During your online course in Content Marketing, you will learn to:

  • Understand the principles behind content marketing
  • Understand the elements of a successful content marketing strategy
  • Learn about creating personas for content marketing
  • Assess what valuable content is and how you can create it
  • Identify how to measure the success of your content marketing activities

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Module 1: An introduction to content marketing

  • Understand what content marketing is
  • Learn about the consumer challenge for content marketers
  • Learn about the content creation challenge for content marketers

Module 2: Developing a content strategy and Step 1: Setting objectives and KPIs

  • Understand why you need a content marketing strategy
  • Identify what your content marketing strategy should deliver
  • Understand how to develop a content marketing strategy

Module 3: Step 2 - Insight – listen, identify, and understand your audience

Assess how to set SMART objectives and KPIs
Understand how to use SMART objectives in content marketing

Module 4: Step 3 – Storytelling – tell a consistent, emotive and compelling brand story

  • Understand the meaning of 'audience’ in relation to content marketing
  • Assess the role of personas in content marketing
  • Learn how to create personas
  • Learn about content and the customer journey

Module 5: Step 4 – Channels – identify the touchpoints most suited to your audience

  • Understand how brands create great stories
  • Learn about the content ‘sweet spot’
  • Learn about the hero, hub, and hygiene model for the purposes of content creation
  • Assess what is meant by content value exchange

Module 6: Step 5 – Management – manage the process with clear responsibilities and tools

  • Assess the importance of context in channel planning
  • Learn about using the converged media model in channel planning
  • Identify which questions to ask when channel planning
  • Understand how to choose the most effective channels for B2B and B2C content marketing
  • Appreciate the importance of developing and managing a content calendar

Module 7: Step 6 – Curation – Listen, converse and amplify the impact of the content

  • Understand how to manage the delivery of your content marketing strategy
  • Understand what the content lifecycle is
  • Appreciate the role of the Content Management System (CMS)

Module 8: Step 7 – Optimisation: Continually measure, optimise, learn and enhance

  • Understand what content curation is
  • Learn about amplification of content
  • Assess how to measure the success of your content marketing activities
  • Understand the role of testing in content marketing

Study Mode


Enjoy the flexibility of devising your own personalised study routine via a stream of online content run over 12 months. You will receive email support and 24/7 access to course materials. For more information call 020 8614 0277.

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