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During your Qualification in the GDPR, you will learn to:

  • Understand how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect processing outside of the EU
  • Recognise how the new GDPR was developed by EU lawmakers
  • Be clear on what individuals need to be told about when processing for marketing purposes
  • Examine the key definitions and scope, such as:
    • When the GDPR affects processing outside of the EU
    • How the new law defines Personal Data
    • How/ when Consent will need to be obtained
    • What the changes are for Profiling
  • Understand what individuals need to be told about processing for marketing purposes
  • Realise when Data Processors can be liable
  • How to be prepared to cope with the rights of the individual (e.g. Right to erasure)
  • Recognise the impacts for your database

Course availability 

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book until 31 May 2017
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Following the outcome of the EU referendum, the UK Government will still need to implement the GDPR or a piece of similar legislation. Processing personal data relating to European citizens will be covered by the GDPR, even if the processing takes place outside the EU. Therefore, if your company is based in the UK but trades within the EU, compliance of the GDPR will still be mandatory. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the DMA are both advising companies that there is no reason to delay plans to implement the GDPR as a result of Brexit.

Module 1: Why does Data Protection matter to marketers?

  • Background to the regulation – why was it needed?
  • Scope of the GDPR
  • Penalties and enforcement

Module 2: Are the concepts in the GDPR completely new?

  • A review of the GDPR vs. the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Principles of Data Protection
  • GDPR scope and implementation

Module 3: Personal Data

  • Defining Personal Data and a Data Subject
  • Special categories of data

Module 4: How can “Consent” be obtained?

  • Defining Consent
  • New conditions for obtaining Consent

Module 5: Is there an alternative to Consent?

  • Defining Legitimate Interests
  • Conditions for Legitimate Interests

Module 6: Profiling under the GDPR

  • Defining Profiling under the GDPR
  • Legal effects of Profiling
  • Rules for direct marketing Profiling

Module 7: The Right to object to direct marketing and Profiling

  • Right to object and how to communicate it

Module 8: What other information must you provide to users?

  • What about icons?

Module 9: Individuals’ rights

  • What specific rights do individuals have under GDPR?
  • Right to erasure
  • Retaining data for suppression
  • Right to data portability

Module 10: Impacts on the database and records of processing

  • What proof of Consent is required?

Module 11: Obligations of Data Processors

  • Obligations of Data Processors

Module 12: Data breach notification

  • Notifications of data breaches

Module 13: Accountability and Data Protection Officers

  • Principle of accountability
  • Data security
  • Appointing a Data Protection Officer

Module 14: International issues

  • Transfer of Personal Data overseas
  • Cross-border campaigns and accountability

Module 15: Action planning

  • Preparing for the GDPR
study mode

Enjoy the flexibility of devising your own personalised study routine with your programme deadlines via a stream of online content run over 3 months. You will receive email support and 24/7 access to course materials. For more information call 020 8614 0277

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