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Why New Year revolutions beat resolutions

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

New Year resolutions are not effective at changing your behaviour, and there are sound reasons, explained by Behavioural Economics, for this. Try a revolution instead.

The value of blockchain is in how it changes relationships between people and organisations

by Omaid Hiwaizi | | 0 comments

To appreciate the value of blockchain it’s important to understand ‘disintermediation’: how the technology changes the relationships between people and organisations.

Pratfall Effect: How flaws can make a brand more attractive

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

Perfection is a high bar, and it may surprise you to learn that not everyone is aiming for it.

Reclaiming the Other 3 Ps

by Mike Berry | | 0 comments

The 4Ps… Most marketers have heard of them at some time. It’s almost a cliché…

The creative brief has lost too much mojo

by Mike O'Brien | | 0 comments

Whenever I ask those charged with writing or working on creative briefs if they love the job, they tend to fall into one of two camps: completely confused or apocalyptically angry. This, is my ode to both camps. A story about how I developed sympathy for the confused and assuaged the angry.

Behavioural Economics: How framing remade Levi's

by Ed Owen | | 0 comments

​For Levi's, the radical reframing of the 501 jean by BBH rejuvenated the venerable brand and made the jean trendy again.

What does a BREXIT Deal or No Deal mean for your data?

by Zach Thornton | | 0 comments

Imagine that the UK has not agreed on a new trading relationship with the EU and leaves the bloc with no-deal.

Are your customers getting the email experience they want?

by Rachel Whitter | | 0 comments

Your stats will tell you whether your audience are really getting what they want out of your email programme, the latest figures from the DMA show that the average click through rate in the UK is 1.9% - how do yours compare?

Supercharge your content marketing strategy

by Julie Atherton | | 0 comments

How digital tech, content discovery and consumer habits will shape your content strategy for the next decade

​Your top 5 tips - tasters for winning copy

by John Wallace | | 0 comments

5 tips to ensure you write brilliant copy – plus plenty more to discover on the IDM’S ‘Copywriting: An Introduction’ course

How do you design your customers' online experience?

by | | 0 comments

Understanding and benefiting from User Experience (UX) principles

Stop killing your writing muse: how to make the most of your creativity

by Tim Tucker | | 0 comments

Ask yourself, what can you do to get the best out of yourself?

Disrupt with your ideas, not your presentation.

by John Scarrott | | 0 comments

When you present a disruptive idea, you need to do it in a style that is anything but disruptive. If your presentation style becomes as disruptive as your idea it can get in the way and lead to a rejection of your idea, no matter how good it is.

The connection paradox

by Tim Hamill | | 0 comments

Despite being more connected than ever before, individuals paradoxically also feel lonelier than ever before. What can marketers learn from social’s connection paradox? Tim Hamill investigates.

It may be data driven, but isn’t it all just Marketing?

by Martin Chillcott | | 0 comments

What’s been ‘new’ for quite a while, is that data is no longer the province of ‘the data people’. It is essential that ALL Marketers are equipped to understand what is needed, how it might be managed, resources required and how to apply it. To be data driven.

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An insightful two days with a good mixture of presentations, guest speakers and exercises. I am looking forward to going back to the office and applying what I’ve learnt.

Sharon Slade,
Database & Customer Insight Manager, Warner Leisure Hotels

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