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During your Qualification in Digital Copywriting, you will learn to:

  • Understand how your audience read and interact with digital content compared to print media
  • Create social media copy that fits into your company’s digital marketing strategy 
  • Develop outstanding web and email copywriting techniques, learning how to create effective SEO copy 
  • Create compelling blog posts and social media messaging for B2C and B2B
  • Respond to comments and feedback across digital channels using clever copywriting
  • Effectively measure your digital content success

Course availability

start study mode location member non-member exam fee
Intensive Central London (W1W 8SS) £955.00 £1125.00 £75.00
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book until 25 Feb 2019
venue DMA House, 70 Margaret Street
study periods 25 - 26 Feb 2019
Intensive Central London (W1W 8SS) £955.00 £1125.00 £75.00
more info
book until 25 Mar 2019
venue DMA House, 70 Margaret Street
study periods 25 - 26 March 2019
Intensive Central London (W1W 8SS) £955.00 £1125.00 £75.00
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book until 29 Apr 2019
venue DMA House, 70 Margaret Street
study periods 29 – 30 April 2019
Intensive Central London (W1W 8SS) £1225.00 £1125.00 £75.00
more info
book until 20 Jun 2019
venue DMA House, 70 Margaret Street
study periods 20 – 21 June 2019

NB: Prices above subject to VAT.

Course information


This qualification is made up of 15 modules.  You will also be required to complete one assessment.

Module 1: Introduction to Copywriting for Digital Channels

Learning objective: Understand how your audience read and interact with digital content.

  • How do readers ‘see’ digital content?
  • The ‘skim’ factor – skimmers and scanners vs. longer readers
  • Web usability research and what it means for effective writing
  • Mobile – where your customers and audience are today most likely read your copy

Module 2: Breaking Down the Brief

Learning objective: How marketing messages can be more effective with the right digital copy.

  • Getting into a digital mind-frame
  • Understanding the importance of keywords and phrases used in copy
  • How to sell digital copy
  • How to make the most of each medium – websites, emails, ads
  • Reviewing what will work and where
  • Creating a checklist for effective web copywriting

Module 3: Expanding the Content for Web Pages

Learning objective: Writing effectively for both your audience and search engines.

  • How SEO copywriting affects digital content - where else will your headlines appear?
  • Which words are the most important on a web page? And why?
  • Understanding ‘call to actions’ the digital way

Module 4: Writing for Emails

Learning objective: Making emails and email marketing campaigns work harder.

  • Identifying why your audience would read – or ignore – your email
  • Getting the subject line right
  • How to avoid getting sent straight to spam
  • What are the golden rules and cardinal sins?
  • What to test and why

Module 5: Editing and Repurposing Content for Digital Channels

Learning objective: How to effectively edit existing content to make it work across all digital channels.

  • Key points to consider when repurposing or editing content
  • Identifying when digital content should be considered
  • Quick wins available with little effort: digital copywriting tricks
  • When copy alone is not enough... Making sure enhanced content is working just as hard for you
  • Identifying key editing do’s and don’ts
  • How to start incorporating the day’s principles within other digital copy opportunities

Module 6: Copywriting for social media

Learning objective: An overview of social media and blogs, their importance and the impact they have.

  • Identifying where blogging and social media sit in the marketer’s arsenal
  • Discovering how they affect SEO
  • Exploring why they need to be written in a different way to websites and print copy

Module 7: Blogging: What Makes a Great Blog?

Learning objective: How to create a blog and take the conversation further.

  • Understand what a blog is - dialogue, not a conversation
  • Identifying the top 5 content rules for a great blog as well as the top 5 cardinal sins for a great blog
  • Where to find and promote blogs, and reviewing existing blog examples

Module 8: Taking the Blog Further

Learning objective: To delve deeper into social opportunities using blogs.

  • Identifying opportunities through links/blog-rolls/tag clouds etc.
  • How to stimulate and deal with comments

Module 9: Social Media – think Strategically, not Tactically

Learning objective: Considerations when writing copy for key platforms and how to think strategically.

  • Reviewing what you want to achieve
  • Recapping the potential benefits
  • Identifying where your audience are, what they are doing and what they expect
  • Ways to measure success

Module 10: The Key Players: Facebook, Twitter and more

Learning objective: Identifying where they fit in with your social media strategy and how they can help boost your digital success.

  • How they can work for you and what they each offer
  • Recognising what their users expect
  • Identifying the key competitors
  • Understanding what you need to think of from a writing point of view

Module 11: Using Social Media for Search

Learning objective: Understanding the importance of your words and what people search for.

  • Knowing how copy really works
  • The importance of your words and phrases when other people are searching
  • How to make the most of the #tag/RT/lists

Module 12: Getting the Tone Right

Learning objective: Understanding the key points to consider when writing copy for social media.

  • Identifying the top 5 things to consider

Module 13: Dealing with Comments and Feedback

Learning objective: Deploy the necessary skills to stimulate and deal with comments and feedback across all digital channels.

  • Commenting and dealing with comments
  • How to adopt the right tone, phrasing and reaction

Module 14: Digital Copy Techniques Refresher

Learning objective: Recap of the techniques covered so far.

  • Overview of top 10 things to remember when writing and editing digital content for web, email, blogs and social media including keywords, SEO, captions, subject lines, eye-catching copy, user journeys, strategic techniques, engaging copy, stronger calls to action and using enhanced media to support your copy.

Module 15: Building Successful Personas (including exercise)

Learning objective: Understanding your audience to adapt your copy.

  • Using personas to better target your digital copy
  • How to create personas, why they are so important, using personas to adapt your copy for different mediums and devices
study mode
Intensive – Central London
2 day face-to-face session which take place at the IDM offices in Central London. The exact location of our courses vary, so please make sure you check before attending. 
course info

You can enrol directly via the IDM website  If you would like to discuss your enrolment or have any questions please call us on 020 8614 0277.

When is the closing date for enrolling on the course?

For all face-to-face courses we will take enrolments up to 1 week before the course commences. 

Exams and assessments

In order to attain the Award in Digital Copywriting and use the honorifics Award DC you must successfully pass 1 assessment. 

You will have 3 weeks to complete the assessment.



Tim Tucker F IDM, 23 Digital

Tim is a digital content strategist and copywriter. He works as an independent consultant and trainer, working with businesses in B2C and B2B, as well as charities and governmental organisations. He is a regular consultant with the National Trust and the Content Marketing Association.

Tim started his career in print media, as a journalist and editor at Future Publishing. Here he wrote and edited content across specialist interest sectors, including video games, music making, photography, computing and technology.

In 1999 he became an online publisher and launched, one of the world's most visited video games websites. In 2004 he formed part of the senior management team at Future, heading up the newly formed New Media division.

As Online Group Senior Editor at Future Publishing, Tim worked on the strategy and development of some of the company’s most successful online launches, including,,, and 

The Award is a really comprehensive course ideal for all level of copywriters. It equips students with the skills to create successful digital campaigns – you’ve just got to get out there and start applying what you have learnt. I feel much more confident now and would definitely recommend it.

Victoria Lovegrove Award DC,
Online Editor, Marketing Service RNLI

I would highly recommend taking this course to enhance your digital knowledge and capabilities and learn how you can then implement those skills to your business.

Paul Futers,
Marketing Executive, Npower

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