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Successful marketers never stop learning, and the DMA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, powered by the IDM is an invaluable tool for attesting to your commitment and growing marketing skills-set. The CPD scheme is open to DMA professional members.

Maintaining a record of the time you spend on various activities, both within and outside the workplace, is a simple and effective way of evidencing your acquisition of the experience, knowledge and personal qualities you need to fulfil your career potential. If within a 12-month period (January to December) you attain a minimum of 35 CPD hours, you will be eligible to receive the DMA CPD Award.

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Development activity Allowable hours
1. Qualification studies
Undertaking further education studies including recognised qualifications at degree, award, certificate, diploma and masters levels.
Up to 35 hours
2. Training courses
Attending open (short course) and in-company training plus other modes of training with the DMA or other recognised training organisations.
Up to 35 hours
3. Coaching and mentoring programmes
Receiving coaching and mentoring as part of a structured personal development plan. Also coaching and mentoring others to impart own expertise and experience as part of a structured programme.
Up to 20 hours
4. Event participation
Attending events, excluding social or strictly networking meetings but including conferences, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, briefings, topical evening meetings, etc.
Up to 15 hours
5. Promotion and appraisal
Recognition will be given for your growing responsibilities and performance as you progress through your career. This will be judged on a case-by-case basis, subject to relevant evidence from your employer.
Up to 10 hours
6. Imparting knowledge
Teaching, tutoring, lecturing and speaking including public presentations to conference and event audiences. Also includes authoring books, papers and articles for public publication, as well as coaching and mentoring.
Up to 10 hours
7. Technology training
Studies towards a recognised award, training and other structured extra-curricular development of knowledge and understanding of marketing-related technologies.
Up to 10 hours
8. Community contributions
Active involvement in DMA working groups, examinations boards, advisory councils, regional boards, project groups and committees. Also includes participation in similar activities for other organisations and community groups (e.g. charitable trusts, school associations) where your marketing and related management skills are deployed.
Up to 5 hours
9. Related private studies
Extra-curricular studies or research contributing to your professional development over and above the routine demands of your work.
Up to 5 hours

For more information about the benefits of DMA professional membership, get in touch with the membership team on 020 8614 0255 or email profmembership@dma.org.uk.