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You will learn:

  • What successful change programmes looks like and how to define and apply the critical success factors of marketing transformation in the digital world
  • The essential skills needed to build effective change roadmaps, using unique frameworks and tools proven to help define and deliver effective change programmes
  • How to build the case for change at Executive level
  • How to effectively engage the business with the change
  • (By the end of the day, participants will have the skills, tools and confidence to become acknowledged change leaders in their own organisations.)


2 days (12 CPD hours)

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Course availability

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Course Information

What makes transformations successful

  • The barriers that prevent change
  • The characteristics of successful vs. failed transformation programmes
  • The importance of ‘culture’ and leadership in change
  • By the end of this section participants will be able to:
    • Define the ‘burning platform’ for change in their own organisation
    • Identify and overcome the barriers that will prevent change
    • Define the 4 critical pillars of change
    • Describe the critical success factors for successful transformation
    • Define how the culture of their organisation will impact willingness to change

Becoming a change leader

  • The importance of leadership in mobilising an organisation to change
  • How the behaviours of the change leader differ from an operational manager
  • How this affects their own approach to leadership
  • By the end of this section participants will be able to:
    • Identify the changes they need to make to their own behaviours to become a successful change leader

Aligning the organisation

  • Making a compelling case for change
  • Useful frameworks to align senior teams around a shared change agenda
  • Engaging the organisation: The role of the “Guiding Coalition”, and how it can build momentum for change across all levels of the organisation
  • Introduction to important change principles: customer centric design, servant based leadership, senior led/employee designed, role of leader/manager
  • By the end of this section participants will be able to:
    • Recognise the critical importance of senior leadership alignment in successful transformation, and describe how this can be achieved in their own organisation
    • Plan how to identify, engage and build a change coalition

Building the transformation programme

  • Identifying gaps between current and required state (including review of how frameworks such as TCF’s SCHEMA Assessor-Benchmarker accelerate this)
  • Project and initiative prioritisation
  • Developing a practical roadmap
  • Securing buy-in from delivery teams
  • By the end of this section participants will be able to:
    • Carry out a gap analysis showing where their organisation needs to change
    • Develop a prioritised roadmap for change

Making it happen

  • The principles of an agile change project
  • Building the operating model
  • High performance team development
  • By the end of this section participants will be able to:
    • Setup an agile change team
    • Understand the importance of operating model and high performing teams
  • The course is aimed at organisations across all sectors and industries, B2B and B2C
  • The course is aimed at senior management attendees (i.e. CMO, Marketing Director, SVP/VP) – those that are seeking to sponsor, design, influence and deliver significant programs of change within complex organisations
  • We know that c.70% of marketing and digital transformation projects fail, so being able to lead an organisation through change has never been more important for Marketing leaders than it is today. As more and more senior marketers take on additional responsibilities as marketing transformation and change leaders, this course provides them with the skills, frameworks and practical tips they will need to successfully lead and embed the digital change agenda in their business.
  • The course will provide an actionable check-list that will let marketers create a roadmap that will deliver real and tangible change within days of returning to the office.

This course consists of a series of tutor-led sessions and 1:1 coaching.

The five tutor-led sessions will take place over 3 weeks at lunchtime.

Week 1

Session 1: Tuesday 12pm - 2pm

Session 2: Thursday 12pm - 1:30pm

Week 2

Session 3: Tuesday 12pm - 1:30pm

Session 4: Thursday 12pm - 1:30pm

Week 3

Seesion 5: Tuesday 12pm - 1:30pm

The two coaching sessions will take place during and after the course and will be scheduled directly with the tutor to suit your schedule.

Neil Woodcock

Neil is Global President of Transformation at Marketing Services giant Dentsu, presiding over the transformation agenda across the 18k strong media division. Prior to this, Neil served for 12 years as CEO of marketing consultancy The Customer Framework, which was acquired by Dentsu in 2017. Neil is also visiting Executive Professor of Customer Management at De Montfort University. Neil is hugely experienced having worked across almost every business sector in every continent, working with teams who want to change behaviours, attitudes and corporate culture whilst step-changing business performance. He has worked in B2B with Mobil, B2C with Unilever and in Consultancy services with Accenture & McKinsey. Neil also champions the Dentsu SCHEMA extensive research program into what drives business performance and he is an accomplished business author, sitting on the editorial board of multiple leading journals.

Andy Green

Andy leads the Marketing Transformation Consultancy in Dentsu’s media division, providing consulting expertise to client teams and overseeing SCHEMA®, the global benchmark database of best practice customer management. Prior to this, Andy co-founded marketing consultancy The Customer Framework, which was acquired by Dentsu in 2017. Andy has consulted globally across most industry sectors, including with B2C, B2B, not-for-profit and Public Sector organisations. He specialises in helping organisations transform their operating models, organisation structures and processes and ways of working, designing and managing transformation programmes to unlock sustainable, profitable growth in the digital economy. Having started his career with Danish giant AP Møller, Andy also has held management roles at Avis, Air New Zealand and, most recently, with Christie’s the auctioneers where he led their Client Management Transformation Programme.

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