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What period does the CPD Award cover and what is the closing date for submissions?

The CPD Award runs for the period January 1 to December 31 each year. The closing date for submissions is January 15 and confirmation of Awards is made within 30 days of the closing date.

Can I add hours in excess of the allowable hours for any category?

Yes. We recommend you record all of your CPD activity in one place. However, please be aware, as any hours you record that are over and above the allowable hours for that activity will not count towards the CPD Award.

I have joined the DMA as a professional member part way through this year. May I backdate any CPD activity?

Yes. Provided you can verify your activity to the satisfaction of the DMA's CPD adjudicators you can include CPD hours from the beginning of the same calendar year.

I recently graduated, is the time I spent working towards my qualification eligible for CPD?

Provided you register for CPD in the same year, you can include any study, revision and exam hours spent during an DMA qualification completed that year.

What do I do if my CPD hours are spread across two calendar years?

The CPD Award runs for a single calendar year, so you will only be eligible for the CPD Award if you complete at least 35 hours within a single calendar year. If you register part way through the year you can include CPD hours from the beginning of the same calendar year, provided they can be verified, but you cannot carry forward any CPD hours from one calendar year to the next.

What happens if I miss the submission date?

The DMA will alert you to opportunities to build up CPD hours during the year and will also send reminders as the closing date for submissions approaches, so – provided we have up to date contact details – you should not miss the date. Late applications cannot be considered except in exceptional circumstances.

Once I have made an entry can I change it?

Amendments can be made up to the closing date for the relevant year, after which the CPD record will be locked. On the "Summary and details" tab, you can delete the incorrect record and re-enter your information. If you have made an incorrect claim, you must contact us immediately to let us know.

How will I know whether I have been accredited with an Award?

On the closing date for submissions, your CPD record will be locked and reviewed in order to provide you with your accreditation. You will receive a letter and certificate confirming your achievement within 30 days of the closing date.

Do I need to submit any proof that I have completed the hours I am claiming?

There is no need to provide any proof of your CPD hours on submission. A random sample is taken each year for independent verification. If you are included in the sample, we may ask you for supporting documentation. You should, therefore, keep copies of any certificates or correspondence that confirm you have passed an examination, completed a course of study, attended a conference, etc. You will not be required to send any documentation regarding any DMA professional qualifications, training, conferences or events.

Do I have access to my previous CPD records and Awards?

Confirmation of your CPD Award for the current year is viewable on the CPD Award tab on MyAccount. We recommend you keep a copy for your own records, as only the latest year’s Award is shown. Record cards for prior years have been archived and can be retrieved on request.

For more information about the CPD Award Programme or any other aspects of DMA professional membership, get in touch with the membership team on 020 8614 0255 or email profmembership@dma.org.uk.