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How does it work?

Jack has been building and delivering the IDM's modern leadership programmes for over 5 years, is an experienced leader and trainer, and will focus your mind and actions to become a leader that is effective in the changing world of work.

Hot off the back of delivering these masterclasses through our government-funded bootcamps, you can now join this half day session to:

  • Refocus - understand your personal value and how it can drive your performance. Better manage your time, daily habits and approach to work in a hybrid world
  • Make plans - identify clear action of how you will become a more impactful leader - on yourself, your team (if you line manage) and those around you
  • Collaborate - make practical plans to build a useful professional network to support your personal growth

This isn't just for those that line manage - it's for anyone who wants to upskill in modern leadership competencies and needs a growth plan for the year ahead.

Course Categories: Business Skills

See below for further course details and full programme information.

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half day (3 CPD hours)

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20/06/24 Virtual classroom £360.00 £450.00 14 More info
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19 Jun 24
12/09/24 Virtual classroom £360.00 £450.00 14 More info
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11 Sep 24
13/12/24 Virtual classroom £360.00 £450.00 14 More info
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12 Dec 24

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Course Information

This masterclass, running from 9:30 - 12:30, has everything you need to feel energised and confident to evolve your approach and effectiveness at work.

We believe leadership of others starts with leadership of yourself. This unique course takes you through a series of development "sprints" that will enable you to identify and understand your value in the workplace - and then put it into action.

At the end of these invigorating sessions, you will have created a practical plan to unlock your leadership potential.

The masterclass will cover these areas:

  • Exploring how the world of work is changing, and what leadership actually is in this new context
  • What makes you a unique leader - and what to do differently now
  • Your daily approach to leading yourself and others
  • Breaking habits and forming positive new ones
  • Managing your time
  • Collaboration and nurturing a network

Everything that is covered is focused on the current, post-Covid workplace, to make this a modern approach to personal and leadership development.

This masterclass is ideal for anyone who has aspirations to become a better performer and leader. Whether you line manage or not, if you want to stay abreast with the changes in the workplace and ensure you are in the best position possible to be effective, this course is for you.

The masterclass becomes bespoke to you, so you can be early on in your career, or already managing teams - the day is designed to equip you with the thinking and tools to take the rights steps for you.

Why attend?

The fast-paced, in-depth masterclass will ensure you:

  • are able to be the best version of yourself, constantly
  • can become a cross-functional leader, rather just an expert in your specialism
  • have the confidence and desire to create the change needed to push yourself and your organisation forward, no matter what your position

What's in it for your company?

If your organisation is ambitious and believes its workforce are the driving force behind its continued success, then by attending this course you will ensure you have the awareness and ability to add value, beyond expectations.

We don't want you to just work hard and do your job. We'll help you lead, create change and fulfil your potential.

Jack Lowman, Founder and Author, Hack Yourself

Jack is founder and author of Hack Yourself, the future skills training company, and a senior marketing and communications leader.

Through Hack Yourself, Jack peruses what's changing in the world of work and upskills emerging and senior leaders through new-world training.

Passionate about giving people the skills and opportunities to thrive, Jack has held senior positions across charity, public and private sectors, including at The Prince's Trust, where he led the marketing and digital department.

He is also a part-time marketing leadership tutor for The IDM, an MBA leadership lecturer, and has worked with global teams to improve their leadership and performance.

London (W1W 8SS)

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