20/11/2015 Email Marketing: Tactics (last few places) Teddington
20/11/2015 Google Analytics: Advanced (last few places) Teddington
23/11/2015 Mobile Marketing Teddington
23/11/2015 Programmatic Buying Central London
24/11/2015 Digital Marketing:the Complete Guide Teddington
24/11/2015 Direct & Digital Marketing: Essentials Central London
26/11/2015 Affiliate Marketing Teddington
26/11/2015 Digital Marketing Strategy Central London
27/11/2015 Agile Marketing Central London
30/11/2015 Briefing and Evaluating Creative Work Central London
30/11/2015 Copywriting Masterclass Teddington
01/12/2015 Copywriting for Digital (last few places) Teddington
01/12/2015 Copywriting for Web and Email (1 place left) Teddington
02/12/2015 Copywriting for Social Media and Blogs (last few places) Teddington
02/12/2015 Digital Marketing: Regulations and Best Practice Central London
03/12/2015 Search Engine Marketing: SEO & PPC Teddington
03/12/2015 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Teddington
03/12/2015 Social Media Strategy Teddington
03/12/2015 Social Media: Strategy, Tools and Tactics Teddington
04/12/2015 Pay per Click (last few places) Teddington
04/12/2015 Social Media: Tools and Tactics (last few places) Teddington

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