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How to be a more spontaneous presenter

How to be a more spontaneous presenter

by John Scarrott | Trainer and Coach, |
Something people often want is to be is ‘more spontaneous’ during meetings and presentations. They want to be able to contribute and to notice opportunities to contribute. They wonder how they can be more attuned to the moment.
A way they can achieve this is through paying more attention to how they plan and practise for these moments. Small changes to their routine in these areas will often have a significant impact, enabling them to be more spontaneous. Could this change do the same for you?
You see, there’s a paradox about spontaneity. It appears to be instantaneous. However, in order to be spontaneous, you have to plan to be. Just as bulbs that come up in the Spring are planted in the Autumn of the previous year, you have to plant the seeds of your spontaneity to have them emerge into the light as positive and exciting contributions at just the right moment.
Here are some questions you could ask yourself in order to get moving.
  • How do I plant for spontaneity at the moment?
  • What does my planning and practise routine need to look like to enable me to be spontaneous? What one thing will I do each day to know that I am planting for the future?
  • What will I hear, see and feel to know that my planting has bloomed?
Happy planting!

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 John Scarrott is a trainer and coach working with professionals on their approach to communication. Follow him @JohnDScarrott
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