9 platforms I use to keep ahead in marketing

How do I keep up with everything that's going on in marketing and technology, from chatbot's and drones to IM and VR and the latest Facebook killer, there is so much to stay in touch with.

In the digital age we are 'always on', but as marketers how do we keep up and manage our marketing?

I've pulled together nine platforms and resources that I use and thought are worth sharing with you to keep you on point in the evolving marketing world:

1. Medium

Serious level of top quality writing and insight, possibly one of the highest quality content platform out there. Medium offers a community of readers and writers an alternative view on the latest industry content.

2. Slideshare

We all know Slideshare, an effective platform from LinkedIn that enables users to share a variety of presentational resources from PDF's to videos. Originally used for businesses to share documents among their employees, it now hosts a large number of slides varying in content. I've always found it a good place to steal ideas and research. Which leads me nicely onto my next recommendation ...

3. Genius Steals

Still marketing, but with a twist of genius, In Rosie and Faris's own words "picks of what to pay attention to on the internet each week. Because it's a big place and they wouldn't want you to get lost and miss something awesome..." Faris and Rosie are award winning strategists and creative directors, writers, consultants and public speakers.

4. Feedly

I've probably got 500+ websites feeding content in to one place for me to consume, there is no need for me to research or go out and find new content, it comes to me, genius ;-). Feedly is a great platform to create and organise your own content area and keep up to date in all things that benefit you from the marketing industry.

5. Twitter

If it was not for Twitter I would not be here writing this post. I jumped on Twitter in the early days and by following the right people have learnt my trade, the insight and learning you can get from this platform is insane!

6. LinkedIn Pulse

I was unsure when they launched this but it's a great place for business thinking. The trick is to find the right people to follow, choose wisely and your feed wont get too cluttered. A selection of content and articles, you'll be sure to keep up to date on the varying trends and opinions floating around the marketing industry.

7. B2B Marketing Community

We're so used to consuming content and resources from places like LinkedIn, but not so much on Facebook. The B2B Marketing Community is a conversation vehicle on Facebook that enables marketing professionals to keep one step ahead of their competition. Share thoughts and ask questions from other professionals. They are a real friendly bunch and can help you learn more about how to improve your strategies and marketing decisions.

8. Open Strategy

Open Strategy is a great place to find the latest tools and resources as well as network with a community of marketing planners and strategists.

9. Strategy Deck

Talking of strategy, if you are looking for helpful models to build your marketing plans look no further than this awesome iOS and Andriod app.

It's impossible to keep on top of it - I don't try, this idea of being worried about missing out is a crazy one. I've got my selected tools, when I have some down time, commuting, wife watching something rubbish on TV, in the toilet ... yes I admit to that ... is when I get my chance to catch-up with the world and be inspired by it.

Consume, get inspired and plan!


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